Daily NBA Fantasy Advice: Week of Super Bowl 52

As we approach the NBA all-star break soon and have seen the last of the NFL for the season, let’s give you some real breakdown of daily NBA fantasy advice for the week. I gave some Basic NBA DFS preparation tips in this article here

Value Resulted from Injury

If you focus on Players to fill out your roster with value and eliminate risk, YOU DO NOT want to play players who may not even play at all. In this particular game, that may sometimes be completely out of your control. I have never played a fantasy contest in any other sport that has as much risk when it comes to actual injury reporting. The league does not report these things in time for tipoff, and it costs you money for your investment.

For example to Kyrie Irving’s backup, T. Rozier has provided great as a young addition to your fantasy roster for a very cheap price. These you will also have to try to find on a nightly basis. This strategy could be used with a veteran player, if the player replacing the injured starter, has enough usage that must be divided among this bench player, and if not eaten up by other starting players. This will take some deeper research, and looking back on prior games, as long as there were enough minutes played by the backup player at some point during the season.

Daily NBA Player Usage Advice

When looking at players and their usage, you can look at this example from the other night. There are many things to consider when looking at players that have real value in NBA contests. This can be considered a way to sum up a value player proposition to help you get the most out of that value.

Let’s start with Player Usage. As we can see, with the top of any stud list as of Tues. Morning (Second Picture Below). If you would have taken the top Stud among this list, you would have had the best result with James Harden. At %36 percent, he also had a Franchise career for Points scored in a game for the Rockets.

In the picture immediately below,  D. Russsell had the game of the night, finishing with 37.5 Points, coming back from his injury, at only 5k, lots of money less the than other studs on Wed. night.

These are some of the best ways to determine players who are must starts because when the are used, at least when on the floor, you can start choosing players better when you have a few options at a particular position.

NBA Fantasy Basketball

Daily NBA Fantasy Advice

Fantasy Hockey Cheat Sheets: For DFS Fanduel 1/25/18

This will be the most precise, calculated, fantasy hockey cheat sheet that you will find, just to let you know what you are to expect.

Here it is, then I will give you some pointers on how to build out your fantasy hockey cheat sheet, using this feature of the site while there is no fantasy football going on. No, but Hockey is, I will explain more in the fantasy hockey cheat sheet updated version of the video below. Preparation goes into this, so use the graph and follow along on large slates for larger slates that are being played on Fanduel:

If you can align some of these players on nightly basis in Hockey, you will win most of the nights you put cash on these game. And, ALWAYS, ALWAYS check the over/under vegas lines, as they are accurate for team stack use.

Here is the Video to Explain more about this list or look to a previous Post.

Check in the last line of the graph below for my #1 Recommended Fantasy Tool for any sport. If your big into DFS sports in general, as talked about this is the best option for you to keep track of your players, matchups, and even check teams lines, and over/unders on a daily basis all in one place.

The Fantasy Hockey Cheat Sheet

Fantasy Hockey Cheat Sheets: Daily Variance list

What we are doing here for much of the rest of the regular season NHL Fantasy Hockey is to give you cheat sheets.

This will be the most precise, calculated cheat sheet that you will find, just to let you know what you are to expect.

Here it is, then I will give you some pointers on how to build out your fantasy hockey cheat sheet, using this feature of the site while there is no fantasy football going on.

NHL Fantasy Hockey Strategy


Divisional Playoff: Fantasy Matchups

In our fantasy football weekly article, it is of course divisional play round. Get your fantasy matchups right here:

Here they are:

To first though, give you some backdrop to the execution and strategy of my suggest route to winning this week in fanduel, as many would disagree.

I personally did much better, winning most of my cash games. Cash games are of course, those contests which you enter where %50 of players win, or head to head, or some similar style of contest.  This can be done on DraftKings or Fanduel. If you want to go at a GPP or tournament contest, I recommend getting extra needed help over at my #1 recommended tool, DraftDashboard to create successful winning lineups on all slates recommended.

When looking at cash contests, many times overlooked, as well as by myself included is the basic targets per game, indicating the desired opportunities of a receiver, which is sooo important in these PPR format lineups, or Points Per Reception.

So to sum up my Lineups for the week, here it is:

These of course go over salary for one solid reason. You will have to find solid sleepers to replace these guys, unless you can find low cost consistent players with low variance in their scoring and opportunities from week to week. There are not however many bargain, unknown players at this stage in the season, there are many high risk players to use off the bench.


QB: Tom Brady

RB: Le’Veon Bell

RB: Leonard Fournette or Devonte Freeman

WR: Julio Jones

WR: Adam Thielen

WR: Stepon Diggs or Brandon Cooks or M. Sanu for price saving

TE: R. Gronkowsk: Expensive, Consider cheaper J. James Option

Def: Steelers

K: S. Gostkowski

DrafKings Lineups

QB: Nick Foles or Blake Bortles for Price/Value

RB: L. Fournette or A. Kamara if can afford

RB: D. Freeman or L. Murray

WR: Lock in Julio Jones vs Eagles Defense, does not do well vs. #1 WR

WR: Brandon Cooks or A. Jeffrey

WR: Sanu or Keenan Cole

TE J. James or M. Lewis

Def: Jags or Pats: Patriots win championships

Playoff Fantasy Football Rankings: Wildcard

I will go ahead and give my must have Playoff Fantasy Football Rankings for the Week, as these are  projected at the best value on Fanduel. This way you can get yourself in position to win Cash games or small tournaments with these picks.

#1 QB: Drew Brees

Upside: Brees has all of the tools and weapons to go about destroying his competition. Could be a blowout.

Downside: His Fantasy Points per game is not as much as a couple other QB’s we’ll cover. He is also playing a decent Carolina Defense. However, they could very well be without 3 of their starters, 1 of whom is Thomas Davis, the veteran linebacker so good in coverage, the Saints RB’s should easily get free in the passing game.

#2 QB: Alex Smith

Upside: Smith should in no way play down to his competition, as the Titans are not really one of the stronger defenses in the league, just outside the top half in overall defense in fantasy. Allows points to the QB. Smith has been solid all season and averages plenty of points per game.

Downside: Smith did not build any recent momentum for the playoff due to sitting out week 17. Hopefully this does not affect the offense.

#1 RB: Leonard Fournette

Upside: Fournette has the dream matchup vs. a worst defense in the league against RB position in fantasy, believe it or not, the Bills. what more could you ask from. He could very well dominate, making it hard for the Bills.

Downside: Injuries bugging him although not showing up on the injury report thus far this week.

#2 RB: Todd Gurley

Upside: Gurley has been the best RB in fantasy by far this year, and the Rams will of course rely on him for this wild card game. Don’t overcomplicate things by not rostering him unless you simply cannot afford him.

Downside: Playing one of the best Defenses in fantasy, Atlanta, 7th vs. RB’s and 10 overall. This does not matter to matchup proof RB’s such as Gurley. Also there are other good options to consider to save yourself that salary.

#3 RB: Devonte Freeman

Upside: Playing another dream matchup vs. the Rams who are 31st vs. RB’s in fantasy. Freeman has picked his game up in recent weeks to re-emerge as a fantasy stud.

Downside: If you compare him to the next guy, per the same snap percentage he does not get enough touches.

Update as of 1/4/17:

Freeman is limited by a knee injury this week in practice. Make sure to include Tevin Coleman who should be a very good value play and has scored around 15 Fantasy Points per the last meeting with Rams. You may want to start him even if reports say Freeman is ok.

#4 Mark Ingram/Alvin Kamara

Upside: With wonderful options here, as more of a tournament type play, these 2 provide valuable upside in a matchup that includes some hurt players in the defense of Carolina. They simply cannot match up against both of these Studs. Whats amazing is even though they don’t quite get enough rushing attempts, they both get plenty of targets.

Playoff Fantasy Football Rankings
Creat your Playoff Fantasy Football Rankings here with wealthyfantasyfootball.com

Downside:  Besides the matchup already mentioned, not much downside at all. Also the depth chart recently indicates that Kamar is #1. Don’t let this have you shy away from Ingram. He will be used a lot.

To stop for a moment and mention, you get get overall rankings for the rest of season for playoff teams here at SI more for rest of post season league advice if playing in such a league.

To get the Fantasy studs list with access, specifically for best plays at Fanduel or DraftKings Visit the DraftDashboard, my #1 Fantasy Sports Tool

#1WR Michael Thomas

Upside: Thomas is the consistent stud of the season, besides Antonio Brown. He is the best downfield target for Brees, since Marques Coleston, who was used heavily in the playoffs in prior years.

Downside: His season long upside has been limited, similar to Julio Jones, but no WR has had great upside this year besides Brown. Thomas is the best you can get.

#2 WR Tyreek Hill

Hill is a must start simply for his floor in most weeks being 8 or 9 points on FD almost guaranteed. No real downside.

For more tips later this week up until kickoff, just opt into the email list to the top right of the screen.

Here is a video for some sleepers to consider, which would prove to be very valuable to your winning in Wild Card Week.



Week 17 Evaluations: NFL Fanduel

Here is your season 17 best projected players in cash games to finish the season in NFL on fanduel. for Tournament plays look for high volume potential such as basing off of early reports that the Rams will not play their starters, leaving the door open for cheap plays on the depth chart. The same may well happen with the Saints, Patriots, Steelers, Eagles, Jaguars, Cheifs and Vikings. For more explanation always visit a past article for more explanation on this site.

Bonus DraftKIngs Flex:

J. Smith Schuster:  (13 PG) with 8.69 upside and 0.69 consistency

K. Cole (8.9 PG) with 9.43 upside and 1.06, not consistent since the beginning of the year, but has been a reliable target in recent weeks for the Jaguars at a great price on DK.


How to Win Daily Fantasy Sports Contests Part 2

As I continue from last week entering the week in an overall daily fantasy sports guide on how to win daily fantasy sports contests, this article will entail how to win, through preparation, in NFL, and a preview of how to win in MLB as well. Just so that we cover all major sports, as last week, i covered NHL, and NBA contests last week.

NFL Football Preparation

Here is the video:

Here is what I was trying to show in the video of the contest that cashes in at a low price point:

Win Daily fantasy sports
$40 Won from a $3 Investment!

As you can start to map out in your lineups, consistent players using my FreeReport, that you can opt-into at the top of the page, I think it should be a fascinating ride into your journey into consistent numbers based, keys to consistency. In upscaling your cash and tournament lineups using these exact strategies, you will be well prepared for any sport and the competition will not burn you.

How To Win Daily Fantasy Sports Contests

I am going to show you how to win daily fantasy sports contests by differing sports using the incremental videos below for each sport. This way, if you have struggled to overcome losing in general, you can diversify largely based on different sports.

When you diversify in daily fantasy sports, make sure you understand the basic bank roll concepts such as found in my article, Fantasy Sports Advice: $25 Per Night

NHL DFS Preparation

Here’s starting with NHL and corresponding notes of aspects not mentioned, forgetting to during video recording.

Don’t forget to actually visit DailyFaceOff.com for the actual lines for the night, and also not mentioned, don’t just take the highest Dashrank player if someone with a lower dashrank has more projected points for the night, based on the Proj: right under the salary of the player.

One more thing on Hockey. When playing in tournaments, I recommend this strategy all the way. However when just playing 50/50 or head to head for cash, just use the best Optimized Studs for the day, so that you limit your risks in these contests. I would also reccommend a FULL STACK in tournaments meaning, a C, 2 W’s, and a Defensiveman from 2 different teams together. Goalie would have to be from another separate team.

NBA DFS Preparation

Next. as for NBA lineups, see this video for your most important tool, the position Optimizer:

As you can see in NBA lineups you are going to be considering minutes played, pace of game, and of course Fantasy Points Per Game. Don’t be too concerned with stacks other than maybe a point guard who consistently dishes out to a  big man, which not every team really has. Even in tournaments a major key is actually looking at depth charts. Here is and example of the setting used for that:

Click on the Image to Access the Trial or Paid Version of the Draft Tool:


win daily fantasy sports

If you notice here there is a player that is SF3 or Small Forward 3rd on the depth chart. The name is Hezonja for Orlando. This indicates that the player not only has minutes but also has Points.  In fact in 2 out of his last 3 games, due to injury to the starter, he has put up over 40 points, making him a great value.

So you never know, this low priced entry point at the position may win you a tournament! If you can fit another superstar on your roster that scores around 50 points, you will score over 300 as the majority of your other players are studs. Its all based on getting the best law of average players on your limited salary and best value on your team in NBA. Always check the injuries on the night before firing up these lineups. Find those on your favorite Fantasy Sports App.

Here is the Video to demonstrate How I actually go through the NBA routine, right over my shoulder.

Tip How to Include players buried on depth charts: When clicking on the position optimizer, simply drop down the depth drop down box, to include down to the G4, F4, and C4 options towards the top of the screen.



Now for NFL Preparation:

Please see the next article, as this must be broken up.