NHL Fantasy Hockey Rankings Today: 2/7/19 for Beginners

Good Morning/Afternoon everyone, Today I want to make sure beginners and newbies get this one. So instead of going over the NBA, the NHL is actually much easier to understand from a game and lineup setting perspective, even though you may understand basketball better.

Why NHL Fantasy Hockey has been great for me as a busy person compared to NBA fantasy basketball.

NHL fantasy hockey has been even more successful as a fantasy sport for me personally because I don’t have to be around my computer for every single lineup adjustment and game time decision on nba players during the day, especially leading up the the usual 7-7:30pm tippoff. This way I can be with my family or running errands. This is because as explained per the video, they have morning skates, so you know what the team is setting up for on their deployment for the night. so basically, set it and forget it by the afternoon lunch hour. 

Want to know more about fantasy NHL or NBA?

For a breakdown of how to get a newbie crash course, being taken to school look through the January archives to the Right of this blog roll to get see see things that beginners need to know such as bankroll management or how to not waste any money, how to use set lineups in the NBA, and how to use a fantasy sports Optimizer.

Here’s also a great way to see line combos of skaters and their correlation together. Correlation is important when setting final lineups as explained in this article, fantasy football analytics projections and how to correlate.

This sheet within the research station shows you very easily how their statistics line up together to correlate on the corresponding lines, as explained in the video for skaters.

NHL Fantasy Hockey Rankings Today
Click on the sheet for a trial of where to get the Research Station.

This Cash game list will updated by around 4:15 pm as it is a larger NHL slate today, with the rankings, that I come up with, using advanced tools and metrics from all sites that I use daily. Very recommended that I am giving away my top list for free today, as it usually hits in positive cash.

For Goalies, check for vegas lines and try to be sure the Goalie will get the win, with as many saves as possible. A bit more advanced but I will recommend at least 2 today for you.

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