NHL Fantasy Rankings for Cash Games 3/12/19

If you’re looking for NHL fantasy rankings this is where you’ll find it., but here are the cash game plays today for 3/12/19 on the main nhl dfs sites of fanduel and draftkings.

Per the video here, there are optimal plays to be had on todays NHL slate:


Here are the top plays per position updated, as not shown on the video on DraftDashboard below. Also here is the NHL Schedule link for your convienence.

NHL Tools Today for 3/12/19

Here are the links to the tools used today, used to gather your nhl fantasy pool for today.

Get the DraftDashboard here for the minutes breakdown and NHL fantasy optimizer

Get the DFS Army Research Station and other tools along with the Slack Chat offering dfs coaches here. 


NHL Fantasy Rankings centers


NHL Fantasy Rankings 3/12/19


NHL Fantasy Rankings cash games

NHL Fantasy Rankings


NHL Fantasy Rankings

4 thoughts on “NHL Fantasy Rankings for Cash Games 3/12/19”

  1. I believe this site is for aficionados of NHL fantasy games. I landed on your nhl-fantasy-rankings-for-cash-games-3-12-19/ which is a confusing for a neophyte. I know that in your “About My Site” page you make a very kind offer that we can email you if we need further assistance, but I just wonder if you aren’t missing a trick here with a “For Beginners” page (or even section) as I’m sure that I for one would find that of great interest. Of course, you know best what type of visitor you are attempting to attract, but I’d have thought a Beginners’ section could keep the attention of even a casual visitor.

    Anyway, you’ve piqued my interest now, so if you develop such a section, please contact me! Cheers.

    1. Sure Tayo, I will definitely have to work that into my plans soon. I just added the daily MLB menu as well. I don’t see why not. 

  2. NHL is my favorite sport to watch. This is my first year in a fantasy league. I do not currently have the Draft Dashboard but looking at these screenshots, it seems like an incredible program.I’m definitely going to check it out. It looks really easy to use and seems like the best way to track my rankings. Is the Optimizer easy to use?

    1. hEY Eric, yes very easy. Its the easiest to use to assess your lineups daily in any sport as the data is always updated early in the morning waking hours. 

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