NHL DFS Hockey Picks Today 8/14/20

Love or at least like Hockey. How about NHL DFS Hockey on Fanduel today? DFS is daily fantasy sports for anyone not sure about that.

Ok, so keeping all of the picks together for Pandemic play here are the NHL DFS Hockey picks for fanduel  I will attempt to have each slate out early the night before since these start early in the afternoon.

8/11/20 picks pending until 2pm lock for Draftkings 2:30 main lock excitement! Then watching the games over at NHL.com

Note for today: Playoff games only as these teams are all playing for the cup with really no home field advantage.









We will confirm another or better goalie later in the day.

Going with Talbot unless their plans change for some reason. Here is another option only if he actually plays from previous day’s notes.


Multi CAT and Stacks guys:

Marchand, Pasternak

Kurchurov, Stamkos, Hedmon

Kane with Kubalik?

Ovechkin, Carlson, Backstrom

McKinnon, Rantanaan



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