NPB League DFS Baseball Picks for today 7/12/20

5:00 am Start time today: Pitcher Rankings

  1. Yoshinobu Yamamoto Orix Buffalos 21y old R: 13.5K At this price and with this offense he better be one of the best 3.5 SO/BB ratio with 1.97 ERA. Was worth the price last time out scoring 40 FP from 8 IP, 10K’s and a win. Faxing Lot Marines who have a 7-1 record (13 runs past 3) Proj. IP/SO/Pts/Value 7/4/26/$519
  2. Kodai Umetsu Chunichi Dragons 23 yr old R 10.4k down from 11K: A RP in 1 yr of action with a 3.76 SO/BB ratio and 8.8 SO/9, Get over 100 pitches a game with good GB pitching.. Proj. IP/SO/Pts/Value 6/5/18.75/$554 value
  3. Kaito Yoza 24 yr R TOK Lions 9K up from 7.4K pitched 5 innings with 5 SOs last yr Has since pitched 5 or 6 inning with up to 5 SO. Proj.IP/SO/Pts/Value 6/4/13.5/$666
  4. SHUTA ISHIKAWA Fuk Soft Hawks #29 RP 9.5K up from $7,500 FUK@HOK Throws: R: Was a good SP in 18′ with 13 wins and 3.4 ERA. IP/SO Prop: 6/5 Proj. 14 $678
  5. Atsushi Endoh HIR Carp: Righty 6.9K Cliff Drop from 8.9K IP/SO: 5/4 Proj. 5  = $1380 value. Attack spot giving up Fly Balls. Was correct about the IP/SO last time. A clear attack spot
  6. Ryota Ishibashi Toh Rak Golden Eagles 29yr old L. TOH Golden Eagles Back up to 8.3K after being 7.5K A RP given up 1.4 HR/9 last yr. Gave up 4 runs off 8 hits 1st game out in 4 IP only giving u 1.4 FP. 2nd game gave up 2 HR. For 9.7K Proj. IP/SO/Pts/Value 5/3/5/$1660 Attack for GPP and Cash. 
  7. RYUSEI KAWANO Hok Fighters #28 RP $8,700 Throws: L: All we knew about Kawano was that he allowed 4 hits into 4 runs in 5 IP and 1 SOs which went for -0.2 FP. Worth attacking any day of week. Has upside of IP/SO 5/4 however don’t expect Proj. 3 $2900 value
  8. JOSE A. FLORES Chi Marines #86 RP $7,300 SAI@CHI Throws: R: 4.11 Career ERA in minors, however was consistently bad vs. lefties in AAA. Been around a while.

Cash Stacks: TOH Golden Eagles,

GPP: Lot Marines, Seibu Lions, Dragons, YAK Swallows

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  1. Well! It is a good thing that everything is back to normal and the games can resume back. I am a big fan boy of baseball and seeing your pucks here could really help in guiding me towards making my decisions too concerning my picks. Well! This is a good one and thanks for sharing here. 

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