NHL Fantasy Hockey Pool for Today 2/9/19

For my NHL fantasy hockey pool for today I want to focus on making it very easy for you to test out 2 slates today found on fanduel and draftkings. I will be playing on both. With this pool you’ll be able to plug and play for free to test or put a few dollars on to test as much as possible. Here’s what I did the night before for a little extra preparation and breakdown.

You can get the main tool I use here, the Draftdashboard.

This is used for Draftkings, or Fanduel, of which you can get free deposit to your own account by registering with the blue logo to the right. They should match the amount that you decide to deposit there. Let me know how it goes, as feedback is much appreciated.

NHL Fantasy Hockey Pools for Today

Here is an updated view of the top plays on the all-day slate for today on fanduel:

NHL Fantasy Hockey Pool for Today 2/9/19

We are deep into the NHL and NBA seasons so I am using this platform for ultimate performance in teaching you how to make cash in fantasy lineups daily in all sports, besides football. The NFL season is over, but the DFS season never ends… For a great example of Cash game plays for NBA see my Post from Tuesday for a successful day in DFS.

NHL Pool Early Slate 1pm Start

Updates are coming for the 7pm main slate later in the day by 5:30pm. Just refresh the screen, and use the pools of players to update for the time you are playing for today in NHL

NHL Pool Main Slate 7pm Start

Any comments Hockey Fans?

8 thoughts on “NHL Fantasy Hockey Pool for Today 2/9/19”

  1. This is pure cool. I have been a fantasy league fans since i have been adult that knows about sport. I have been playing Fantasy premier league in UK for decades now in which it has been absolutely fun. But I haen’t heard about NHL fantasy Hockey league until reading this post. It’s high time i expand my fun to the NHL too

    1. Huhinde, it appears I am getting alot of people now from the UK. This is fantasstic, yest press onto other sports, as this is american/canadian. 

  2. AM not  a lover of sport that much so am not too conversant with all this but when i saw that cash is involved 

    i might just want to try to venture into it to get some cash because i need a lot of  cash to foot my bills .

    i just hope and pray this will work out successfully.

    1. Well, Oluwakay, you may love it after a while. Maybe not at first, it could be cumbersome and frustrating, but the rewards paying off nicely many days. 

  3. This is the first time am hearing of these “fanduel” and “draftkings”. I must confess, i am a novice when it comes to this type of sport (Hockey). I know next to nothing. But your post has given me some knowledge about it and this i really appreciate. Am more familiar with pools on football. Please could you later on make an article that will educate people like me more on Hockey and especially how to make a success in NHL Fantasy Hockey pool.

  4. This is an awesome and incredible post for hockey loversI would say its an eye opener for men that really cherish sportsI love the way you outlined the use of draftdashboard and draftking. I have been following your blog lately  because of your wonderful post and i need to tell you this particular post is not exceptional. Thanks for sharing with us. it is well appreciated 

    1. Hey Obioye, thanks for letting me know this particular one was not exceptional for you. I am updating now to make it better. thanks for the honest feedback. 

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