Fantasy Football Draft Strategy for Beginners 2018

When going into a nfl fantasy football draft, if you want to excel at your draft, you will need a strategy in place as well as practice.

We will first discuss some main strategies, which you can use as the core of your drafts, and then I will explain why you need to practice and how along with where you can do so. Leave any comments please if you have had experience in these subjects.

Draft Strategy #1 Best Available Player

While this probably should be the #1 and most popular strategy, many people traditionally in standard leagues will go ahead and place more emphasis on getting the stud running back in the first round. However, while this may be ok in a 10 team league, you may get a much better value in your 2018 draft, even in a standard scoring league, if you look else ware after a certain number of stud guys have been taken off the board.


Fantasy football draft strategy

For example, if you realize that with the 10 pick overall ADP, or Average Draft Position if all players selected running back for whatever reason you could end up with LeSaun McCoy or Dalvin Cook as your first round pick and #1 running back.

Would not this sound much better in a snake draft, or draft that run with the person with the 10th pick also having the 11th pick, and then going backwards?

You could actually pick the best Wide Receiver in the draft, and the pick Cook if you believe he is worthy of that pick with the #11 pick.

Or let’s say, more realistically that Antonio Brown as the overall adp WR usually taken first comes off the board and you have the 9th pick overall. While Cook and Brown would maybe both be taken, you could certainly make due with the potential of Devonte Freeman and Jordan Howard with the 12th pick, while grapping DeAndre Hopkins, who is at times, being drafted as the #1 overal WR in many draft formats. 

Draft Strategy #2 Favor WR’s for low risk

Let’s face it, all RB’s are high risk when it comes to drafting them high. While the same could happen to a WR, there is much more significant risk for the RB position, so you could certainly to a WR with your #1 pick, and if you feel there is not a guy worth it at your 2nd pick at the WR position, you could look to see if the best 2 TE’s are perhaps available off the board. Who would those be? Rob Gronkowski as a higher injury risk with great upside, or the safer option in Travis Kelce. But in a 10 team league, you might be able to grab Kelce in the 3rd round and get another really good WR. Just see how your draft goes. You can take many guys at running back who are rookies, 2nd year players, fill in players when guys get hurt, and over the hill runners who could see significant playing time. 

Draft Strategy # 3 Drat RB’s High and often

This 3rd strategy is one that I could recommend but I won’t Simply because even in standard scoring leagues there is simply too much value at other positions, as mentioned to ignore and just draft RB’s with your top 3 or 4 picks. Also, most leagues allow you to play only RB’s with maybe a flex. While it may be fine to take 2 running backs in the fist 2 rounds, your 3rd rounder should then hopefully another position of value, unless you are able to utilize a flex spot, which allows usually a RB, WR, or TE. 

How to Practice your Draft? 

The only free way to practice drafting is through a free site draft such as yahoo. I don’t really know if other sites offer free practice draft rooms, since I do not play on espn, or others. If you intend to use This site has an adjuster similar to Yahoo, in which you can pre-rank your top players. 

Fantasy Football running back draft strategy

Its an excellent format and place to play for special discounted free play by clicking on the link provided above, including the best ball games, allowing you to draft players where all of the players you draft score from week to week, without having to worry about benching. Just draft, and hopefully win Cash!

Fantasy Football Guide: What is a Waiver and How Does the Wire Work?

On today’s fantasy football guide, when working on building your fantasy football team throughout the season after your draft, you may want to head quickly to the waiver wire after week one is completed.

To obtain the best players, using their potential, perhaps by following the guides I have on this fantasy football site, or by using your own modified systematic approach, you can be successful on the waiver wire.

To begin with, here are the mainstream rules:

Waiver Wire Basic Rules

To get the best players coming off of any finished week, there is usually a time table set up by the league owner. Many owners go for the standard 3 am finish time for making claims. This is many times decided upon per the league rules more or less reward based. In other words, the player with the worst record or points gets to take the player(s) of their choice before the others in order of priority

Who gets the claim for a Waiver?

From my experience the most popular way to decide in determining who will get a super stud player in the potential making, or a 1 hit wonder in the nfl is to give the player the team owner (hopefully not you) who has had the

Fantasy Football Guide: Waiver Wire

least amount of success so far. This would be based on overall record of wins and losses. When 3 owners are tied, for example for the same 0-1 record to begin with, going for the same player, then the team owner with the fewest amount of points scored during week 1 should obtain the player.

shown above is how you get to league setting in yahoo fantasy football. Click on the picture to check your yahoo league setting now. 

No Waivers?

What if you have the league setting that says “No Waivers?”

Well, you have an advantage if you are quick to pick up players. If you are not due to in experience or hesitation, you will not gain the best players, excluding yourself from a rolling, any time first come, pick up system.

This is where it is critical to know who is actually on waivers and who is not, along  with picking the desired player up before the games even end!

This does take out the possibility of someone being up at 3 am for whatever reason, if the league rules are set at such a default time, and abusing the advantage.

How To Find Good/Great Waiver Wire Adds

You may want to look at my Fantasy Football Trade Value Evaluation Rankings to help before and/or during the season for making good player evaluations from the waiver wire because usually you will have to drop someone of some value, if not injured beyond being able to return during the 2018 season. Also if you want to get straight to the source of much of my week to week evaluation, given the #1 Low Cost Tool that Professional Fantasy Footballers use, look at the Youtube Video on the Site to Find out more on how it works, as there is a ton of insider information built into the system that works for the Pros

Depending on how deep your league is, you may have to go deeper into the list, as I will build it out deeper in upcoming articles.

I hope you enjoy your fantasy football season using the waiver wire effectively in 2018.

NFL Fantasy Football Trade Analyzer: 20-39

In my previous article I explained in detail the reasons behind, as well as the actual trade value points in nfl trade value evaluations, driven by these main factors in nfl fantasy football. So here are the trade value rankings as they currently stand, subject to change. If you want a full chart breakdown, you could go to fantasypros for that. However, this list continues on from last week, this article also factors in the useful consideration of upside on the season, with this quote: 

“While the sport of football is easier to evaluate based off week to week matchups, its difficult to predict which players will truly impact the fantasy football game they way they are projected to by most fantasy football projections and trade analyzers. A lot of preparation goes into building your own fantasy football team, perhaps more so than other sports. Mainly because from week to week, so many objective factors change the value of the player,”

NFL Fantasy Football Reference

Here is an easy way to reference, for this list or on your own, as a simple method by which you can indicate the trade scale value.

  • Player age and injury

If the player has optimal health, with no nagging injury history along with decent age for their position, you may give the player a full 5 points. If the player is very old and is coming off of a serious career threatening injury, you may give a player a 0 in this instance.

  • Past performace

If the player is coming off of a top five fantasy performance the previous year, you may give him a 5. If the player performed very poorly, you may give him a 0. If the player had a fine college career, this may help the player.

  • Physical ability and skill

If the player has great physical ability, highlighted by talent and skill. Skill means, that the player has grown his talents into consistent ability to perform at a pro bowl level. Great combine results can also contribute to physical ability.

  • Usage potential

The usage potential is based upon being the offenses #1 option, obtaining a 5 score for that scenario. You may give the player a 4 for being potentially considered the # 2 option, also depending on whether the player plays in a run heavy or pass heavy offensive system.

  • Team Success

Team success while more difficult to predict, can help you calibrate the usage potential on a bad team, and lesson the points given based on a poor performing unit. A potential 12 win season may contribute to a 5 score for example as well.

20. Deshaun Watson: 23.5

21.Aaron Rodgers: 23

22. Russell Wilson: 22.5

23. DeAndre Hopkins: 22

24. Alshon Jeffrey: 22

25. Joe Mixon: 21.5

26. Melvin Gordon: 21

27. Stef Diggs: 21

28. Zack Ertz: 20.5

29. Adam Thielen: 20.5

30. Brandon Cooks: 20.5

31. Jay Ajayi: 20.5

32. Christian McCaffrey: 20

33. Tyreek Hill: 20

34. DeVante Adams: 19.5

35. Rob Gronkowski: 19

36. Travis Kelce: 18.5

37. Mark Ingram: 17.5

38. Ju Ju Smith Schuster: 19

39. Carlos Hyde: 16



NFL Fantays Football Trade Value Evaluation Rankings

Here it is! the NFL Fantasy football trade value rankings for the year of 2018. These rankings are based on factors such as a player’s age, their past performance in the NFL and/or NCAA as well as their physical ability to carry a team, increasing their value to be worthy of potentially obtaining

fantasy football trade valuethe most valuable fantasy football asset that we have; touches and targets. This is how many times a player either carries or potentially catches the ball with targets, or times thrown at by the passer.

Need Fantasy Football Top 100 list now?

For a top 100 overall player list visit my article, top 100 fantasy football players for 2018

While the sport of football is easier to evaluate based off week to week matchups, its difficult to predict which players will truly impact the fantasy football game they way they are projected to by most fantasy football projections and trade analyzers. A lot of preparation goes into building your own fantasy football team, perhaps more so than other sports. Mainly because from week to week, so many objective factors change the value of the player, so hopefully this article will hit on some of the better ones for the top 10 here:

Here are the main factors that go into this potential season long evaluation.

Fantasy Football Trade Value Parameters:

  • Player age and injury
  • Past performace
  • Physical ability and skill
  • Usage potential
  • Team Success

The Trade Value Rankings

  1. Todd Gurley  25
  2. Ezekiel Elliott  24.5
  3. Kareem Hunt 24.5
  4. Michael Thomas 24.5
  5. Antonio Brown  24
  6. Alvin Kamara 24
  7. Julio Jones 24
  8. Saquon Barkley  23.5
  9. Le’Veon Bell 23.5
  10. Leonard Fournette 23.5
  11. Odell Beckham Jr. 23
  12. Keenan Allen 23
  13. David Johnson  22.5
  14. Mike Evans 22
  15. Jordan Howard 21.5
  16. DeVante Freeman 21.5
  17. Dalvin Cook 21.5
  18. AJ Green 21
  19. Joe Mixon 20.5
  20. LeShean McCoy 18

This list will change as I will be updating further as some players toward the back end of this list could fall off as others are discovered to rank more highly in potential for the top 40, as we approach the top 100 overall, in trade value.











Fantasy Football: Winning a Championship; Isn’t that’s what its all about?

“Henry Thoreau said, ‘All want not something to do, but something to be.’ I’m proud of being part of an elite group.” ~ Todd Christenson

If you can resonate with this, you are on the path to the elite. The elite group of champions. A Fantasy Football Champion!

As far as this article goes, we’re not worried about SEO, to put it politely. This is about hard core football fans, those who suffer and prosper at he mercy of their team, from childhood, who not only surpass their own childhood, but give credit where credit is due. That is what the Raiders fashion is all about. While this would not be considered an epic George “Papa Bear” Hallas Historic Post, or a Bear Bryant ambitious coach up, this post can be considered an undersized linebacker post, a Mike Singletary tackle at the line of scrimmage.

It’s about avoiding embarrassment. Even if your are new, in your first year or two as a beginner.

The Week to Week Gameplan

My goal is to give you solid, info packed, and analytically proven methods, along with hot players from week to week that you have to pick up or start in your lineups.

When you making value based decisions on your fantasy team, you must first have an overall guide in choosing players that will help you in the long run. This means that while some players will help you in the short term, perhaps a long term solution may develop during the in season part of the year, where a player’s value will enhance, with as expected or unexpectanlty. This means that if your had an average to poor draft, you must not hesitate to pick up the guys that no one else bothered to consider drafting, or placed on waivers. The tool, below, is what I use the help you throughout the season, using the exact scoring formats of Draftkings and Fanduel, which is similiar to many Yahoo leagues to get you set up from week to week. Click on the Picture to get a Free Report.

Fantasy Football: Winning a Championship!

Making the Right Decisions at the Right Time

This also means that in order to win in a 10 team league, logically you only have a %10 odds chance of actually winning. While 2nd and 3rd place is not bad, you will not get the 1st place without taking logical chances, instead of always taking players that get you the minimum of 5 points per game. Must must be able to take risks and let it fly, like a quarterback who is not worried about throwing interceptions.

Make Trades?

This does not mean that you have to make any trades with other players at all. However you will need to pick up players from the Free Agent list.

What I’ll do to help you along the path is give you some trade value scenarios so that you can project value for your team, if you are drafting this way. If not, this strategy and trade value will help you to project the upside or risk, along with what you need, so that you can make use of this list coming up in the very next post for reference going into your season and through the end of your trade deadline for your league.

Why Bookmark for upcoming weeks?

Why would you come back to this list after 7 weeks of football? Because from week to week, there will be ups and downs from week to week. You will have a difficult time, if you try to pick up the flavor of the week. whereas, if you check the qualified list of trade value, based on upside from last year, and projected player value, you will know whether to pick up the flavor of the week, or pass for the next guy.

Top 100 Fantasy Football Players 2018: Favoring Upside

For the best of the best in the top 100 fantasy football players of 2018, you will have to make adjustments to your list. If you are keeping track yourself, or you can check back weekly, as we will set it up for you.

As far as deciding how the scoring would work in with these top 100 players, let’s say that these rankings are for a 1/2 point PPR,  (Point per reception) league. Fantasy Football top 100 players This scoring is common with many season long and daily league formats along with 4 points for TD passes and 6 points for Rushing or Receiving TD’s.

Top 100 Players for 2018

  1. Todd Gurley
  2. Leveon Bell
  3. Antonio Brown
  4. David Johnson
  5. Ezekiel Elliott
  6. Alvin Kamara
  7. Kareem Hunt
  8. Julio Jones
  9. DeAndre Hopkins
  10. Melvin Gordon
  11. Saquon Barkley
  12. Leonard Fournette
  13. Odell Beckham
  14. Dalvin Cook
  15. Michael Thomas
  16. Kennan Allen
  17. LeSean McCoy
  18. Devante Freeman
  19. Mike Evans
  20. AJ Green
  21. Joe Mison
  22. Jordan Howard
  23. Mark Ingram
  24. Rob Gronkowski
  25. Christian McCaffrey
  26. Travis Kelce
  27. Davante Adams
  28. Zack Ertz
  29. Aaron Rodgers
  30. Adam Thielen
  31. Deshaun Watson
  32. Russell Wilson
  33. Alshon Jeffrey
  34. Brandon Cooks
  35. Stef Diggs
  36. Tyreek Hill
  37. Jay Ajayi
  38. JuJu Smith-Schuster
  39. Carlos Hyde
  40. Allen Robinson
  41. Amari Cooper
  42. Evan Engram
  43. Tom Brady
  44. Josh Gordon
  45. Jarvis Landry
  46. Greg Olsen
  47. Marvin Jones
  48. Lamar Miller
  49. Cam Newton
  50. Jimmy Graham
  51. Marquise Goodwin
  52. Drew Brees
  53. Hunter Henry
  54. Mike Crabtree
  55. Alex Collins
  56. Larry Fitzgerald
  57. Jordy Nelson
  58. Chris Thompson
  59. Darrius Guice
  60. Will Fuller
  61. Dion Lewis
  62. RaShaud Penny
  63. Demaryius Thomas
  64. Robert Woods
  65. Julian Edelman
  66. Jerick McKinnon
  67. Jamaal Williams
  68. Jimmy Garoppolo
  69. Tevin Coleman
  70. Golden Tate
  71. Dez Bryant
  72. Ronald Jones
  73. Robby Anderson
  74. Marshawn Lynch
  75. Sony Michel
  76. Carson Wentz
  77. Devin Funchess
  78. Nick Chubb
  79. Kyle Rudolph
  80. Kirk Cousins
  81. CJ Anderson
  82. Marlon Mack
  83. Corey Davis
  84. Tarik Cohen
  85. Chris Hogan
  86. Jordan Reed
  87. Bilal Powell
  88. Emmanuel Sanders
  89. Mohammed Sanu
  90. DeMarco Murray
  91. Royce Freeman
  92. Kenny Stills
  93. Delanie Walker
  94. Cooper Kupp
  95. Sammy Watkins
  96. Andrew Luck
  97. Jack Doyle
  98. Devante Parker
  99. Matt Ryan
  100. Patrick Mahomes

My goal was not to make this exercise boring, but rather to look to the upside of players who potentially could be steals in the later part of this list. I will be putting this up in my top menu area “Fantasy Football Draft Board”

MLB Daily Fantasy Sports: Baseball Beginners Guide

When you are looking for some wins in MLB Daily Fantasy Baseball, and have not really experienced any consistent winning, you might need the beginners guide. Reason is, its not a simple sport to try and configure projections, and build lineups due to the complexity of the variance with batters.

Overview of Fantasy Sports for Beginners

I will get into fantasy football for beginners in the next article for your own reference, having that up in a few days, if not already after having viewed this article and/or videos. We will however focus on season long in football, since baseball season long is not having as much interest for people who would like to get into the game starting today.

If you would also like to check out my article 5 Ways To Profit From DFS MLB Vist this Page Also I will use Fanduel as the basis for the conversation


Pitchers are easy to at least establish as low variance players. This means that pitchers are a valuable fantasy baseball asset in any type of league whether daily or otherwise. Batters have a ton of variance, and any batter can be on or off the Studs list daily. For more explanation on the Studs along with balancing your sleepers and what to watch for in MLB Guidance, watch this video.

As you continue along in setting your lineups, always remember to consider a few important, actually VERY IMPORTANT factors because I could give you a lot of analytics and fire you some numbers, but that won’t be comfortable nor effective for you, unless you really do love the numbers side of baseball. While is can be very interesting, the numbers you need are in the Tool Here 


When we are speaking of batters, we are talking high variance. To understand Variance numbers and technical sides as well as fundamental sides to fantasy sports you can download the free report here. Since batters are high variance, we want to be sure we are grabbing a couple of possible studs for our lineups and filling out the rest of the lineups with good value plays, as you only need 4 out of 9 players to perform really well. The other 5 can take the 3 or even 0 points as long as the Pitcher and 3 batters give you a home run each and/or good perriphials, which are the BB, 1B,2B, and HBP stats that add up. 

In other sports it is simpler, but if you can master these scenarios night to night or day to day, you can make every week turn out to be profitable since that won’t happen every day as long as your are realistic in your expectations. 

Enjoy the Games friends. Best Ball Power Rankings: 1-30

When you are drafting on using the best ball format, which is becoming a popular option for drafting in a real world fantasy football scenario, so that all serious about following a power rankings like this can be competitive in the actual scoring format that follow:

The actual scoring is a lot like scoring on yahoo, fanduel, ect. including .5 points for a reception, 4 points for a passing touchdown, and 0.04 points for a passing yard.

The interesting part of this is that it is no different then the scoring in fanduel. So no need to make any adjustments as far as your usual scoring goes, if you play on fanduel. The only differences is that there is no need for defense or kickers. Only pure offensive skilled positions, which is great!

Next as a brief overview of the actual scoring, since it is not head to head like fanduel, you must count on your total points scored. Those top scoring options will come from the following places:

1 QB’s, 2 RBs, 3 WR’s, 1 TE, and one Flex.

The Flex position will be the greater for the week of the rest of the RB, WR, or TE positions,

So if you have the allowed amount of 18 players on your roster, only 8 players will score from week to week. The advantage of course being, that you have plenty of backups ready in the events of injuries, bye weeks, or poorly

NFL Mock Draft: Fantasy sports draftperforming players from week to week. There is no free agent or waive wire pickups, or even any trades. Which is sort of a downside. So you have to basically choose a good draft pool of players, as you draft and forget it. No need to make any adjustments during the season, which leaves out that enjoyment of the game altogether. However, its much easier to manage.

So here’s the list for top 100 since when drafting in a 12 team league, this will cover almost half of the players drafted. That’s 12 teams X 18 Players, = 216 total players drafted. So this does get deep.

One note before starting the list. Is that this list takes largely from the top total points scored the previous 3 years, since this is considered a points league and not a head to head, taking that element out of the game as well. However I have adjust according to Rookie projections, past injuries, and players in new offenses and teams.

Fantasy Football running back draft strategy
Fantasy Football running back draft strategy

Best Power Ball Rankings:

  1. Todd Gurley: If making the first overall pick, better not pass on the surest guy according to last year overall fantasy points scored, was the most elite.

2. LeVeon Bell: There should be no surprises here at the 2nd pick overall barring no injuries, but everyone is at risk for injuries.

3. Antonio Brown: As my next pick, he has shown no slow down in production compared to the rest of the pack in Wide Receivers. Far above the others.

4. David Johnson: Banking on Johnson to come back successfully from injury, the Cards will rely on him on all downs.

5. Ezekiel Elliott: Elliott could be taken ahead of Johnson if you prefer him, as he will also be the main workload on the team overall.

6. Alvin Kamara: This superstar stud, had many as many targets as some of the better Wide Receivers in the game, hopefully will do that again.

7. Kareem Hunt: Leading the league in rushing last year was unbelievable to me, as he hit quite a slump last year, not scoring many touchdowns.

8.Julio Jones: Here is where it gets a little tricky; Jones has an overall adp or Average Draft Position of 13.2, but go ahead and be fine with him as your #1

9.DeAndre Hopkins: You may also take Hopkins as your first pick if you pick this late based on his 3rd ranked WR Fantasy Points scored over last 3 years.

10.Melvin Gordon: A good, safe pick here, to get you Points. Remember though, overall, you have to try to win your league, Best out of 12.

11. Saquon Barkley: This is where $Money may come in, if he’s there at this spot late, you have to take him, because the rest carry risk, & limited upside.

12.Leonard Fournette: If you pick at this spot and get one of the prior guys mentioned, Great!, if not you may need to settle for Fournette

13.Odell Beckham: OBJ does have some upside. He just runs into other issues, making him a risk. Taking him here, is a great place to assess that risk.

14. Michael Thomas: Hopefully Thomas has more splash plays than he did last year, increasing his upside for longer plays and more touchdowns

15. AJ Green: At this stage in the draft, expect a run on Wide Receivers, to start filling out the rosters, even though he has a #22 overall adp.

16.Keenan Allen:  Even if the Running backs are all taken here, let them be. We have a different plan here at WFF (WealthyFantasyFootball)

17.Mike Evans: Even though Evan’s overall adp is 23.7 here as of now, when this is written, you can start gathering your high scoring Wideout here.

18.Dalvin Cook: Here, if your draft goes right, you are just looking for monster upside from a guy that has the ability if he can take over on 2-3 downs.

19.Devonta Freeman: Here is a safe 2 down pick, you may not want to pass up on if you have already draft a Receiver to balance your roster at the top.

20. LeSean McCoy: You might hope this guy is already gone, as he is aging and injury prone, but is the 2-3 down life blood of the offense.

21. Mark Ingram: Ingram should have no problem in at least providing the Saints backfield with a powerful punch. Will they be able to duplicate?

22. Jordan Howard: Howard, safe to say will continue to carry the workload on 1st and 2nd downs, unless T. Cohen gives more change of pace time.

23. Joe Mixon: Mixon will probably fall farther than 28, but he has the kind of potential upside you need in his sophmore season, without Jeremy Hill.

24. Christian McCaffrey: McCaffrey is an excellent value of a PPR Running Back. A staple in the Panthers offense for years to come.

25. Rob Gronkowski: I probably won’t be taking him in many drafts, as he is going higher, as I am favoring the next guy if I get him.

26. Travis Kelce:  Kelce appears to have improved every year. Keeping healthy, he should go well with the new QB, we hope.

27. Tyreek Hill: At this point in the ADP and draft, I hold off on QB’s and RB’s, as there are a few more WR’s worthy of consistent play.

28. Davante Adams: A lot of this has to do with Aaron Rodgers, probably the best Fantasy QB, when he’s healthy, as his #1 option.

29. Adam Thielen:  Theilen fell off towards the end of the season, but had a very good year. Maybe with Cousins at QB, he will be even more consistent.

30. Zack Ertz: If Ertz is available here, take him as the most consistent TE from week t week. Set it and forget it.

Now that your all set to start drafting, click one of the pics above to get started drafting your own team with a free entry!


Post NFL Draft Review: Short Term vs Long Term Impact on Fantasy Value

There is a lot of things to talk about during the best time of year, including the NFL Draft, so here is a brief post nfl draft review today:

I will give a per team summary of how they did in layman’s terms., including of course, the historical implication and fantasy impact:

One very viable issue that I am seeing with the state of franchises is the short term vs. long term building that GM’s are deploying. I will get into this per term as well.


The Cards took into account the long term and even short term, as their offense is instantly upgraded per the moves they made all over the board. They are helping to protect and equip the best pure pocket passer in the draft, as someone will also make an immediate fantasy impact besides just David Johnson and Larry Fitzgerald. With Christian Kirk, one of the better WR options in this draft, will be given opportunity to pick up some targets and Chase Edmonds, drafted in the 4th round should be able to project a viable handcuff option for Johnson.


While Calvin Ridley their 1st round draft pick may not out targeting Mohammed Sanu for the 2nd most targets on the team, his slot receiving skills should provide another target with good upside on the roster. Ito Smith, drafted in the 4th round, would only be a third option for depth.


While the Ravens are maybe the worst team in evaluating NFL WR talent, the TE position does much better, as they have drafted 2 in this year’s draft. Hayden Hurst may not make any impact this year. Lamar Jackson will be on the bench, and Orlando Brown, will need some work to step in as well, but they are making definitive moves for next year. The weird thing is the late round TE could be better than the one taken in the first round.


The Bills are another team in need of WR’s but did not draft one until the 6th and 7th rounds, taking Austin Proehl and Ray-ray McCloud who have good pedigrees. Josh Allen has an aging Fantasy RB, whenever he is ready to step up, using his awesome arm and athleticism.


Taking the best receiver in the draft, D.J. Moore, the Panthers have depth at the position, and Ian Thomas is a great fit for the offense, in awaiting Greg Olsen’s retirement.


The Bears are doing what they do: Build up the defense, and Lines on both sides, traditionally. Anthony Miller adds an interesting prospect, to help light up the air, with Mitch Trubiskey in hopes of Carson Wentz like production. When the injuries hit, like they do, Miller will be in great fantasy position.


The Bengals did not have an impressive draft, with their only splash player perhaps being Mark Walton, who won’t see the field much unless there are major injuries. Their focus was on the defense.


I hope Cleveland proves everyone wrong by selecting Baker Mayfield. I still would have taken the safer #1 QB option. Their moves on offense indicate they must rely on their coach to bring in players that could cause some off the field trouble. If that can be done, there is a lot of talent around Mayfield in this draft.


With the need at WR, the have to rely on Gallup, so the fantasy opportunities will be there for Michael Gallup. They appear to be re-tooling instead of rebuilding for the future with moves for Conner Williams at G and Dalton Schultz at TE, to support Zeke and Dak long term.


I like the move to obtain Courtland Sutton whom I believe was underrated in this draft class. He has the size and ball skills to make an immediate impact, if he can be utilized as the 3rd WR. Royce Freeman also has a chance to outperform his draft status as a 3rd round pick. Dashean Hamilton added to the mix adds depth.


The Lions show a commitment to the running game, as they add 2 offensive linemen, and Kerryon Johnson a back with impressive size, speed, and tape. He could be a steal, and help Matt Safford’s value in fantasy.

Green Bay:

With their late round selections, the Packers, who do a good job of drafting WR’s drafted 3. We don’t know which one has the best chance to break out, but their first one taken has good size at 6’3″, J’mon Moore.


The Texans are still looking for the slot receive, a position teams are utilizing more than ever. The TE pick was another need filled as well with Jordan Adkins. However they failed to get enough help along the OLine, to protect Watson, which should have been a top priority.


Adding 2 guards and 2 RB’s were great moves for this team, shoring up the line and running game potential. Hines could be the next Terik Cohen.


This will be a dominating team, but not a fantasy team. The defense dominates, and only got stronger on both sides of the ball. DJ Chark could develop later into a deep threat.

Kansas City:

With no offensive players taken, look to their defense, in fantasy drafts. Always a good choice anyway along with Jax.

Los Angeles Chargers:

As one of the best sleepers of the draft, Justin Jackson, taken in the 7th round, could actually play if/when their #1 option gets hurt. Look out, as the rest of their draft was mostly defense.

Los Angeles Rams:

The Rams took a potential staring tackle someday in Joe Noteboom. Also a center to add depth for help for their fantasy studs.


The Dolphins defintiely took the most athletic TE in the draft. That was also a need, following that up with D. Smyth from  N.D. and Kelem Ballage, who could provide fantasy value next year, or even this year.


The Vikes took no one of any real fantasy football impact.

New England:

The Pats took Sony Michel as a potential starting back. However their system does not allow any one runner

New Orleans:

As a head scratching draft, no one knows why they ended up doing all that trading to get an edge rusher with the 14th pick. However, the WR they picked up in the 3rd round, may replace Willie Snead just fine, Tre’quan Smith with decent combine numbers.

New York Giants:

The Giants questionable moves in the real world, became a slam dunk for future fantasy owners of Saquon Barkley. Will Hernandez provides the muscle up front for him.

New York Jets:

Darnold surprisingly did not get a lot of help in this draft. The whole team needs a lot, so will this coaching staff be a good fit for Darnold in the coming years?

Oakland Raiders:

The Raiders did a great job potentially shoring up the O’line. This helps the fantasy value of Derek Carr, Marshawn Lynch, Doug Martin, and Amari Cooper and Jordy Nelson. I don’t see the trade for Martavis Bryant making much of an impact.


The Eagels pick up a TE they don’t really need. But they don’t need anything. Dallas could potentially be in play for the 2nd TE to trusty Zack Ertz, which could put him in fine position in fantasy football.


James Washington and Mason Rudolph could very well be in play this year and beyond. When Ben gets hurt, hopefully Mason will be ready to play this year. Washington seems in line to replace M. Bryant, but that does not provide enough targets unless someone gets hurt for relevancy.

San Fran:

Offensively the 49ers made some solid moves in the first 2 rounds. McGlinchey and Pettis should help right away, and provide fantasy relevancy to Goropollo and co.


Many people question the drafting of Rashaad Penny because of the other RB’s on the board. However moving on, this is their guy, with excellent size and speed.  The starting job is his to lose.


Tampa should get a huge instant fantasy impact from Ronald Jones. Strikingly similar to Jamall Charles, this is  a great move using the 38th pick for the bucks, and overall production for their offense.


With no offensive player taken, look forward to Mariota, Corey Davis, and Derrick Henry should make big fantasy value this year.


The redskins drafted Darrius Guice and something weird happened to his draft stock after being widely viewed as one of the best 1st round picks in the draft. The also took a OT from Louisville to help out the running game, increasing the fantasy value.


Fantasy Football Running Back Draft Strategy: Lower Tier RB

For Strategy on your draft day for 2018, we’ll get you an early start to your fantasy football running back strategy. This will dive into the lower tier RBs, hoping that some of these runners/receivers will give you the best chance to rotate running back while solidifying positions that have more variance from week to week such as WR, with 3 spots to normally fill at the position.

Here is a quick, early tier ranking of RB’s for 2018 to start with, not including the draft status of the rookies, but rather the overall ability and talent, along with readiness to work with a pro system at RB at the next level. This is obviously because this article is written before the draft.

One more thing: This list is built on upside for PPR or Point Per Reception scoring. This way you can potentially land a #1 running back or 2 in the first round.

  1. Todd Gurley
  2. David Johnson
  3. Alvin Kamara
  4. LeVeon Bell
  5. Ezekiel Elliot
  6. Saquon Barkley
  7. Leonard Fournette
  8. Kareem Hunt
  9. Melvin Gordon
  10. Devante Freeman
  11. Mark Ingram
  12. Jordan Howard
  13. Dalvin Cook
  14. Ronald Jones II
  15. Joe Mixon
  16. LeSean McCoy
  17. Christian McCaffrey
  18. Carlos Hyde
  19. Sony Michel
  20. Darrius Guice

This is clearly not the best list to actually draft by for a regular draft in which you might be looking for consistent, proven fantasy studs.

The reason a lot of rookies are included, is so that you can begin to see that while you don’t want to overvalue them in early rounds based upon their ADP or average draft position, you can think about some of these guys being steals in the late rounds. When you look at guys that have positive attributes such as Sony Michel and/or Ronald Jones, they have great breakaway speed and enough maturity to be a factor in the NFL from day one. Also Guice and Cook may not be very far behind Saquon Barkley when it comes to production at this level. So watch out!

If you look at the draft class, and actually taking these guys in your draft, practice in the mock draft room for free on Yahoo, or if you like to make it more official with a wager on it, go to for a free $3 entry into a

Fantasy Football running back draft strategy
Fantasy Football running back draft strategy

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The RB Draft Strategy Final Breakdown.

  1. Think about using guys with high upside that may even split backfield carries, making them under owned and under valued such as last years Saints the year prior’s Falcons. Which team may have a 2 RB duo to compare this year. We will have to wait on the NFL draft results to give us a better idea.
  2.  Manage the best high upside matchups on a week to week basis, waiting for a rookie or 2nd year player to break out. Check out Gurley’s 3rd year results as the 2nd year was a flop based on nothing but the coaching scheme.
  3. Draft as many of these RB’s as you can. After all when drafting WR’s and TE’s high, you won’t need all the depth that you would when you go against the grain, and not worry about drafting a RB until the 3rd round. This is where you could look at starting to pick up Joe Mixon, a 2nd year player with a high floor, or a veteran like Lesean McCoy, who a lot of people will overlook because of age.
  4. In the worst case scenario you will balancing backs staring a different set of RB’s every week. In the best scenario, if you hit on one guy, you will have a superstar such as Gurley in the making.