NHL Fantasy Hockey, Football: 6 Figure Earner’s Spare Time

How you ever wondered How to Create Daily Winning/Earnings in Daily Fantasy Contests such as NHL Fantasy Hockey, or of course, more popular, Football? It can be done in any Sport, following the simple strategies.

There is of course more to reveal, after having watched that piece.

With a little more background info on this, the video was shown on facebook with only a limited number of views, being 7,000+ and left at that. The little known strategy does have proven backing to it, however there are elements missing to be able to successfully surpass that “learning curve,” needed to successfully navigate beyond hockey. No further info has been provided by Roger on this subject, as he is no longer posting on facebook, for whatever number of reasons..

I you want to just play for fun prizes and rewards instead of actually spending any money at all? Take a look at the FireFan App:

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NHL Fantasy Hockey

I personally will reveal, later on this weekend on this blog, how I go about using the strategy in basketball, since this is the hot sport as well for this time of year, providing results from the week, having never really done so, myself using the most direct tools for success that can be used in any of the major sports including NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL.

This of course, means that your season never ends in flipping the amount of money that you can afford to invest into these proven methods for building a bankroll on the site that pays instantly, as well as DraftKings, and FantasyDraft. There are other sites, but we’ll keep this post and others more easily applicable in terms of fantasy evaluations.

Here are some quick General Fantasy Sports Tips to Prep any Beginners:

  1. Do research for any game:

Making sure to know what type of game you are getting into, knowing the vegas lines, used for gambling is very important in fantasy sports. They know what they are doing.

2. Never enter into any cash contest on a whim

Be sure to take the time to learn the curve, and get into cash games when you are actually ready. If not, at least use an optimizer tool that is easy to use: Optimizer Tool Ready

3. Bankroll Diversification

Just like in stock diversification, let only %10-15 of your bankroll asset be potentially sacrificed. make sure you also vary your lineups if entering many of the same sport on a particular day, to ensure a bad game by a team, or individual players does not kill your chances.

Let’s go ahead and discuss any angle of this video that you want, if you have any questions feel free, for open discussion as  long as they are not general comments on my website, as those will not be published just to mention.

Reason, being is my focus is on Fantasy Football and other sports, not on getting my web site perfect.

Just to also note, this weekend’s post will also reveal the top plays for the Fantasy Football World for your lineups, per the Fantasy Football Overall Theme in season long or daily contests.

4 thoughts on “NHL Fantasy Hockey, Football: 6 Figure Earner’s Spare Time”

  1. Amazing! I did not do fantasy football or hockey this year, but I did do baseball for the first time. It is true, do your research! I am a basketball player, not a baseball player, but I learned who was a steal and who was consistent. Therefore, at the end of the season, I won! Now I’m probably not going to put cash into fantasy football, but if I am, I would be ready. Thank you for sharing this information!

    1. excellent. Same here with football. Kind of like learning a new language but once u learn the first on the rest becomes easy! Love the energy

  2. I have never played Fantasy Football before and honestly do not even know where to start. Major thanks for the article/ I would definitely like to try Fantasy Football and get into the finer details of it. IS there any place where I can start? Maybe an article or overall picture? I would definitely like to try it out.

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