NFL Mock Draft: Impactful Fantasy Football Plays

As we get closer to the nfl draft, we have many scenarios to play out in the 2018 NFL draft. Let the excitement and anticipation begin for eyeing fantasy football plays for 2018 and rookies to make an immediate impact.

If interested in looking at my players for insight from last year check out the 2017 Combine review of players

Here they are in order of most mock drafts:

I am not including QB’s since these will be the guys most likely to be benched in their rookie season. Its way to risky to take a rookie qb at all in any standard or PPR fantasy football draft unless its a really deep league, and you just want to temporarily fill a roster spot for a potential of the likes of Deshaun Watson,.. hmm maybe Lamar Jackson?

  1. Saquon Barkley, RB. Penn State: This is obviously the consensus choice and if you want to take him in the first round of either type of league mentioned, go for it. Think of him as being as valuable as Zeke Elliott. Barkley had an even more so impressive Combine day so prepare to have him drafted early if you want to take the potential and comparative upside with all of his ball skills in running and receiving.
  2. Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama. Ridley plays bigger than what he is. I get a good feeling after watching the highlights that his floor is outstanding. He does everything you would need him to do, as he’ll continue to play in a pro style system like he did in Alabama, as they put out excellent WR’s in recent years. I am satisfied with taking Ridley early in fantasy drafts, but let’s hold on and see where he goes, perhaps starting in round 5.
  3. Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU. Although not having 4.4 range speed either, he excelled in other areas at the combine. What he shows on the field, is the ability and skills of a very balanced and controlled possession receiver, and fine redzone target. He has great control on the sidelines as well.
  4. Christian Krk, WR, Texas A&M. Kirk has the explosiveness to be evaluated as a first round pick in my opinion, and this should go well with any team who decides to take this speedster. Its hard to believe he’s only 5’10”. He nfl mock draft fantasy footballdoes not look like it nor play like it. I have heard a comparison to Odell Beckam Jr. but in my opinion Steve Smith could be a better comparison, which is not too shabby my friends, enhancing his fantasy value. 
  5. Hayden Hurst TE, South Carolina. Hurst is the only TE as some scouts say, worthy of a first round pick. He is a bit older than the pack, entering his rookie year at 25 years, but that should not matter. He is a do it all type athlete, that can be molded into what a lot of teams need, meeting the demand. 
  6. Derrius Guice, RB, LSU. When you look at Guice, he provides everything you need in an NFL back. Not perfect but effective in blocking as well. He will be a NFL starter day one, perhaps like Kareem Hunt, as long as he is drafted to the right team. If he sneaks up in drafts like Hunt did, he could start to be taken as early as mid first round in standard or PPR. 
  7. DJ Moore, WR, Maryland. Making room on my list for a potential bust, I would say there is a %50/50 chance of it. Is the reward high enough for the 2nd best position player in the big ten? Well it has not worked so well for guys like Tavon Auston and Fred Ross so far. Who knows? 

NFL Mock Draft Overall Outlook and Trades Impact.

That will do it for now, with some strategy to keep in mind, think of it this way. QB is in usual high demand, with other positions having a huge drop off not seen in previous years. It will make for some tough decisions, as trades have already been made just like previous years. Early enough for teams to take their signal caller and bench them for a year, before having him become the player the project years down the road you could say. 

Everything depends on the NYG as they decide whether to entertain a trade for the 2nd pick, probably being a QB needy team or take one of these optimal players such as their needed DE to build up the defense again, leaving a QB on the table for a team like Denver with the 5th pick. We could see a few more trades in the top 5 alone before its all said and done. 


How to Determine Player Value in Fantasy Basketball

When looking to determine player value in fantasy basketball, you must consider a number of factors that lead to an efficient analysis of the games’ most consistent and value based players.

How can you determine this?

NBA 5X and up

As a popular way of doing this, you can measure the amount of value that a player bring to the table for his particular price on the slate of the night or day. You can find this info on many paid versions of the sites such as rotogrinders.

As I personally looked into the LineupHQ spreadsheet that hey have over at roto, first thing I noticed was that they have many parts that don’t give the info you want to see because of the required upgrade to the premium version.

While I was looking through this spreadsheet, there are generally a few helpful stats/rankings there you can use to gather info in preparation for your games. However, I could not find the Value plays projections,

Wait Hold UP!

I did find it free! however it was not exactly what I needed to project the player, according to an accurate projection of what he player should score today per the salary on the particular site I am looking to play on today, such as Draftkings or Fanduel. It showed up on rotogrinders under the PT/$/K column, which you had to scroll to the right of the screen to find. What was the solution? I went over to DraftDashboard and got the info I needed. Here’s what it looks like on the most right side of the screen:

player value fantasy basketball

Click on the Picture to get the latest version of the Draftdashboard today.

You may also opt into my free report at the top right hand of the screen to get the algorithm for free, which you calculate yourself to find consisitent value option daily fantasy plays for any fantasy sport.

There are many sites to check for these other sports such as rotogrinders and I cover some of those in my most recent article and will cover more for the next sports season coming up.

Baseball is coming up soon, so don’t miss out on the profitable plays that we regularly experience as a result of using these systems and methods, which will be covered in greater details in the days prior to the March 31st opening day slate. We also help cover and will update the NFL draft, projecting fantasy value for 2018 for the NFL.

I also have a Video here that gives you a better idea of how I determine NBA and NHL lineups and will leave you with these tips today:



Best Fantasy Baseball sites for review

I will go ahead and tell you the best fantasy baseball sites for review purposes. CBSfantasy This site has some of the necassary tools, analysis, and of course a place to host leagues, or pick up in other existing leagues year round baseball season.

Fantasy baseball sites, Shut Down

Unfortunately however, as I found I was not able to play the paid version in Florida. This of course includes other states. So if you are one of the free states, have a ball at it.

Daily Alternatives

When it comes to other paid options, experiencing the benefits of paid wager for you fantasy skills, there is still always draftkings, fanduel, and now, the exceedingly popular and growing

Why the Focus on Fantasy Baseball?

Well, this alternative sport to football provides a much better outlet, in my opinion than waiting for the NFL draft. While a have in past years reviewed the combine and draft, this year, I decided to keep the attention on the actual fantasy sports being played other than football. Here I also give a 3 step process for fantasy sports betting

Getting back to the for all sports..

Draft now makes it exciting for users to pick up in a daily drafting system, that is not based on salary cap, so its once again fun to wait on others, like many of us did back in the days of old fantasy football drafts. So get started here with a Free Paid Game.

During the baseball season of course, there are daily changes in lineups, since it is a game that is played every day, unless you are playing in a weekly setup or roto league, you will have to set your lineups for the week, and do a lot of baseball manager type moves to try and get the best possible result out of your drafts in season long fantasy MLB.

However for the daily game, as some of us has to consistently play to win money, you will need to find, track, and get your lineups ready daily and nightly as there are many increased opportunities for the person who can get it right on one of these sites mentioned.

What you Need to Win on these fantasy baseball sites.

In order to win, you will need to know some of these items:

  • Baseball lines per vegas.
  • Batting Orders
  • OPS %’s
  • Optimized lineup Projections
  • Stats

Just to name a few. Where can you find all of this information and more to win during the baseball season in fantasy?

Here you will find all of these all important stats in one place, plus the ability to track the scoring system per draftkings and fanduel, so that you will know who is scoring most consistently, and how is hot. 

There is one quick downside for now:

best fantasy baseball sites

As you may notice here, the MLB stats and projections are not available yet. But however, you can get instant access into current sport projections such as hockey and basketball. NFL a bit far off at this point.

So hold on for that, or if you want to go ahead and start using for other sports or just get practice in how it work. (Remember this is a skill, something you must practice and get good at), you can get a free version of it. Here’s how:

Watch the video to find out how: I will leave you with that for the day, and have more info coming up on this site in the near future.

Best Fantasy Sports Sites that Reveal Strategy

In this post I will go over the best fantasy sports that reveal actual strategy and how to win in any sport.

As we approach past the mid point of NBA and NHL, heading into fantasy baseball season, and even evaluating the NFL draft, there is a lot to consider and talk about when it comes to fantasy sports in general.

One thing though that escapes many if the pure fantasy sports strategies that although are reliable, elude many people, as they fall victom to failing over and over, losing their money. This may of course, also be used in free fantasy sports, driving you to victory against your friends or aquaintances.

Using Mainstream Fantasy Sports Sites

The first, the sites that are commonly used such as fanduel, draftkings, draft, fantasydraft, yahoo, cbssports, and others’s offer varying degrees of fantasy sports expertise. Yahoo, at least during football season offers a fairly up to date news access through videos exclusive to yahoo’s experts. CBS, does a much better job though of providing very comprehensive, in depth, rankings, reports, and even live drafts at time with overall ADP, and daily sports talk through the Sportsline podcast, for the most easily accessable and up to date news you could really ask for. Always listen to Podcasts while you have available time if you are a serious fantasy sports players


Rotogrinders offer free and paid access and support for daily and season long fantasy sports expertise for die hard players in the industry. They even give real life example of championed winners in the industry, to help you as experts in the game themselves daily. You may also want to use their optimizer as well os their updated vegas lines. provides updates on the best matchups, for fantasy sports, specifically for fanduel and draftings, so that you can be better prepared for the competition. they have free ebooks, and paid optimizer systems, as they have their own algorithm for deciding the best players to play daily. Or you can just read their articles and gleem a lot of useful information and build out your lineups straight from these if you like.


Draftdashboard provides a paid service to fantasy sports enthusiasts with customizeable rankings defensive rankings for value, up to date daily

fantasy sports sites strategy
The draftdashboard, showing main area, where updates are summarized

scoring, and the ability to watch the players you want to watch and save these players right on the site that you can access, daily updated by the spreadsheet you can order according to the most important fantasy stats that matter in winning. Here an example of daily video that I do to help as well using the drafdashboard

Fantasy Sports Affiliate Program

There is also an affiliate program, which you can utilize and ask the support team about getting your monthly fee for draftdashboard waived for providing a few signups for new subscribers. Also ask the support team, when signed up, for receiving %50 commissions for all your signups.

For the spring training of Fantasy sports, visit Here for more information for MLB season Review: A Fun and Effective Way to Earn

When you are looking into other sites to log into and get adjusted to, for fantasy sports, the review will get you what you need to know and be prepared for today.

Getting into the App and site when you look around the app, after downloading, its really simple to get started. Just a basic email and credit card account will do it with different payment option, if I remember correctly, paypal was an option.

When initially getting started with only $10 I wanted to see if I could keep my profits going the first few days.

So I decided to use my free $3 entry and take on an NBA game. Unfortunately, I lost that, but had only gains overall the first couple days as I entered an additional paid NBA and NHL contest at $1 each so that I would not risk too large of an amount of my $10 investment. So in total, I spent $2 but ended up with $13.40 total for a profit of $3.40 for my first 3 contests.

I was pleased with these initial results. I am also playing tonight in a $1 contest, since I figured hey, on a short 2 game slate you can also have a reasonable chance to win, almost any time of the night, since with only 3 persons participating in the draft, for a 5 team roster, you don’t need a large slate at all to have a shot at a wide enough selection of starters and a few 6th men on each team to choose from. The talent pool is just about right, as value plays can easily be found as long as quality teams are playing.

NBA Drafts review

What I used to evaluate the drafts for the night was the Draftdashboard I have highlighted this fantasy sports tool other articles, such as how to evaluate for NBA Cash Games.  These will be helpful type of articles when it comes to playing fantasy sports on various sites.

NFL Drafts?

Yes there are early actions going on in nfl drafts, so if you are into the combine and college nfl draft, this is the game for you right now, drafting the rookies, as its early in the valuation process, but the unique thing about draft, is that you draft a team now, and wait and wait, but.. you add up all of your highest scoring players, not even have to worry from week to week which guys to start, thereby losing out on valuable points. Just pick the best overall players for the season, highlighting your ability to draft. review

Feb 27 DFS NHL Fanduel Picks Today | Winning Variance

I would like to show you today using variance and the logical organizer, How to win your NHL Fanduel Picks Today Tues. Feb. 27th. Be careful of any player status changes such as injury, trade, or other news this time of year.

DFS NHL Straegy Philosophy:

Please bear in mind, these are only numbers. These are not lineups that you should go ahead and set. They players may be used according to my prior articles on how to set your lineups and the complete, best recommended process. Since these may or may not work for you. Once you have adjusted your game and strategy though, you should be able to get more wins than losses on a regular basis.

Some things to  note: The Vegas Golden nights are playing back to back at home with the exact same team, the Kings. Look for the backup Goalie to perhaps be a bargain, ideal pick for GPP plays on Fanduel or Draftkings.

Update: All of the money lines are updated as of early this morning 2/27, so fire up the top teams, and don’t be afraid to stack Vegas, which I love doing myself, at 3.16 PPT

How to Dominate NHL DFS Picks 2/27

Also to get your picks locked down, on any slate, any day of the week, watch this video below:


To the the #1 Recommended Too for any DFS Sport Click Here

Check out this article on Roto Grinders, for the 100k World Champ in NHL Fantasy Hockey: RotoGrinders Champion

Showing the Top Stack for  2/27/18

Feb 27 DFS NHL PIcks
The Top Tournament Stack of Night, May substitute Malkin for Crosby on 4 Man Power Play.


Season Long Fantasy Baseball Leagues: Your Experiences

Hey Fantasy Sports readers, wanted to just provide this article not only for season long baseball leagues ideas but also for other general ideas on keeping your passion for fantasy football going.

There is a lot of Google research you could do for reference such as on this blog here

I believe taking on other sports, even this time of year, can keep your daily or season long fantasy fire going.

Here is a quick video overview first:

No NBA but here is what is Gong on Now

Here is my article overview of the 3 step process for winning in Hockey

During this time of year, with the all-star break we will be back to NBA before you know it, maybe its a good time of year to start playing in a half-season long league. If any thoughts on your experience in NBA leagues, leave those below.

Next, I want to get into your opinion on what you’ve enjoyed the most from your experience or preference on taking on MLB.

How Season Long Can Help Your DFS Management

Reason for maybe even more interest in the season long aspect of MLB, is that when you are managing your roto or weekly leagues in baseball, you will become sharper, in using certain players you have drafted at he beginning of the year. There is more intrinsic value in winning against your opponents in winning, or suffering the loss against your peers using the guys you trusted in trying to dominate using the numbers and fundamental aspects of the game.

What do you think? Use Yahoo? CBS,, or other, I have heard that CBS has great comprehensive help on their site for use on their fantasy leagues, and I love listening to their podcasts including sportsline for all sports: An Example of the CBS Fantasy page.

season long fantasy baseball leagues

Or.. maybe you don’t like the commitment to season long sports at all and just use a site such as or just keep playing on Fanduel and/or Draftkings only like many people like myself have been doing for sports other than NFL.

I will go ahead and form the league based off your suggestions and get the MLB season long season under way.

Leave a comment on whether you would like to join a season long baseball league, and what kind of league, or which site to use?

DFS Help: 3 Step Process for Fantasy Sports Betting

How would you successfully win in fantasy sports betting this exact time of year when there is no NFL, no NBA due to the all-star break, and of course no MLB. The Solutions.

Why would this article post though, be centered around fantasy sports betting? because the odds and lines are most important, impacting your NHL lineups.

Here’s how you can do that tonight!

Start with the NHL Odds Here Then use these on Fanduel, and start getting wins like this below:

1st Step: Search out the odds/lines and look for Goalies to put into your lineups based on these Over/Unders and the Projected Goals, or Implied Point Total, which you will have to sort on Then you will scroll to the bottom where will be indicated the lowest Implied Team Point Total for the day/night, and take a Goalie that is projected to allow the lowest amount of team Points to his opponent.

2nd Step: Check the Position Optimizer for Studs, Value Plays, and Goalies to potentially attack: that can be found here as my #1 Recommended Tool

3rd Step:  Watch the Players to build your 9 team lineup according to these metrics.  All you have to do is press the bullseye button, as shown below:

As you can see, I am giving away some of my watched players for the night.

Hope you have a good night, and use these as your most important factors in determining your Best Lineups.

dfs betting fantasy sports

fantasy sports betting

How To: Fantasy Basketball Beginners Guide: Matchups

When you are entering the DFS or season long game of fantasy sports, you can get the HOW TO: Fantasy Basketball guide here.

What Not to Worry About in Fantasy Basketball:

First off, you don’t have to watch all of the games nightly. That would actually be somewhat counter-productive. While it always good to know the latest news and updates in the NBA, watching 5-10 games a night, How to Fantasy Basketball As with any DFS Sport, you can spend a lot of time analyzing and actually coming up with different ways to prioritize WHO you get into your lineups on a daily basis.

Use Numbers

So the time needs to be spend analyzing actual numbers that make sense. Any player in any given sport, has what is commonly referred to as defensive rankings in fantasy.

Defensive Rankings in Fantasy Basketball

In fantasy basketball there are rankings such as shown in this example below.  As you can probably see, there are rankings for these players in terms of opponents defensive rankings against overall defense and versus thehow to fantasy basketball beginners guide particular position that the player normally plays. Blake Griffin for example shows a very good matchup vs. the N.O. Pelicans who rank 26th in the NBA in fantasy points allowed and 25th versus the Power Forward Position. The larger version of the photo can be found at the bottom of the article.

These are obviously good matchup numbers for the night, he would be favored over most other PF’s for the night. You can also click on the image to find out the tool being used, at a reduced price discount for fantasy ballers to quickly evaluate these matchups. This is a reliable. Other Videos may be found in prior articles on these subject. This is the simplest way to get in the game of NBA DFS Sports so that you can start using numbers, in matchups to your advantage. Take the opportunity to make money for yourself using the low cost # 1 recommended tool for DFS Fantasy Sports.

how to fantasy basketball beginners guide