Social Benefits of Playing American Football Online Live

I want to put out a challenge to true, live football fans out there?

Is it really so, that you watch football to socialize?

Well, the biggest day of the year, in my opinion is upon us, and that will involve some live interacting of fans who are true or not so true to their team colors.

Not Much of a Logo Here
Not Much of a Logo Here

I want to Definitively offer you a challenge here:

Super Bowl Sunday Live Football Interaction

If you are a true fan of: the

Packers, Falcons, Patriots, or Steelers

get your under garment and outer garment gear ready for the FireFan Social Platform, and Win some Great Prizes such as that New Car, you get a crack at as well.

Even though the odds of that happening as we all know are slim, you can engage in the best social media structure, really the only one for sports to come with your friends, or if you usually watch the games by yourself anyway, thats fine too, just get in the game, with your own live play calls as the app has really taken off, impacting new leagues of sharing for best points across your own style and art of prediction, building up points for other rewards as well.

Here are the Social Benefits to Playing Live American Football Online as Promised

  1. Enjoying the game by being involved. Not just watching but using and putting your football skills to the test against others.
  2. Making comments on the game as it progresses to its climax, the eminent dagger to the game, ending the hopes for the other team.
  3. The opportunity to emerge as a winner in this space where you can earn rewards, prizes, and other team type of gear, playing for free.
The Wealthy Football Online academy
The Wealthy Football Online academy

This is obviously a Fantasy Football site, so we will get back to some nitty gritty stuff upcoming like the rookies coming into the league for the upcoming fantasy season since this site will be year long on the subject since the NFL and fantasy is year long.

To be among the prestige of the wealthy fantasy footballers, all you have to do is keep up with our posts, games, play fantasy football, and take advantage of any promotions to be a part of the ongoing community.

For now, take the challenge and learn the gameflow throught he app offer here: Come join the hottest FireFan league – The app also has NBA for tose interested as well.


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Since I prefer to give special attention to the NFL Playoffs at this time with live football action, this is the best place to be for a fan right now!


Fantasy Football Playoff Projections

After watching a portion off all of the College Bowl games, and checking out talent for the NFL, this week will be dedicated to watching NFC/AFC playoff matchups from a fantasy perspective, so that we can discuss a bit of what we saw coming up in these Fantasy Football Playoff Projections in the wild card matchups.

The Greatest Part of the Football Season is Upon us: Check this out:


So if you get a chance to watch these pivitol games in these matchups, comment below on what you saw, or if they have not happened yet, what you expect to see, or are looking for from fantasy football perspective for next year. As we see the season dwindling down quickly to a completion, this may help in DFS options as well, to keep a season going in fantasy.

Fantasy football playoffs
I like to just look for photos like these when it comes to my site, so that I do not infringe on any NFL copywrites

AFC Wild Card Weekend


I the last matchup earlier this year, I recall, the steelers had one of their worst games, as the dolphins had one of their best. That included a monster performance from Jay Ajayi, and less of a performance from Le’Veon Bell. Considering the two, I would have them at almost equal fantasy value in this game, with Bell having a slight advantage because of his receiving skill set.

As for next year these RB’s are obviously high draft pick, included in rounds 1 and 2. Devonte Parker is one I would look for to increase his fantasy draft stock for next year, but no one stands out to me on Pittsburgh’s roster at the WR position.

Raiders @ Texans

With 2 QB’s that are not all that here, can showcase possibly other areas of strengths obviously such as featuring the running backs in this game. The sleepers come in at the WR position. Will Fuller and Seth Roberts may work into your plans as sleepers

I will try to keep a keen eye on Lamar Miller and Latavius Murray along with the other RB’s on the Raiders roster to try and determine if anyone should get more playing time. As for next year, if the texans look to make a replacement at QB for a more effective one, will Hopkins and Fuller have potential breakout years in 2017?

Giants @ Packers

In this game as a lock for early round and value pickups for Daily fantasy, count on Jordy Nelson Aaron Rodgers, and Eli Manning along with Odel Beckam Jr. as QB, WR combos.

As a sleeper pick, as well as a consideration for a mid round draft pick depending on how he does with his opportunities, Paul Perkins is one to watch going forward.

Lions @ Seahawks

In this game of course, the lions will have to ride the arm of Matt Stafford to a chance of winning this game in the Hawks house, so he must hit some targets. Those targets should go in this order: 1. Golden Tate 2. Anquan Bolden 3. Marvin Jones Jr.

As the #1 TE for this week, and a top TE for next year as well, Jimmy Graham has his targets with Russell Wilson set, as the rest of the offense is somewhat unsure, but Doug Baldwin is a solid #2 option target. The rest of the offense on both teams will provide nothing better then late round sleeper options going into next year.

In order to finely tune your game, check out the FireFan app if your not really interested in following DFS, or daily fantasy sports options, so you can better focus on the games as well as the matchups in our games of the week from above. Join a league today here


Week 16 NFL Matchups: NFL Fantasy Championship/Playoffs

We’ll go over some week 16 NFL matchups here with Playoff Championships in Fantasy football on the line, as this will help your strategy play, and will give you a different perspective on the games with live interaction on gameday after these matchup previews. So even if you are out of the playoffs and championship for your league, even the casual fan can compete with this new game and its not hard to do.

Football Matchups

First here are the games we are planning for our league, “FOOTBALL MATCHUP” thus far to go over on gameday Christmas eve this year.

Eagles VS Giants

With this Prime time Thursday night matchup, there are a few interesting scenarios to consider:

Were the Giants cheating with an unfair advantage to their coaches as plays players were communicating, much like some of the Patriots past sins? Also can the Eagles get much offense with a Giants defense that has been emerging to be one of their best in recent years since their last super bowl?

Packers VS Vikings

We have a wild card in this game that has emerged. Ty Montgomery. Can he keep the running game of the packers performing?

Also, can Adrian Peterson get involved in the offense again? These questions will be answered in this game either way, so expect a low scoring affair, as both teams look to impose their ground games.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

Will Packers QB throw for 2 or more TD’s in this game?

How many yards will Rodgers throw for?

Will Vikings Receivers K. Rudolph and S. Diggs catch 5 passes each?

Bills VS Dolphins

Here the Bills have an almost unstoppable running attack with the dual threat of Shady McCoy and T-Mobile which has been consistent all year it seems.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

Which team will have more rushing yards in the game?

Will T. Taylor throw 2 or more TD’s?

How many receiving yards will D. Sims have?

The dolphins on the other hand have had to lean on their passing game, now with Matt Moore, a fan favorite on hand to take the reins against a skilled secondary of the Bills, who are good at forcing opponents turnovers.

Raiders VS Colts

The offenses here could have a possible Bonanza of a game, with a high scoring ceiling in which the QB’s will have high value in fantasy standards, also making pushes for the playoffs. Look for all receivers on both teams to have good games, the consistency of Gore and Murray as runners on both sides.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

Which team will commit more penalties in this game?

Who will win the game?

How many receiving yards wil TY Hilton have?

Chiefs VS Broncos

The chiefs are looking like a much better team than in the last few years and it looks like they may hold off the under-developed Quarterbacking of Trevor Simeon. The chiefs well balanced attack, could exploit any weaknesses in the Broncos defense, which could be hard to find.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

Will Devante Booker gain at least 50 yards, or closer to 100?

Will TE T. Kelce catch at least 5 passes?

Will RB S. Ware catch a TD?

Cowboys VS Lions

Can the Lions realistically stop the Boys since no one else really can? It seems like Matt Stafford keeps them in games, while this team is not great for fantasy terms, their playoff hopes strong, although not guaranteed to be alive atop of the division with this tough game in sight.

Answer these questions in our league matchup:

How many receiving yards will Dallas RBs total?

Which team will have more passing yards?

How many combined INTs and Lost Fumbles will there be in this game?

Those are the questions you’ll have to answer in our Firefan App

Now here’s where it gets interesting:

Imagine keeping track of live games with notifications to your phone, not those annoying notifications for emails and other offers, but for every time a chosen game from the list above or other games, possibly simultaneously starts a new drive, and the app works so fast that you always know what is going on, on the field.

You don’t have to be at your tv all day either. You can compete in probabilities of numbers. Football is a numbers game right, or at least in large portion.

Here’s what you can do:

Fantasy Matchups

Head over to here, no promo code needed to get tokens as it is already entered for you, and register, then go to the section in the app, once downloaded: Leagues

Then once you have found the league: Football Matchup

Per my previous post, here is more about FireFan here

Then you can choose one of the games above or others that could be added based on demand, and start entering your picks for the games, such as whether each team will rush for 150 yards, who will score the first passing touchdown, and whether certain named running backs will score a touchdown in the game. Kinda like fantasy right. Maybe, but I believe it gets you ready to be a professional fantasy football player,

Go pro, and get the training for the next level using the app, and your approach will never be the same.

What fantasy or team game approach would you like to see best? Which game interests you the most? Any not mentioned here you would like to participate in for this app? Also if you have downloaded it, how does it look and feel to you? Let me know your comments..



Fantasy Football Playoff Projections and Tips

While it may be difficult to project Fantasy football playoff projections in your particular league, with the basic result of a snake draft, and pending free agent pickups, and a few possible trades along the way, Fantasy football playoffs are about elimination. It now or never to get it right.

DeAndre Hopkins

So here are some basic tips to set you apart from your competition as you hope to be your best, or best possible scenario that you can control in your playoff matchups:

First off, I never want to let any of my best players sit and not play, even if they have been dissappointing seasons thus far this year.

  1. WR dissapointment: DeAndre Hopkins has been all that this season. The most major of downturn his career, probably based on the QB play. Also his matchup vs. Jax has him slotted against surprisingly, the the 6th fewest points to the WR position. You may want to look elseware in this scenario, especially since he is on the injury report with a Q.

Possible replacements:

Alshon Jeffrey: If not already picked up in your league, this WR has #2 WR ability in fantasy as GB gives up the 9th most fantasy points to WRs in football making for a good matchup.

Rishard Matthews: With KC giving up the 3 most points to the WR position, surprisingly this is a very good matchup. Even though Marcus Mariotta had a couple low scoring games recently, expect him to bounce back this week against this KC defense unless they force turnovers like they have been in recent weeks, especially with Eric Berry roaming.

2. At running back, by far the biggest dissapointment has been Todd Gurley. With Gurley undergoing a coaching change at the moment, we don’t know if he will get more opportunities or not. With one of the worst matchups for him this week against RB’s that will have to wait until at least next week. Here are some other options.

Isaiah Crowell: As an option in some leagues for a late season pickup off waivers, or if you have him on your bench, a few longer runs is all he needs to get loose against a defense coming off a lackluster performance in the snow vs. La’veon Bell, and poor performance against Jay Ajayi earlier in the year as runners, allowing the 10th most overall this year.

Carlos Hyde: If you can get Hyde in your lineup at all, he is well worth starting, or paying for in DFS. VS the worst defense in the league at stopping the RB position. Yes, the Falcons.




Week 13 Fantasy Football Projections (Wavier wire QB option)

Here is my Fantasy Football Consistency Projections, based on the numbers below. Remember there are certain keys to evaluating in fantasy football so check out the link for that.

Here are the most interesting picks for the week that are not so obvious:

Note: J. Ajayi did not start in the first few wks so that is not counted against his avg.

Flex Option:

You can see obviously here that the more consistent performers are:

Murry, Kaepernick, and Blount but, Palmer has a much higher total season average scoring, not taking into account Kaepernick has been a hot pickup the last few weeks, probably rightly so.

Ideas for Family Game Night

Remember the times of family game night?

Well maybe not. It may have been before you were born. Back in the 60’s and 70’s board games, or board game night was very popular. Yes, TV’s were invented and people were huddled around a smaller off color Television, but they were actually together watching those programs.

ideas for family fun night

Before getting into ideas for family game night, here’s what can typically happen because of this media filled life that we all are part of.

Do you ever run into issues with watching football instead of spending time with your family? Does your wife want to do other things with the family, being outdoors and getting a nice seasonal experience this time of year?

Some families go ahead and watch a game together and love it!

What about those who are not naturally inclined to sit and watch a whole game, so would rather be doing other things when at home such as watching videos on their tablet?

Well, there are a couple options with some new and some not so new ideas. I will surely welcome your comments even if it does not pertain to one of these suggestions..

Ideas for Family Game Night

#1 Go ahead and get a board game.

Thats it! You know what to do with that.

#2 Watch a football game together.

As mentioned simply watching a game in the fall together can be a real challenge for ones who are not ready to invest the time into something they are not so passionate about.

#3 Play Fantasy Football Together.

This option takes quite a bit of setup, but it can be done when planned ahead. You would just have to find a non-season long league. Downsides could be many such as lack of understanding of the game of fantasy and many more.

#4 Play the FireFan App

There is a unique chance for interaction once downloading the app to follow along in a structure that allows you to pick your team, set up just a couple pre-game setting and just play a half of football, or a whole game, calling simple strategic moves for both teams that move them down the field, or stop them cold. The Pro Sports App has No season long commitments, no gambling factor whatsoever to worry about as in daily fantasy and best of all, interactive and exciting play calls that everyone can get started on a family fun or game night. Click Here to Watch the Trailer and Get Started


While the board game is good for some, allowing one to multi-task for those of us who are football gamers, the app will allow a change in how time is spent for parties of people who want to interact in the 21st century, which should be the best thing since sliced bread, or at least the television itself.

Weekly Fantasy Rankings: Week 9

Here is a fantasy football rankings post for the week to set you up for your leagues, no matter what type of league it is, getting you the best value in your lineup so that you can decide according to the price and lineups available in your particular league. Just don’t consider these high dollar ($million) dollar DFS leagues. More like 50/50s.

You’ll get a nice bonus at the bottom of this list since I had went over the keys to consistency in a pryor post, here that is Pryor Sr. in comparison below

  1. David Johnson  RB Cards
  2. Ezekiel Elliott Dal. RB
  3. AJ Green  WR Bengals
  4. Julio Jones WR
  5. D. Freeman RB Atl.
  6. O. Beckham Jr. NYG WR
  7. MeMarco Murray RB
  8. Le’Veon Bell Pitt. RB
  9. D. Hopkins WR Hous
  10. Jordy Nelson GB WR
  11. A. Brown WR Pitt.
  12. Matt Ryan QB
  13. Melvin Gordan SD RB
  14. Tom Brady QB
  15. Jay Ajayi Mia. RB
  16. Mike Evans WR
  17. Mark Ingram NO RB
  18. D. Thomas Den. WR
  19. Dez Bryant Dall. WR
  20. Dre Brees NO. QB
  21. Kelvin Benjamin Car. WR
  22. Larry Fitzgerald WR Cards
  23. Allen Robinson WR Jaguars
  24. E. Sanders Den. WR
  25. Michael Thomas WR NO
  26. Matt Forte NYJ RB
  27. Rob Gronkowski TE
  28. Brandon Marshall NYJ WR
  29. Alshon Jeffrey WR Chi.
  30. J. Matthews Phi. WR
  31. T. Pryor Sr. WR Cleve.
  32. Brandon Cooks NO WR
  33. Jordan Reed Wash. TE
  34. Greg Olsen Car. TE
  35. L. Miller RB
  36. J. Howard RB Chi
  37. Todd Gurley LA RB
  38. C. Newton Car. QB
  39. D. Booker RB
  40. Aaron Rodgers GB QB
  41. Russell Wilson Sea. QB
  42. Jonathan Stewart Car. Rb
  43. Travis Kelce KC TE
  44. B. Roethlisburger Pitt. QB
  45. M. Mariotta QB Tenn.
  46. L. Blount RB
  47. Doug Martin RB
  48. Quincy Anunwa  WR Jets
  49. Doug Baldwin Sea. WR
  50. Jimmy Graham Sea. TE
  51. Coby Fleener Ind TE
  52. D. Ware RB KC
  53. M. Wallace WR Balt.
  54. Stefon Diggs  Min. WR
  55. Donte Moncrief  Ind. WR
  56. Darren Sproles RB
  57. Jarvis Landry Mia. WR
  58. D. Prescott. Qb Dall.
  59. Ryan Matthews Phi. RB
  60. Chris Ivory Jax. RB
  61. Philip Rivers SD QB
  62. Delanie Walker Ten. TE
  63. T. Williams WR SD
  64. J. Eddleman WR NE
  65. T. Eifert TE
  66. C. Conley WR Wash.
  67. Randall Cobb GB WR
  68. Devante Adams WR GB
  69. D. Pitta TE Balt.
  70. Isaiah Crowell  Cleve. RB
  71. Corey Coleman Cleve. WR
  72. J. Brown WR Cards
  73. CJ Procise RB Sea.
  74. TJ Yeldon Jax. RB
  75. Gary Barnidge Cleve. TE
  76. Devonte Parker Mia. WR
  77. Tyler Lockett Sea. WR
  78. Blake Bortles Jax. QB
  79. Rishard Matthews WR Tenn.
  80. J. Whitten TE
  81. M. Sanu WR Atl.
  82. T. Hightower RB NO
  83. Meridith WR Chi.
  84. Geo Bernard RB Cincy
  85. K. Britt WR LA
  86. K. Fuller WR Hous.
  87. K. Wentz QB
  88. C. Palmer QB
  89. B. Powell RB Jets
  90. S. Smith WR Balt.
  91. Kapri Bibbs RB Den.
  92. James White RB NE
  93. Eli Rogers WR Pitt.
  94. Jeremy Maclin KC WR
  95. J. Hill RB Cin.
  96. C.Beasley WR
  97. D. Martin RB TB
  98. P. Barber RB TB
  99. R. Kelley RB Wash.
  100. M.Asiata RB

Will be updated daily through the week.

Here’s a bonus for comparison in consistency among a few select players for this week: Very interesting if your into real numbers.

RealTime Live Sports: Pre-Register for FireFan!

Fire Fan Sports Fans, fire up your engines for a real live sports experience.

Now that we are done with game 7 of the world series, staying up every night with no regrets for watching that classic, we are back to the real world for a moment. Too bad for the Indians and Chief Wahoo. The real world of Firefan! For Sports Enthusiasts only!FireFan

I will first recap, in case, you did not get a chance to read my previous post on this revolutionary and fun pro sports app.

This is a live in game process app that allows the fan to go deeper into the game, with some aspects of fantasy football or other sports of course that will be launched shortly. The soft launch is schedule for the week of the thanksgiving holiday. Sports fans will really get into this for Football!

The app, though, gives you a better feel for your team instead of getting into rooting against your own team, which should always happen in other fantasy sports, so this is being offered as a great alternative to that, as posted prior to this post. fire fan sports app

Now, to go over the free promotion and what it means for you.

If you get pre-registered for this historic launch, you will be in the best position to be one of the first to receive 12 free tokens towards your first full Firefan contest to enter. Feel the rush and addreneline of pure competition with either friends/family or with celebs, and of course, yours truly.

To take part in this offer, considering yourself part if the initial gaming launch as you learn how the game works, along with the demo per the previous post on United games with the link above, this link will get you to be able to obtain those once offered tokens for your first game.

Click here for early registration.

The game is real, the players are real, and the experience is real. Be one of the first to play!

Too bad this was not out for us to enjoy for the MLB playoffs and world series, but I definitely bank on it for myself as I take much more of an interest in what has been my least favorite pastime compared with American football and basketball. Sports games where you interact are the solution to this problem for the fan who wants to be more involved, at least for social reasons.

You must love the challenge of being part of the growth of the farm system and going out there at least virtually to manage the game. Yes, if you were manager for the Indians the outcome would be different. Just a staggering type of thought right! And thats the beauty of this app in my opinion.

Once again if you have not seen the demo, check back to the prior post link above and watch the demo on that page and be sure to register, giving yourself a big advantage over your competition.

What do you think? What might you enjoy most about an in game, live sports app like FireFan? Or what would you prefer to have most in the app game?

See you there soon.

Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: Week 8

Its already headed into week 8 of the NFL season of fantasy football and the week 8 rankings are here based on the potentially highest scoring games in the NFL, including Sleepers, and No Shut Down Zones for each of these games.

Raiders @ Buccaneers:

This game should have its fair share of offense. When you consider the games that have been going on thursday night for example, this will be a much higher scoring affair then some of those stalemate type games where the defenses rule. This game, more so the Raiders is going to have scoring opportunities as usual for the fantasy players who are consistently doing well this week.

No Shut Down Zone

Michael Crabtree has been the leading target monster on the team including the red zone. He’s become a must start every week.

Mike Evans value is always good, being one of the lead leaders in targets, so there is no way you can get away from playing him, and their corners are suspicious during this season. Oakland gives up the 5th most fantasy points to the WR position

Sleeper Zone

James Winston coupled with Evans could be a really nice value proposition this week for a good combo price. (Winston $11,200 in FantasyDraft, and Evans, $15,300, even though he’s the 2nd most expensive WR in DFS this week).

Latavius Murray, While some may not consider him a sleeper, since he a good amount of carries in the redzone, the Raiders could have a tough game traveling across the country for the 2nd straight week. to florida. This is where you can’t allow details like that to hold you back from the potential of the numbers and consistent performance. He has breakaway ability against this 8th most fantasy points allowed to RB’s defense. And.. he’s only $8,000, just outside the top 20 in terms of valuation according to fantasydraft

Lions @ Texans

This game interesting should allow a lot of points especially for the Texans WR’s as you will soon see.

No Shutdown Zone

DeAndre Hopkins A lot of people are worried about Hopkins this year of course because of the QB situation as well as Will Fuller coming back who is also not a bad pick this week. The Lions have given up the 9th most fantasy points to WR’s this season and have allowed many of those #1 WR’s they have played against to get 20+ points easily. This is a must start. For some comparisons in numbers between these WR’s or any other on your radar, compare the consistency in fantasy article Here

Theo Riddick I struggled going with Riddick as opposed to Lamar Miller form the same team as the above must starts, but Riddick has a better matchup not only as opposed to Miller, but opposed to the WR’s for Lions who will have to go up against the 3rd fewest points allowed to that position. Look for Stafford to go to other options in targets such as Riddick, now that he’s back.

Sleeper Zone

Anquan Bolden has had 2 straight games with a TD, and Stafford is learning to use him more, and will have to in this game, unless he is going to start throwing to Eric Ebron, which has never happened yet consistently.

Justin Forsett or Dwayne Washington Ok this ones a reach wither way but these guys could get significant carries, and with the upside of Washington, who was supposed to get the Lions share of carries before he got hurt, is an unknown, therefore making him a deep sleeper.

Jets @ Browns

Ok, its easy to pick on the browns here but other than last week the defense has held its own against prior opponents in the run game. Also, if Joe Haden plays at CB, they have the ability to slow down Brandon Marshall.

No shut Down Zone:

Matt Forte Despite what was mentioned above, the Browns have allowed the 7th most points to fantasy RB’s this season, keeping in mind those numbers count towards production in the passing game as well, which Forte excels at still.

Terrelle Pryor Sr. The Jest actually give up the 4th most fantasy points to the WR position, not including the running and other duties he has right now. Also Josh McCown is playing in this game, although we’ll have to see how long this lasts, Pryor is the most consistent player on the woeful offense. This leads to to the sleeper option here.

Sleeper Zone

Gary Barnidge While Barnidge has been shut down this season due in part to poor QB play, McCown really helps. Look for this legitimate threat to intermediate and deep routes, and in the red zone, if this offense ever gets there.

Ricardo Louis Also considered a deep sleeper here, he has shown up in some highlights of their games, and with QB settled at the moment, and with the defense allowing bombs at times, playing from behind as they should, I choose him as a deep sleeper.

Pro Sports App: The realization of a Dream

If you are looking for pro sports apps, and looking for the basic update app such as espn, or any major sports version of it, this is not the post for you.

If you are looking for a live way to experience the game in a controlled friendly, or trash talking environment with your friends or other available players, such as in fantasy sports, this is the post for you.

Never before in history has a Pro Sports App been offered in this format with this technology, and gameplay, backed by some of the best and most popular app designers in the world!

If you are looking for fantasy football alternatives, since that is what this site is dedicated to (Fantasy Football Strategies), then we offer a great gameplay alternative as to what is on the app market in both android and I-phone stores that is now or soon to be available for easy download and gameplay.

The Pro Sports App Drum Roll Please..

The App is FireFan. It is available in a full game format for playing live in-game play calls for any sport that is available through the app. Look for updates to the app to include new sports as seasons progress for every sport.

pro sports app

Watch this demo for a preview to whats in store for Pro Sports App Gamers:


As you can see, you call the shots against others in a competitive way as the game guides you with the potential for the right call at the right time. Think you could be the coach? Call the shots? Now is your real chance.

Never again will you have to choose players from varying teams to compete against your buddies, unless you want to play that way.


Who Will You Choose To Play With?

Be sure to invite your friends as a way to connect. Let’s face it. Your buddies may not want to receive calls and text messages for play calls right?

With this app you’ll know what the best calls are.

Play with Sports Heroes and Celebrities to Enhance your Experience.

Want to learn new sports to socialize with?

You can learn the game as you play. Not a fan of baseball? Get to know the game with the strike zone applications being applied in a live game setting.

Don’t understand Zone Blitz situations? Learn to call the defensive play at the right time in game situations.

These are just some of the perks to learning the live gameplay system.

Lost Because of the Lack of or loss of interest in Fantasy games during the post seasons?

This solves the problem of losing interest in individual stats and game decisions with a keen interest of all TEAM related activities.

When you think about the MLB post-season there are so many decisions based on the game strategy which makes it have the aspect of a game within a game. In what inning would you change the pitcher on the mount. Would you bunt on offense or walk the big hitter on defense?

If you like to watch the game in a different way, you won’t of course watch the free live football games, but the feel and flow of the game can be observed even without watching it due to restricted access at work, or in public places where it would not be appropriate to have a broadcast game on.

Makes it interesting  So come play with me and click here:

Pro Sports App