NFL Offseason Schedule: Combine, Free Agents, 2017 Important Dates

Taking into consideration the NFL Offseason Schedule is a Large task. With considerations of team needs for every team at every position it takes a lot of time to prepare a roster out for the upcoming 2017 sesason.

First NFL Offseason date: Feb. 28th

It would seem the first kickoff to me, for the enjoyment of the 2017 NFL season is the starting of evaluation of NFL rookies. Very valuable information for fantasy off-season players to sink their teeth into.

nfl off season schedule

Did you know: This date gives a preview of RB’s OL, Kickers, & special teams

So that you officially know, if kickers are of any relevancy to your team, you never know what you could find here, if you care about kickers at all.

The rest of the 2017 NFL Combine Schedule

We next have the rest of the combine scheduled lineup which of course, can be seen on NFL network:

March 1st: QB’s, WR’s, TE’s

March 2nd: DL, LB’s

March 3rd: DB’s along with workouts for Day 1 Players

March 4th: Day 2 Player workouts

March 5th: Day 3 Player workouts

March 6th: Day 4 Player workouts

Next: Free Agency Period: March 9

At 4 pm ET is the launch date for this frenzy of activity for these free agents to begin making their mark, with this year having an interesting batch of QB’s who are looking for starting homes, where they can once again or continue to lead other teams to a promised land, with another chance. The first few hours as well as the next several days make many football players wealthy and fantasy football players ready to start their season with the new teams of their prospective owners.

Next: April 27th: The Draft

Fantasy football draft

The NFL draft 3 day event will have a ton of talented players at the skilled positions, including RB, WR, and TE. As for QB the debate is out, as there is no clear cut first year starter in this draft, which usually sets any Prospective Fantasy QB back another year, so its best to wait in deep or franchise leagues to wait and see according to the playing time they receive in the rookie year to try and guess what kind of value they will have for the coming sophomore year.

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28 thoughts on “NFL Offseason Schedule: Combine, Free Agents, 2017 Important Dates”

  1. I enjoyed your site a lot. I love the fantasy football league and have been playing it for a few years now. I wish i would have played for real money i went 16-1 last season lol. Please let me know when you post something new. Loved it. web page is nicely laid out and easy to navigate good job.

  2. Andrew, thanks for the heads up. This stuff always sneaks up on me and I don’t realize it’s going on until after it’s almost over. I really like the fact that the NFL spreads this stuff out a little bit so you get little drops of fun throughout the off-season to kind of keep your appetite wet for the fall.

    I love watching the first few rounds of the NFL draft. You have any favorites for the first couple of picks this year? It seems like there are a few offensive guys out there but by and large it’s defense, defense, defense to start out the first round.

    1. Well this Leonard Fornette has a lot of big potential. Lebron James type. Crazy comparison but I kinda see it. That position can easily transfer to the NFL

  3. Off season is the worst!! But, you’ve supplied a great list of dates to look forward to. I will have to refer my husband to this site. It’s the little events like this that keep us holding on until it all begins again. May the next 6 months go by quickly! Thanks for sharing this information.

  4. Hi! I’m a big football fan and I’m really into this year’s draft. I think the draft is deep and the second round could produce a lot of pro bowler. I don’t play fantasy football a lot but I really learned a lot after reading your article. By the way, what’s your favorite team? And do you think Cleveland Brown will pick the Watson?

    1. Funny you mention, I am a browns fan and am glad to have moved on from Manziel, so whatever QB they can manage to grab, hopefully not regretably

  5. Helpful information. The Superbowl was crazy good this year and can’t wait to see what moves teams make to better their team. I have my own fantasy football team and i’m always looking for the edge to get the upper-hand on my opponents. I’m a fan of all sports but football has to be my favorite of them all, i’m always reading up on the latest stats and rumor reports.

  6. Great post! I am a huge fan of all fantasy sports, but I do find NFL to be the most exciting. It must be the short season and players only getting in one game a week that does it. I have to admit, I do not do much research during the off-season but it is not a bad idea. Especially for rookies coming in and having an immediate impact (re. Ezekiel Elliot last season). Maybe I’ll start that this year!

  7. I am looking forward to the draft to see were every one ends up so that I can start my Fantasy football draft planning. This time of year is always fun speculating which teams will be taking what player. The Browns are picking number one this year. History has shown they do not draft well. Maybe they can turn that around this year.

  8. Thanks for this information. The NFL has certainly become a year round sport. As a patriots fan, I’m curious what they are going to do in the draft. It seems typically they like the “value” players after the 1st round. Who do you think will be the top overall pick this year?

  9. Thanks for this information. The NFL has certainly become a year round sport. As a patriots fan, I’m curious what they are going to do in the draft. It seems typically they like the “value” players after the 1st round. Who do you think will be the top overall pick this year?

  10. Hey Andy, I really like the site. I love that you’re reviewing the NFL draft this year. The draft is always interesting because with it being so long, there is bound to be some great, Pro Bowl quality players that get drafted in the later rounds each year (look at Dak this year).
    I’m curious to see who the Browns draft with the 1st pick, & which quarterback goes first in the draft this year. I think Deshaun Watson is the obvious first pick, but I see a lot of analysts picking Mitch Trubisky from NC to go 1st. I’m curious to know what’s you opinion on this & who you think is better out of the 2 prospects?

    1. Yea, Andrew, I honestly have no favorites at this point, and go according to what I have honestly only seen in bowl and other games throughout the year so no there is no real QB favorite, especially not to go #1 overall. Thanks for the post

  11. Hello Andrew,

    Sounds like we have tons of dates to look at in the off-season in order to keep up on what people to take in fantasy football.

    What do you think is the most important date? Do you think the free agency date is huge or does the draft give us more opportunity to get a sleeper for our fantasy team?

    1. Wow, good question since the draft always provides potential for the future but free agents fill needs immeciately so I would have to go with the free agent model in fantasy football unless there are exceptions such as the big name RB’s in this draft

  12. The post was informative and got to the point. Not a lot of unnecessary information. It helped me easily read the important dates that were being emphasized. And I agree with you, I don’t see any rookie who can come in and make a huge fantasy impact this year. Hope to play in a league with you one day for some real competition! lol

  13. Football is one of my favorite sports and I like to read anything that has to do with it. Good content, well informative and just like you I keep up with the offseason because anything concerning football peaks my interest. I would like to see you even name some of the athletes and even mention some stats, just a tad bit more detail would make it stand out.

    1. Pastor Nick, thanks, glad you brought that out preacher, I have those details from what I observed basically in the books, look forward to others comments as well.

  14. I been watching some of the NFL combine this years.I really like some of the wide out and tight ends these guys are picking up and putting down,never really played fantasy sports maybe I need to start ! there is plenty of info here to start that’s for sure.

  15. I love the NFL draft. It has gotten so much hype in recent years. The NFL is pretty much dominating the sports landscape year-round. It is amazing how much coverage the combine gets as well. People seem to be infatuated with watching these guys run, lift, and jump!! Before we know it, teams will be reporting to training camp, and the season will be here soon. Go Cardinals!!

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