NHL DFS GPP Strategy; Fanduel 1st Place Mirror Image Breakdown

When targeting players for your GPP winning NHL DFS strategy for today, you’ll want your lineups to be based off these helpful tips to get the stacked picks you want. Here is the video breakdown to start with.

In harmony with my last article NFL is still covered this season with my “How to Win in DFS Football 800k Contestthis is from my own recent 1st place Large Tournament Result

As this video goes over there are 4 things you want to be choosy about when you make lineups, in giving yourself the best and most consistent chances of winning tournaments. When I say “most consistent chances of winning tournaments,” that indicates that not every tournament will be very high scoring as there is a ton of risk involved in these types of player picks. But when just one of these multiple lineups goes off, you could have yourself in the 5k winning range, based on a one contest calculated entry. Leave room for risk and loss with these lineups.

  1. Hit on high over/under and implied team total plays.

This way you can get yourself the bettor’s angle on games that are likely to score high. These are pretty obvious teams you can use, just make sure to check sports books in general.

  1. Think about line combinations you want to use.

There is no particular right or wrong answer as to how exactly to stack on hockey. It could be using all starting 3 forwards with a defenseman. It could be a double stack of the same, or it could be any combination of 3 + 3 with forwards or defensemen. You can find the most updated line combinations at LeftWingLock.com

  1. Power Play Bonuses

Your power play stacking performance is of course different than the 1st, and 2nd starting lines. They will be different combinations which give you bonus points and creat quite a few goals on top of regular goals as this usually works to give more goals to a team that gives up penalties.

  1. Goalies with high upside potential.

Usualy you can’t get the most expensive goalie, but its not a bad idea if you can afford one.

Remember to check the spreadsheets, for best correlation on the starting lines and power play lines for best stacking value on any slate such as the line combo projection spreadsheet shown below with easy to read color codes, green being good and red being bad for the team’s line. This is part of the dfs research station in the DFS NHL section.

NHL DFS GPP Strategy
Get the NHL spreadsheets by clicking on the photo at DFS Army.

That will cover all the basics. Keep it fairly simple as it is not that complicated. Any questions on how to make cash in NHL Daily fantasy?

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  1. Hi Andy,

    This is a great post about NHL DFS GPP Strategy. Step by Step guideline and helpful tips of the dfs research station in the DFS NHL section will give an opportunity to predict winning situation. And spreadsheet is excellent idea for this. I believe many people will find their strategy after reading this article. Thanks for sharing this informative article with us.

  2. Hello! As someone who loves fantasy sports, it’s cool that you provide such a breakdown. The information is sure to be helpful. As someone who has been hesitant to join any money, leagues, what is your recommendation for getting started and who to get started with? Are there any sites that one should avoid and any that are can’t-miss? Thanks for the help!

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