Opening Day Daily Fantasy Baseball Advice 3/28/19

Its hard to believe its time for March 28th 2018 and that I am actually looking at baseball projections again now for 2019!

If I was a person giving you personal advice face to face, you would not know who I am, and whether to take my advice or not. Since you may be searching for opening day daily fantasy baseball advice for today, you may even take my advice based on my 2 years experience working with projection models, advisors, and coaching for the mlb fantasy game, tweaking and making it better every day that I play.

I will keep this opening day advice very simple and to the point.

What I have learned is that its very tough to learn on the fly and have success and be consistent at it, much like it would take to be an actual big league ball player. So I’ll give you the most important and simple stats you can take a hold of and run with so that you could possibly win some large field low cost entry tournaments on fanduel or draftkings. The daily game or dfs is a fun way to have a daily vested interest with upside for the present to the future.

I will start of here with my pool and explain why its not very large at this point, around 39 hours prior to openings pitches in North America.

daily fantasy baseball advice 3/28/19

As you examine my pool of players for tournaments for a moment, you may first notice that its not long. There are 6 players to get a 9 man roster including a pitcher on my fanduel slate, since that’s what we are currently optimizing for.

You may also notice there are 3 Rockies in my potential lineup and 3 one off’s as we say in dfs from STL, NYY, and SF.

Here is my video breakdown for the slate on fanduel as well.

Unless you are very new to dfs, you will have heard about stacking. With the expected outcome of a team helping each other to score points, with runs batted in for baseball we ideally would like a 3 or even a 4 man stack in the heart of a good batting order vs. a weak pitcher.

What I did here was pick on the weakest pitchers the slate has to offer. I then decifered what was the pitcher’s weakest handedness to pick in whether that be lefty, right, switch, or a combination of 2 out of 3.

Then in sort of a dream scenario for Thurseday we have these players to attack those pitchers as far as OPS or Ability to both get on base and hit for power combined.

You can notice then that all of these players are at least a positive +19% increase in that particular sabermetric. This stat alone increases the batters chances dramatically to get on base and/or hit a home run or two.

I really hope this helps for a stress free and fun opening day for you.


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