Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: Week 5

When actually rankings the best fantasy football players for the 5th Week of the season, we now have some data to work with. Fanduel is used here

Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: Week 5

Here”s how this post will Rank: According to real analytic numbers:

For more explanation on these numbers and what they exactly mean, you may look to the Keys to Consistency from last year, or opt-into the Free report, delivered to your email inbox for your convenience.

Cash Lineups to Consider: Fanduel

Landry may have a good game, and is safe in PPR. So is Cobb. In Fanduel they are reasonably priced $6.6k for either guy. Cobb has a higher SD, and CV because he missed 1 game, bringing down his consistency numbers.

We have some really consistent backs that are getting the touches and perform level from week to week, with Fournette being the #1 cash game option this week.

Tournament Plays to Consider:

Here’s where it gets more tricky:

As you can now see in GP’s high SD’s and CV’s are important to have, not only to save cash for relief in your lineups, but also so that your #1 and #2 options such as TYH and Diggs will give you a chance to win by accumulating the high points for a low cost. Of course you will have money to spend as in the Cash projections as well, so here’s where you spend the cash in Tourney games:

Gurley is actually the best play there is right now in any fantasy football format. His upside as well as his consistency is tremendous, better then anyone I have ever seen since I have been keeping track of these advanced statistics. At 27.4 Points Per Game on Fanduel, obviously he may continue to be the best value on the board.

Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: Week 5

Here is a Video on the Fanduel or Draftkings nfl lineup analyzer:

As you can see, you can the lineups here are easy to set:

For DraftKings I have more recommendations for Flex Options:

Here we can see the numbers show these to be good options in GPP’s especially with as high of ceiling with low cost that these guys bring.

Best Way to Bet on Sports: Don’t Bet Money, Let’s Play

If you are going find the best way to bet on sports, be careful. Trying to meet spreads in any sport is difficult. The reason is, there is no real data to predict a closer spread game, and plus those guys are professionals.

This article will delve into more than 1 way, if you love making money in sports, to Make Consistent Bankroll

Best Sports Betting Alternatives

So this post is obviously not going to recommend any kind of direct gambling, nor sports betting at all.

Fantasy Football or Fantasy Sports in General

Instead of doing that, you can put next to nothing into a lineups, and per my previous post, you can do so by attempting to look for direct predictive stats in larger sample size, which is explained better here:

PPR Fantasy Football Guide

You can next, watch my Video from My Iphone, which I live playing with as my new recording toy:

As you can hopefully see there is a lot you can do with various matchups

Also as you can start to plainly see, those lineups don’t cost anything other then a dollar or less. This is a huge market to make money in, and your income does not need to be limited to playing games yourself either.

You can find other resources that I highly recommend on the subject such as this blog or or my own Free DFS Download at

There are other things you can do as well:

Sports Apps

Use the Biggest Sports Niche Market there is right now, to Make Bankroll:

FanDuel App: Become an Affiliate Here: United Games FireFanDemo

Here’s the video on that: 

As you can see in this post, its a really cool way for people to follow along closely with their sports teams as they probably do already, and get to make money, get rewards, and bragging rights with a game within the game. 

These are much more reliable ways of making money online without betting, throwing away your money. 

Week 5 Football Matchups:

Next to go ahead and invite you to a matchup this week, and join in the game, advertising your business if related to, or just following along with one of your favorite teams, enter into

Best way to bet on sports

The best way to demo the app, is to just play it. There are many available sports and teams including College Football, MLB, and NBA around the corner, along with international sports like Socccer. Its a rediculous way to make Bankroll! Get into the games. 

PPR Fantasy Football Guide: How I Build a Lineup

Continuing my weekly newbie to Fantasy football beginner help guide, I am building a PPR Fantasy Football Lineup on the Most Exciting Place to do so right now: Draftkings.

PPR Scoring Explained

Lets first explain what PPR is. PPR is Points Per Reception. In Draftkings, as highlighted, a Reception in football gives you 1 point, as opposed to 0 in Standard leagues. Be aware that some leagues give you half or 0.5 point for a reception. the video below helps to factor in your PPR Running backs, in particular, since those Catches are valuable to your team.

I have some exciting, documented Draft Strategies you could say, which will let you start with $0-10 investment in Daily fantasy football, much like I have done in my first year in fantasy baseball. Let me explain: 

Fantasy Baseball/Football Recent Results

Here are the baseball results from recent weeks, once I figured it out: 

From 9/15-9/22 I finished with a profitable amount of winnings during this span. Take a look at the contests: 

ppr fantasy football

$5.17  with a  $8.30 Winning during this span, = profit net of $3.13

There a a few more things to consider about this stretch run: 

Draft Contest Considerations

  1. Only 2 of these contests were 10 player or less, 50/50 games in which the chances of winning were very great.
  2. The other 6 winning contests were those consisting of plays of more than 14k total players, resulting in finishing in the top 24% to be able to win these type of contests. All other contests required you to be in top 20%
  3. One of these was an NFL contest in which I finished in the top 1.3% of the winnings, which is fine of course. 

What does all of this have to do with Football PPR you may ask? 

Baseball vs. Football Lineup Building

Well, basically I have the  baseball building strategy down to a science through studying my lineup methods over the course of 162 games during the long baseball season, having gone through all of the losing spans to be profitable and not LOSE MONEY. 

This Bankroll Philosophy is essential to your fantasy football success as well…

You see, I have played fantasy football for many years in DFS included and never came out ahead during the year with my bankroll. Never. 

Now with lineup optimizer tools, lots of information on the web including apps, you have all of the information you need in football as well. But, it is more difficult. Why? 

Since baseball provides convenient large sample size of matchups with so many games in one season alone, how can the data in football be organized with reliable measure of success? 

Well, even though there are not specific outliers of Lefty vs Right, or what is called platoon stats, so important in baseball, along with OPS %, which makes the competition competing in the baseball lineups easy to beat, there are plenty of small sample size numbers to go by in football to be able to process for best lineups. 

Now, How to Build a Lineup on DraftKings

Next watch my video if you are still intrigued as to how I basically build lineups in football with much success. 

As you can see, from the start of the video, its just hard to find the data out there on these popular sites to analyze. 

I will of course provide my Week 5 NFL Lineups preview but this week it will include the exclusive strategy used ensure the best chance of winning either GPP or Cash games in PPR leagues such as this, being considered for adjustment all possible deep research stats such as those brought out in my Keys to Consistency Article. 

Whats to come next?

With much more info to update before Sunday kickoff, its time to duplicate similar results in football. Get your Fantasy Players ready and enjoy the ride. 

Fantasy Football Research Resources

You may find my resources here:

#1 Recommended research tool currently on the internet:


2. The tools mentioned in my article, which you can find above mentioned or type in the search box: Keys to consistency on this page to the right.

3. When playing on Yahoo, their research tools are good to use on their research tools specific to their leagues. BTW, I will do an article at this time next week showcasing my Yahoo fantasy PPR 2 QB league as I have done before in a previous post. 






Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 4 Breakdown

When looking at fantasy football rankings for week four there are a lot more things to consider this week.

Make sure to join the live stream game of the week once you downlaod the app: Broncos vs. Raiders


Have you ever wondered how some of these experts on ESPN and other networks actually gather all of this data. Of course they may have some help but it’s not anything that cannot be done on yourself just taking a Fantasy Football Rankings: Week 4couple hours a week in doing so and giving yourself a chance to win $1 million right?

I will go ahead and delve deep into the ranking thinking process and help you out with that.

To start with never fail to look at the best studs that perform year around.

Do you want to try to keep in mind the basic philosophies of number one playing the best players and number two playing the players we have the highest scoring averages week by week. You can even take this as far back as last year as your knowledge of previous stats in years can help you.

But getting caught up to week three of the NFL fantasy football season there were a lot of things that have happened that are showing it to be up-and-down league with a lot of parity causing unpredictable lapses.

There has to be a lot of corrections in NFL teams including offense and defense.

When you understand with the strategies are this will help you to make your rankings. A team or not do the same thing the same strategy to weeks in a row they will look to other players unless you have a special player such as Antonio Brown.

Here is a video on my Break down method of the Week 4 Matchups

We can also see the snap counts and the ownership percentages of leagues worldwide.

This next video has more of a continued breakdown, since I unfortunately got cut short on the last video

As gameplay was necessary some of these running backs will be taken out of the game plan. We don’t know exactly which ones will be and will not be there from game to game at this point.

If you can see the banking of talent that cannot be denied so does Odelle Beckham Junior and Brown then you see guys like Jarvis Landry that should not be getting as many touches as these guys.

There are also a lot of quarterback options this week there are a number of teams I could but it put up good fancy numbers. Go ahead and look at the Fantasy lines or Vegas lines to see which ones will come out ahead with the most points.

So do not project in Fantasy value based on one week, Stretch it out as much as you can.

Also don’t worry about the age of Tom Brady is OK.

Sometimes a match up is not the best but it will work.

what I cannot see sometimes is how all these experts will have start or sit skit but does  The start  or sit part  maybe meant for Their own team in their own league.

Here is a quick rundown of the Players I am looking to fit on my rosters this week, providing best value and upside potential to finish top 10% in Tournament Play on the Big sites.


Sterling Shepard  – GiantsThis is where you have to be careful. $395/FP as he had a really big game scoring 23 points in week 3, but also had 9 points in week 1. Still watch out for Brandon Marshall. He’s not done yet.

Devante Parker Parker has all of the tools needed to be a star in this league, and maybe that is now happening. His targets is at 9/5 per game, and not many people are playing him yet, so use him to create some tilt from the chalk.

DeAndre Hopkins – Texans At only $7,300 this is a great value deal for a 3rd Receiver. with 12.7 PROJ @ $462/FP per game, his game is just consistent. He also has a high number of targets so the opportunity is there, maybe more so with the Rookie QB.

Nelson Agholor  -Eagles As a Deeeep sleeper, if his targets go up at all, he could be a valuable asset vs. the LA Chargers, given their nickel back is on IR @ only $489/FP, he makes for a good 3rd receiver on the Eagles and relieves a lot of salary.

Rishard Matthews – Titans  $449/FP, I have absolutely no problem starting him in daily or season long leagues, as he produces. So, unless you have someone better, Matthews will continue to rack up good points until the Rookie they drafted in the first round gets healthy and ready.

Paul Richardson – Hawks at only $5,000 this WR provides another low cost option. 7.6 PROJ $487/FP as he is ready to take on a bigger role, with Doug Baldwin kind of falling off right now. The matchup is Good vs. Indy


Chris Thompson – Redskins @ only $232/FP, scoring 14,24,28 points these past 3 weeks on Fanduel, you can trust him now, as he is a main targeted weapon in this offense, unless Jordan Reed takes some targets away later. Check his status, as Thompson is showing excellent burst in long runs.

Leonard Fournette – Jags Look for the Jags to get back to a heavy dose of Fournette. The only reservation about him in this lineup is possibly when he appears to be take off the field in various situations. VS NYJ, he’ll be very good, even if on a limited snap count.

Ezekiel Elliott – Cowboys If you don’t want to mess around with the guys above, then go for Zeke while you still can. Surprised he is the low at his point of the season, so make full use of him if you can.


Evan Engram – Giants, It would be too easy for me to tell you to just get Gronk or Travis Kelce, however, the beauty of it is: Get a streamer or sleeper at TE and not miss a beat, hopefully. At this point does not get enough points to be a Tournament play yet. You could squeeze him in, getting into the top 10% of your contest.


Eli Manning – Giants Eli has a lot going for him right now. 15.2 PROJ $438/FP so give him a try this week in some of your lineups, as he has an excellent price and a really good matchup this week, as OBJ is helping him a lot to exel.

Carson Palmer – Cards Another well priced, veteran QB you can count on to give you some good chances, or shots at numbers, producing for your fantasy team, allowing you to spend elseware in daily leagues. use him.

Marcus Mariota – Titans, Well priced at $440/FP, Mariota should have a bounce back week, as one of the best QB in fantasy, hopefully. He is playing against Houston, so look for him to be on the run, maybe getting a rushing TD. Not sure there is any reason to pay up at QB this week.


Jaguars: If you can pay the price, $5,200, you will have yourself a find matchup vs. the Jets, as the Jags have a real defense. Good young players to see here.

Cardinals – If you can fit this team into your defense for the week, this will be a great value pickup, with healthy guys like Chandler Jones on the Outside, and experienced veterans on the inside, along with the Honeybadger just to name a few names, you’ll be good.


Fantasy Football Beginners Guide: 7 Secrets of League Wins

This article is part of a series of ongoing week guides to help you in fantasy football: Fantasy Football Beginners Guide.

If you have seen my live Youtube video, Fantasy Football for Dummies, or Beginners, you will see how to set a lineups as the most important and fundamental aspects of setting a lineup are within the video here:

When making business decision in fantasy football, you must consider these large parts:

Waiver Wire Players

In making fantasy football business decisions, here’s an interesting article from Businessinsider

This is considered a Fantasy Football Inider Look, including next’s week’s Week 4 matchups like I did in Week 3 matchups, and in prior weeks, which carry the most weight. We’ll get into matchups later.

Players Dropped

Make sure you know who is dropped in your league as you compete directly against those of whom you may even pick up their players and use those against them. It can work, even when the player looks bad. Check your waiver wire league rules. Wavier wire players can also be of course, new players off the bench or who have never been on an opponents team yet.

Top Performers

fantasy football for dummies
A weekly series of ongoing beginner guides

As you look at top performers on the season so far, these stat do reveal a lot when you look at total points or average points per game on any player. you can then gauge how well the player is performing against his peers.

Avg Points Per Game

This is the easiest way to determine best possible value, especially at the Defense position. This total, or average points (you may have to do some math to find the average) is the real indication of how the defense is doing and whether you might even have to drop your current defense if it is not measuring up to others.

Keep Player Options Open

If you know of your players per their past performance in prior years, or know football well enough to have a grip on who will pick up their performance, stay with your guys. As the opposite of the waiver wires, this strategy will help you not to drop too many for guys who are not consistent. Keep your options open and at the same time be slow to

fantasy football for beginners guide
The Beginners Guide

picking up guys that are not proven and have a one game wonder, which leads us to our next heading

Chalk Trap

Chalk is when everyone is going for the same player, usually based on trying to get great value. This happened last week as a great example with Rishard Higgans from Cleveland, and everyone who took and started him lost out.

Have Backups Ready

This is what your bench is for: replacing guys for injury or bye weeks. Make sure if someone has the “questionable,” status to have your fill in ready. Also “Out,” means out, and “probably,” means he will play

Best Matchups

Look for these best matchups as the rankings matter more and more every week and you will need this information to decide between players of the same position or in daily, trying to decide between 15 different players, helping you know where to start. For my # recommended Matchup, Algorithm, Lineups Optimizer, including injury status, and other updates, visit for the keys to consistency report, and the DraftDashboard for only $1

Seldom leave out the Stud

I spent a lot of time on the studs because they are the lifeblood of your team. Think of them as the heavy point hitters. Points you cannot miss. So caution against leaving out the top performing guys.

Redzone TD’s

How will, what we call a sleeper, get points for you? Most likely through getting touchdown! The best example is if the Jags keeping feeding Ivory the ball in this way, which I anticipate, or even if you look at Legarret Blount, these guys, along with Mike Gellislee are bound to produce decent numbers, being td dependant. In PPR leagues you can do more with guys that catch a lot of passes to get sleeper points.

Lastly, be sure to viist FootballGameApp as we follow and stream along live with the afternoon game/matchup of the week,a as a good one as the Raiders try and bounce back after loosing to the Redskins, and the Broncos also try and do the same after their loss.



Fantasy Football Week 3 Projections: Who To Start

Here’s Andy’s Picks for the week, in High Stakes Fantasy Football Week 3 Projections:

To get signed up for a Free Trial of the DraftDashboard Optimizer, and get a Daily Fantasy Football Free Report, delivered to your inbox visit If you’d like to keep the Monthy price offered on the Lineup builder including advance algorithms, optimized by position, injury and stock status, and much more, its well worth the price.

Fantasy Football Week 3 by Position

Quarterbacks Projections

Derek Carr – Raiders

When going to the stack, set your sites to Carr, and if you can pick the right WR to pair him with you can easily have a winning week in any league this week, season long or daily. This game is projecting to be high scoring and the running game should not slow the pass down, since vegas figures this to be a close game.

Matt Stafford – Lions

Stafford also figures to be top of the pack when it comes to fantasy points scored this weekend. His performance speaks for itself as he spreads the ball around, finding the open receiver, whoever that is. He does not rely on Calvin Johnson anymore, which makes it a bit harder, but this season he is learning to be more scrappy and find those guys.

fantasy football week 3 projections

Alex Smith – Cheifs 

I know, no one thought Smith would be here towards the top or even in the top 10 during any week, but Smith has veteran leadership this team needs, and may finally reach the prime of his career in this game, hitting Tyreek Hill, and Travis Kelce, vs on the most under performing defenses in the LA Chargers.

Running Back Projections

Jay Ajayi – Dolphins

The Dolphins have the best shot at being the blowout of the week. There is no reason not to take him in any format. Except if the injury he is suffering continues to be a questionable concern. Check his actual injury status before the game, to see if he is likely ready to go at %100. Even at anything lower than that, he should be one of the best performing RB’s of the week vs this poor Jets defense.

Le’Veon Bell – Steelers

Bell should be good this week. This is a good week to buy on Bell, since he is still the best RB in the league, and is getting the touches, in order to excel as his health is fine. Anyone else at this spot, I struggle with trusting for a variety of reason. Even though he has not broken any big runs get this year, his patience is a ticking time bomb ready to be the bell cow. 

I would rather not reveal anyone else in cash nor in GPP plays. Anyone can be a sneaky play here other than guys who put up big numbers last week such as Todd Gurley, Ty Montgomery, and Melvin Gordon, who showed up lat on the injury report this week. Kareem Hunt will fall down in value after this week, but should be good next week.

Wide Receiver Projections

Mike Evans – TB

The only top dog in the pack this week, Evans is the only real stud to be sure to get you a good chance for a solid play, with solid QB. The best there probably is right now.

Mike Crabtree – LAR

Beyond Evans, this feels and matches up to be the 2nd safest guy this week to start, more so than Amari Cooper. You can stack him with Carr as mentioned above, and make a really good lineup. Crabtree has no reason to slow down, including Touchdown upside.

Antonio Brown – Steelers  

Fantasy football best defenses for week 3: Steelers
Fantasy football week 3 Antonio Brown Wide Receivers

Despite Brown officially playing the 16th ranked defense vs. the WR position at he moment, it doen’t matter. The Bears are the 24th ranked defense, this information I easily find on DraftDashboard, so even with a worse off offense, not in Browns favor at all, he is the most exciting and safe play in any format as a stud with great upside, even though his price of 9k on Fanduel, or if you spent a high draft pick on him in year long fantasy leagues, you start him

Tight End Projections

With the best of the Te’s traditionally over the last few years not being able to convert, with Gronk and Jordan Reed always having serious injury concerns, along with  Olsen out of the year. Plus, Jimmy Graham not living up to his potential this year. That leaves a couple solid guys that are in play:

Travis Kelce – Chiefs

Kelce has the biggest potential upside of anyone on the slate, so leave it up to Kelce to have a Gronk type week. Versus the 15th ranked defense against the TE position is just fine, even though a lot of people won’t want to pay for him at his 2nd highest price tag among TE’s for the week on Fanduel.

Zack Ertz – Eagles  

Here’s a video before I get into Ertz, as the Optimizer Now has a completely free test run, at DraftDashboard Just enter your sport, Site whether FanDuel or DraftKings at he top right corner, and OPTIMIZE

Here, you have someone who may be the highest scoring TE this week in any format play as well. As I had expected before the beginning of the year, Ertz has the ability to be the main target, not boding well for WR’s on this team. He is reasonably priced and if you drafted in before the season you did a great job on this pick.

Defensive Projections


This defense is more healthy then they were in previous weeks and is playing what is commonly known to be the worst team in football, the Jest.


The ravens, performing at he highest level last week, find themselves in another great matchup, the Jaguars

Steelers fantasy football week 3 projections: Defens

I am looking for another blowout game here with the steelers capable of taking the ball away and even scoring a TD against this poor Bears squad.

Visit for full game review predictions analysis



Play Fantasy Football: For Beginners

When you’re playing fantasy football for beginners start, with getting as much knowledge of the game of football as well as you can.

Basics of Football

Basic football strategy will go along way and actually understanding the game flow in process of choosing positions on the field.

When into game flow things change even rapidly as blowouts end up determining great defenses and the dictating of running or passing the ball. So as a great indication of players to choose from try to pick high-scoring games with the team that is favored or else high-scoring games of close games.

Stacking Fantasy Players

As a beginner you may also definitely want to consider stacking players. The majority of wins in large tournament type fancy contest are determined with stack players of at least a quarterback and wide receiver or TE of the same team.

Another factor to consider as a beginner is a good rankings system. See this artice: Fantasy football rankings.

Fantasy Points Per Game

While these are not the only factors in recognizing quality fantasy football matchups, for the beginner or unexperienced player, you’ll want to base your determining factors, if not the familiar with players in the NFL as much as you would like to be, then you must start with basics as far as average fantasy points per game. That’s a great place to start.

Opprtunity Stats

You could then work your way into more Advanced metrics such as targets, which is how many times a player has been attempted to have been thrown at by quarterback including the running back, wide receiver and tight end positions. Then next you want to consider total touches and carries by a running back. Touches include carries + targets.  You can then control the likelihood of picking players that will have the most play fantasy football beginnersopportunities. Based on these opportunities you need to choose the best players that have the best stats that of course lineup with points custom to the type of scoring that each action gives in a fantasy league or daily.

Starting and Bench Players

Remember that a player who is not performing up to the expected level or approaching 100 yards per game will may need be benched for another player so keep in mind that his performance can bring down his value and numbers even though he has a lot of targets and carries.

Injury Concerns

Also keeping up with the injuries helps you increase the likelihood of a projected starter having a greater game against an opposing defense.

More Advanced Stats

Unlike baseball there is not large sample sizes on stats to go by. However, you can understand how consistently a player is performing even after just four games considering whether he’s had a high-scoring game and three very low to 0 points scored compared to a player that is consistently getting 10 points out of four games.  Here’s my Week 2 Example of Winning Fantasy Football:

The Article mentioned can be found here at sporting news

This is where you see the volatility, compared to the consistency. So if you can understand and create matchups that favor these type of scenarios, you can insert a enough studs in a lineup that will help you get wins are you consistently or provided enough volatile players to create variance according to other players have their by reaching the pinnacle a winning fantasy football based on match ups and injuries.


Daily Fantasy Football Week 2 Projections & New Live Game Feed Demo

If you would like to know where to start for Week 2 of Daily Fantasy Football for Week 2, this is the updated place for Projections. As the season progresses, its the time of year where many are duped into chasing players, as brought out in my Prior article, Week 2 Fantasy Football League Adjustments. Here’s how the Projections will be laid out this year going forward:

Fantasy Studs:

Always work into your lineups a few studs based on a number of factors such as matchup, strength of schedule, and most important Consistency Rating per the FP per Game Ave.

Here are those guys at the top of the list regardless of position this week, without significant injury concern. Daily Fantasy Football Week 2

Jordy Nelson: Nelson may not have the best matchup in reality, because of facing Desmond Trufant this week, however, he still puts up numbers worthy of consideration on this slate because of his skill.

Todd Gurley: At this point, there is no need to worry any longer about Gurley. His offense is better than last year’s poor version, which could only go up, and he will be getting the total touches to succeed vs. Redskins

Phillip Rivers: While not an overwhelming option last week scoring 19 points on FD, Rivers this week however has a really good matchup vs. Mia., always does well early on in the year for whatever reason, and has the weapons to score a lot of points vs. the Dolphin Defense being favored

Ty Montgomery This should be a very well scoring game for Montgomery, with Carries and targets aplenty, he will continue to get opportunities as the main guy, that will have high downside to his point total.


Aaron Rodgers: As the #1 projected QB all season long, this does not change in DFS, especially for this great matchup vs. Falcons. What else is there really to explain?

Tom Brady: With a possible expected shootout, go with the pros, The hall of famers, the proven veterans, who pass for 5k+ yards on a regular basis. What would suggest otherwise with the matchups in favor.

Sneeky Stack: Drew Brees, with Michael Thomas. With another first ballot HOF player on deck tomorrow, these teams will be chasing each other in points with a hurt NE secondary.

Here’s a live Game result of the Action from the Saints vs Pats Matchup. Sorry about the side view angle, but it was Great Timing!

Here a link to Join in Here

Running Back:

Mike Gillislee: While he is highly unlikely to get the PPR points as those will go to J. White, and R. Burkhead with plans to play in the slot, Gillislee, remember is the replacement option for L. Blount. With that in mind, he is the most likely back to reach the end zone, once this higher powered offense does reach the redzone. Most likely.

Terrence West: The former Brown will do pretty well against this defense who is struggling with injuries in the front 7. Don’t worry about Buck Allen getting touches. He gets enough workload on the ground and redzone against this really good matchup.

Christian McCaffrey: I would not be surprised if McCaffrey turns into a top 10 fantasy back this season. I was impressed with the amount of time he was on the field and touched the ball. They must be committed to this phase of a maturing of their offense with this skillfull back.

Melvin Gordon: Gordon, as one of the more popular picks to be drafted high and paid for high in Daily Fantasy, will not cost you a lot at only $7600 on FD, compared to L. McCoy at $1000 more. Gordon has a better matchup, and McCoy even shows up on the injury report. All systems go for Gordon.

Wide Receiver:

Larry Fitzgerald: Larry is the most likely to get to take advantage of this good matchup vs. the lowly Cots Defense without their top CB. You may want to consider the other WR2 as Nelson had a good week last week.

Keenan Allen: I was hesitant about taking Allen on the season in drafts, but so far he is healthy and delivering. Its early, but matchup will work just fine as point total should be high in this game.

Mohamed Sanu: At only $5300 on FD, this is just a great value, as a #2 WR on a game that I am trying to get a lot of exposure to, you can fill your lineups with studs, using this price, and maybe get a touchdown around the goalline.

Brandon Cooks: I see this as a game where he will get loose. He will be ready to play vs. his former team, as Brady will need to hit him, so also consider putting Hogan into lineups as well. There is no reason for Brady not to light it up!

Tight End

Charles Clay: Clay is a good reasonably priced play at the right time, vs. one of the worst teams last year vs. the TE. However he will be highly owned this week. with Clay claiming to become a top tier level TE, which he has never been, don’t expect him to slow down this week.

Martellus Bennett: No need to actually goes with a top tier TE this week, as the potential of high scoring matchups will allow some of these lower tier guys to score TD, and get yardage, for longer gain. Bennett is also a guy that was favored in the Redzone in pre-season, so look for that option to materialize for Rodgers.

Sleepy TE: Even Ingram I went with him last week and got 6.4 points. Whether Becham plays or not, Igram is playing one of the worst vs. TE last yeare as well as this year, and is a matchup nightmare.

Week 2 Fantasy Football League Adjustments

With the big injuries out of the way after , you are unmistakenly looking for help at running back and WR. From my experience so far priority is replacing Allen Robinson and David Johnson with quality backups. If you have set yourself up in such a way there is not need to look to the waiver wire for support at these positions. You can consider my top 3 prospects per availability are RB, being:

Week 2 RB Adjustments

#1 Louis Riddick

#2 Terek Cohen

#3 Mike Tolbert
For WR options you could insert, or pick up

Week 2 WR Adjustments

#1 Nelson Aghalor

#2 Kendall Wright

#3 Cooper Kupp
When searching for these high value upside options in tournament plays to give yourself an advantage check the Ownership percentage of your players in PPR leagues, using DraftDashboard for seeing that info as it comes along week by week, leaving your better prepared every week for all of the potential matchup factors that lead to high percentages of winning options that you can use to build winning DFS lineups, including the education behind DFS, and why these players are being chosen algorithmically in your Daily fantasy or season long league such as at that you are playing on, cusotmized to help you perform better on that platform such as Draft Kings or Fanduel

As another important strategy reminder: Always look at the targets that a particular player had recieved in week 1 when needing a better idea of whether a well performing WR will receive more or less targets the following week.

Shoot for an estimated 7 targets per game to be of any consistent value, and 5 targets with sleeper potential. When a player goes 3 receptions out of 3 targets as a young player with upside, look for the targets to increase as long as the gameplay and gameflow allow that follwing week. If a Week 2 Fantasy Football Leaugeplayer got 10 targets the previous week and only caught 2 balls look for that to decline unless he is known as a stud, or one they have reliced heavily upon in recent years. It mainly about stock being up or down, as Co-Ordinators will get the ball to playmakers.

Same concept goes for RB touches which can also be found listed for every player and matchup at DraftDashboard asa feature there. Sounds a bit difficult to predict all of this from week week correct? Thats what I will get specific with in my next Post:

Week 2 Fantasy Official Projections:

to be updated by Late Saturday night in time for your lineups, per your requests on this site. See my previous post on Last Minute Adjustments if wanting to get an idea of the type of lineup advice you can get checking back here:

Wealthy Fantasy Football
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