NHL Fantasy Hockey Rankings for Beginners on 2/14/19

To get you all your nhl fantasy hockey rankings for beginners breakdown for today’s full thursday. I should have the video overview ready for you by the time you read this post.

NHL Hockey Beginner Tips

As a beginner to the game of fantasy hockey, you will have to keep in mind there are skaters that are set to skate together. This lineup is set daily with the team. Once you have that set, you can got ahead and stack the amount of players that the site allows. This is usually up to 4 per draftkings and or fanduel’s allocated salary. On fanduel for example, you get 60k in salary per your contest, so you have to fit the corresponding site you are playing on. You can get started and draftkings.com or fanduel.com. You of course can choose which one you want to play on or both.

Setting your goalies is very important. The simplest way to ensure you goalie is at least decent is to try and select goalies who are projected to win, determined by vegas lines for best results. Also try to make sure the goalie is playing at home, as most do play better on home ice.

Lastly, to prep a beginner, make sure the player you choose perhaps from at least a decent team, is getting consistent minutes on ice, and getting a decent Points per game average, which will show on the site. You check the domographics positioning of a player best at LeftWingLock.com

To play in cash games you MUST have consistent players, to offset your money spent on contests of 100 or more players, since this cash is easily lost to the highest percentage of winners, in the 10-20% range of best scores. I hope that at least touches all the bases of the basics for beginners. Remember to learn about as much of the game, perhaps by watching as you can. IF any questions feel free to ask in the comments below.

NHL Fantasy Hockey Rankings
An Easy way to find Studs and Sleepers for your lineups, as highlighted

NHL Cash game Rankings

For even more on Tournament Breakdown take a look at my results from my January Result which provided over 400X value based off of a small $0.25 tournament entry, and how you can mirror image that result here:

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