NFL Top Plays for Draftkings Showdown Strategy Breakdown

This week in NFL fantasy football daily play i am bringing you my NFL top plays in draftkings showdown strategy for each game.

I firmly believe this will help you not only in single game showdowns but on the main slate of nfl fantasy football.

What is the a Draftkings Showdown?

The draftkings daily fantasy sports site allows for users to play in a 2-100,000s of person contest to win cash depending on a single game of choices between only 6 players of your choice to fit under the assigned salary restriction. Here’s an example of one of our members of discord hitting a nice 1st place shared finish in MLB.

Top NFL Plays Draftkings Showdown Strategy

So that’s all it takes. Sounds random right? Well not if your watching the players, teams, stats, and game scripts along with injuries and COVID status’s this eliminates quite a few people from cashing in on the field of play.

Here’s a sample of what to expect on an evaluation of a typical showdown slate.

Very Important on Showdown Slates. Who to take as Captain?

We will have to sort out captain and flex spots within our WFF Discord Chat.

Week 13 Slate of Showdowns

Det @ Chi.

O/U 44  -3 Chi. 
This showdown game is pretty clear on who to play in this game.
If D’Andre Swift is out I would definitely consider running Kerryon Johnson for his value price on DK as opposed to AP, even though he’s running hard too. In any case probably not good for captiain. We’ll see on sunday.
Top Picks with Att/Rec, Yards, and TD Projections. 
Allen Robinson 6.2 84 0.47 A Floor that is better then their running back w/7 target/gm
Mitchell Trubisky 22/36 245 1.70 Don’t care what they say about him. Gets Rush yds.


O/U 42 -11.5 Mia.
Who knows who the RB is gonna be. Thats s risky play but high reward in gpp.
Ryan Fitzpatrick 18/27 213 1.70 Great flr and ceiling play.
Tee Higgins 4.0 58 0.33  appears to be the guy who’s not downgraded due to QB.
You may also want to pair Fitz with D. Parker. Jason Sanders at kicker is also a can’t miss play at kicker.

Ind. @ Hou

O/U 51 +3 Hou.
Per my video there are a lot of directions to go. What I will tell you is that the first guy here should bring the most value of any slate. Also the price is too high for Wilkins or Taylor IF he plays. It would then be a 3 back system anyway. Only for GPP.
Isaiah Coulter 1.8 30 0.13
Deshaun Watson 23/32 274 1.70
Philip Rivers 24/34 271 1.70
Brandin Cooks 5.5 86 0.36

Jax @ Minn

O/U 52 -9.5 Minn.
Cook is worth the price. Pay all the way up at least on the showdown in a good matchup.
You could also easily go with either Thieln or Justin Jefferson.
Dalvin Cook 19.7 101 1.20
Kirk Cousins 21/29 271 2.20
James Robinson 17.6 79 0.49


O/U 47 +7.5 NYJ
This is one of those spots where you want to make sure you go kicker. Daniel Carlson
Josh Jacobs 16.9 60 0.73
Darren Waller 6.7 62 0.48
Denzel Mims 3.7 59 0.20
Derek Carr 24/32 263 1.90

NO @ Atl

O/U 46 +3 Atl.
Everyone is going to play Hill especially on the main slate. I would also play Ryan with Ridley if you can depending on a cheaper captain and use the Falcons DST. Koo is also a good kicker for the saving you’ll need.
Calvin Ridley 5.0 67 0.63
Matt Ryan 24/39 269 1.50
Taysom Hill 19/26 199 1.50
ATL DST 1.24 0.86 0.83

Cleve @ Tenn

O/U 54 -5.5 Tenn.
There is some value in secondary receivers for the Browns in this game in terms of value with DvP. Look to whether J. Smith will miss a game allowing for Fisker the backup to get targets at TE.
Derrick Henry 21.4 109 0.90
A.J. Brown 4.4 70 0.72
Ryan Tannehill 19/28 228

NYG @ Sea

O/U 48 -10 Sea.
For this game I would use either D. Jones (if playing) or Shipard on the NYG side along with Gallman. Other then that mostly Hawks with this spread.
Russell Wilson 26/35 310 2.50
Chris Carson 10.8 47 0.51
DK Metcalf 5.5 101 0.75 18.4 0.12 14.5
Tyler Lockett 6.3 80 0.67 12.7 0.07 12.1


O/U 48.5 +3 Ari.
The big question here is whether K. Murray can bounce back vs. a tough Defense. If so he’s overwhelmingly worth it. DeAndre Hopkins is also a fine replacement play still.
Jared Goff 26/38 280 1.60
Cooper Kupp 6.2 71 0.35
Robert Woods 6.0 68 0.39

Phil @ GB

O/U 47 -9.5 GB
With Wentz under a lot of heat, they are still not giving any more snaps to the backup. Its a spot that a lot of people will not go to be here on any of the slates. You also must get both Adams and Rogers in the same lineup to be successful in cash. Everyone else is diffficult to trust right now other then GB’s TE. Its also now a split backfield in GB.
Aaron Rodgers 24/35 289 2.50
Davante Adams 7.5 91 0.89


O/U 47 PK
You have to get Cam in your lines as the best value. The only thing is he has in injury that may not allow him to run as much. Maybe he can get the ball to his options. Ekeler also in play as he may be good chalky.
Cam Newton 20/30 204 1.40
Justin Herbert 26/38 307 1.80
Keenan Allen 7.4 84 0.51


O/U 51 -14
This is not out on DK as of writing this however obviously we want as many KC guys in the lineup as we can get. Denver’s QB is back so we’ll see if his value is worth it for cash.

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