NFL Week 9 Fantasy Football Player Matchups

To Start off with this weeks Week 9 Matchups in Fantasy Football, let’s take a look at the Winning Lineups for DraftKings and Fanduel: Near Perfect Lineups Also See the Fantasy Football Matchup Analyzer for more.

Fantasy football player matchups

As we can see, here the Lineup of course entails The Stack of the Texans. This however does not happen most weeks.

DraftKIngs Perfect lineup

The same here, with Draftkings, as the unstoppable lineups has Paul Richardson and L. McCoy on Flex, not shown.

As with my weekly analysis of these matchups, here is the Draft Anaylizer showing some of the better matchups of the week, with no real surprises.

Click on the Image Below to access to the same Analyzer.


NFL Week 9 Matchups

As we can see here, the Texans are at the top this week, so obviously that will change and make it a very interesting week in fantasy football going forward, as we no longer have the star QB in place, maybe Kaepernick will come into the picture later on..

Here are the top Updated player rankings beyond this particular Analyzer rankings given the current cirsumstances.

Here are my favorite plays so far this week:


  1. Russell Wilson is the top play here this week, replacing Watson. Expect high ownership this week, but his upside in tournaments in particular is great.
  2. D. Brees Gets a definite nod this week in conservative cash games, no need to reach, and price is fair for him.


  1. Todd Gurley or L. McCoy
  2. A. Kamara

The reason I list like so is because McCoy is actually the best value in many formats, although Gruley is the best play but at a higher price. Kamara will work well as your # 2 RB in any format as well.


  1. Mike Evans
  2. Michael Thomas
  3. Ted Ginn

These will round out your standard or PPR lineups in the best valued order.

Hope you have a great winning weekend. and don’t forget to enter the Matchup Games on the App and Socialize a Bit while following along live, and competing for special prices. Many games available such as this one:

Just click on the picture below to learn more

football game app



4 thoughts on “NFL Week 9 Fantasy Football Player Matchups”

  1. Interesting picks. I don’t understand why the Texans would be particularly good picks. Is it just because they are playing a really bad team? If that is the case, would it not be better to go with the Rams? This is the part of fantasy football that I really don’t understand.

  2. week 9 was a killer for me! spent my last .25 cents lol. In the past I always roll with brees this year I am all over the board. here is what im thinking for week 11
    qb breezy or smith
    rb Doug martin
    rb hunt
    wr Hogan
    wr Crabtree
    flex ertz
    te engram
    what are your thoughts?

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