NFL Training Camps: Impact On Fantasy Football Teams

Before we get into NFL Training Camps related to Fantasy Football Teams; What was the #1 Worst Motivational Speech Ever Given? It was by Coach Bulldog Turner before the final game in the history of the New York Titans.

The year was 1962, and this ill-fated team was playing in the now-extinct American Football League (AFL) when the coach gave this “motivational talk”: “There won’t be any New York Titans next year, so most of you are playing in your last pro game. Most of you aren’t good enough to play anywhere else.” LOL! This is a great way to end the season. NFL Training Camps

Don’t end your season like this, stay motivated, and enjoy your Fantasy Football Rollor-coaster ride like no other year in camp.

Ok here we go as you can check back, if the subjuct ever even comes up again, but as I LOVE TO DO with these posts I will provide the ULTIMATE SPORTS Ranking for you in terms of the Best,, and Numbers 1-10 on the Pivots of what will impact Your Fantasy Seasons the Most Starting with and EVEN TAKING IT BACK to MINI Camp and thru the Training camp leading up to every team’s pre-season opener: Fantasy football teams

This is not meant to be a typical TOP 10 List, Rather, a Breakdown, or Food for Thought on the BIG QUESTIONS that will matter most and what you must decide on as a Fantasy Football Owner of your Team:  Here they are::

10. Andrew Luck Not Playing in Pre-Season

This is obviously not the biggest news here, so that’s why its ranked #10 in your Fantasy football impactfullness. So while Luck is not ready to play any time soon, will this have any long term, or residual effects on the 2017 season? Better be watching the unravel for the sake of any fantasy player you pick up for 2017. This Great impacts his overall ADP so far.

9. Who Will Be the Cleveland Browns Staring QB

While this does not seem like something that will matter to you, but while at the start, Kody Kessler was the Starting QB at he start of mini camp, it was a certified FACT last year, that A RECORD 4 Quarterbacks did make it into the top 10 QB in fantasy for the week last year. That long list includes RGIII, Kessler, Kevin Hogan, and Josh McCown. Does this carry over into 2017? Well, the Browns of course, hope to run the ball better, but the fundamentals of the game state: When playing from behind, the passing game will take over. DeShone Kizer and Brock Osweiler are added in 2017.

8. The Washington Redskins may have Best Fantasy Defense in 2017

Yes, keep a keen eye on this as well this coming year as the Redskins set the pace for the Free Agency Market in 2017, as Fantasy Defense does MAKE A LARGE IMPACT on Fantasy Football, and with key additions along the defensive line, DeAngelo Hall taking a pay cut to stay on a a nickel back, and with the NFL’s #1 Corner, the Skins have a formidable Defense.

See my Fantasy Football Team Rankings for D/ST

7. The Redskins Offense in Transition:

I also believe that IF you are drafting any Redskins RB AND IF you can handle the week to week change of RB status in the NFL at this level of Fantasy football, that is if you do not draft high enough to take one of the Future HALL OF FAMERS I will discuss next. Your Management of offensive backfields such as the Redskins AND, the COUSINS non-signing including the integration of T. Pryor, and J. Doctson into the Offense, which I believe will not hurt but Help Cousins, in his consistency for 2017 will make these combinations one of the Best in the NFL.

6. Which RB will you choose if you have the #1 Pick?

For this one, let’s consider for a moment, which HOF RB would you rather have in his prime? LaDanian Tomlinson, Terrel Davis, or Marshall Faulk? There are all good right? But which is better for fantasy. Well, I would say either Tomlinson or Faulk would be fine. Both players set the standard for running and Receptions in the NFL and Fantasy . So who measures up best in fantasy today? So far, L. Bell, while Johnson and Elliott have to gain and prove more consistency for better value.

5. How will the Cardinals Do When Carson Palmer Gets Hurt?

As we have seen, after the first pre-season scrimmage Blaine Gabbert is a capable backup. So as Carson Palmer ages, and we hope if you end up taking him whether in season long or even a sneaky type of daily fantasy start, who will be the backup and will Drew Stanton or Gabbert be capable to save you a lot of Cash in Tournaments, or just hold you a spot in season long leagues to get you a win. REMEMBER, scrappy working Fantasy Football Managers WIN games in the trenches, with players that save money or original draft picks, being undrafted, used to win Leagues. Even though DraftDashboard my not pick up the backups’ in their algorithm, you can bet your fundamentals WILL CARRY YOU FAR to IMPACT your team.

4. Will the Dolphins Find a Guy?

With Ryan Tannehill currently trying to get a positive 2nd opinion on his injury, someone may very well have to take over for a while. An while I’m NOT SURE if Tannehill is the franchise, other guys here have an opportunity. That’s all you need in the NFL. One chance to show who you are and what you can accomplish. Matt Moore, Jay Cutler, or Colin Kaepernick? Who might that be? Sleeper Central

3. Will T. Brady find his #1 Receiver?

With Gronk really just HARD TO RELY on, in terms of the best receiver among all positions as training camp all these guys banged up except for Brandon Cooks. IS COOKS the guy, or perhaps the sleeper of the year, or the most improved Fantasy Receiver of the year. A lot of people are expecting a lot of him this year, and he could be in the best position of this trio of pass catchers, including Julian Edelman.

2. Will these RB’s Out, get their JOB BACK?

With teams like the Buccs and the Ravens having their staring RB’s out for a while, will they get their job back? That’s what training camp is about but with these guys not here, because of suspensions and injuries, or combination of both as with the case of Dixon, interestingly, this will impact the Ravens staring RB spot for the rest of the year. At least with Flacco in there to start week one, they can have their passing game in place. As for the Buccs, they seem to have a pair of RBs in there at least until Doug Martin can return, with J. Rogers, and C. Sims trying to make up for the loss.

  1. Who will be the fourth Bell Cow at Fantasy RB?

    So who will be THE guy in fantasy either behind or joining Bell, Johnson, and Elliott as the best, or closest to workhorses on the year? Will it be Melvin Gordon, Leshawn Mccoy, Todd Gurley, or Devonte Freeman? Well, I didn’t want to put this guy ahead, as shown in my rankings above on the menu but Todd Gurley could be the guy to recover from the sophmore slump and return to 2015 form, Glorifying the Fantasy Stud through an improved, offense with better coaching, and a nice OT in Andrew Witworth coming over to block for Gurley. He is healthy and ready to Return.

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  1. Wow, you are the most knowledgeable guy I’ve ever seen or read on fantasy football. Don’t get too excited as I’ve never read about fantasy football until just now.
    All kidding aside, I enjoyed your blog and I am just starting so you know much more than I do about blogging.
    I might make one suggestion though that may keep people more interested. Put a picture by each team mentioned or at least a few pictures of players or logos.
    Just saying!
    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hello,
    Just checked out your site and my opinion is you are quite knowledgeable in terms to your content. I like your quirky opinions on down-falling RBs, quite amusing. I happen to play DFS and would probably use some of your information, although I don’t play year-round fantasy.
    Overall, you have yourself a good informative site. Have a great day!

    1. Thanks for the positive feedback Darren, There are many exciting strategies to use in terms of Daily, so keep finding the one that works best for you.

  3. I love playing fantasy, but honestly I haven’t done nearly enough research this year. Oops. But thank you for this! This honestly got me up to date a little bit, and gave me some knowledge I didn’t know before. Number 6 probably gave me the most info, because like I said I have not kept up to date like I normally do.

    1. Cool Michael, I feel there is a lot of growth opportunity here as a business, I the upside it brings is a great thing right now.

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