NFL Mock Draft: Impactful Fantasy Football Plays

As we get closer to the nfl draft, we have many scenarios to play out in the 2018 NFL draft. Let the excitement and anticipation begin for eyeing fantasy football plays for 2018 and rookies to make an immediate impact.

If interested in looking at my players for insight from last year check out the 2017 Combine review of players

Here they are in order of most mock drafts:

I am not including QB’s since these will be the guys most likely to be benched in their rookie season. Its way to risky to take a rookie qb at all in any standard or PPR fantasy football draft unless its a really deep league, and you just want to temporarily fill a roster spot for a potential of the likes of Deshaun Watson,.. hmm maybe Lamar Jackson?

  1. Saquon Barkley, RB. Penn State: This is obviously the consensus choice and if you want to take him in the first round of either type of league mentioned, go for it. Think of him as being as valuable as Zeke Elliott. Barkley had an even more so impressive Combine day so prepare to have him drafted early if you want to take the potential and comparative upside with all of his ball skills in running and receiving.
  2. Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama. Ridley plays bigger than what he is. I get a good feeling after watching the highlights that his floor is outstanding. He does everything you would need him to do, as he’ll continue to play in a pro style system like he did in Alabama, as they put out excellent WR’s in recent years. I am satisfied with taking Ridley early in fantasy drafts, but let’s hold on and see where he goes, perhaps starting in round 5.
  3. Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU. Although not having 4.4 range speed either, he excelled in other areas at the combine. What he shows on the field, is the ability and skills of a very balanced and controlled possession receiver, and fine redzone target. He has great control on the sidelines as well.
  4. Christian Krk, WR, Texas A&M. Kirk has the explosiveness to be evaluated as a first round pick in my opinion, and this should go well with any team who decides to take this speedster. Its hard to believe he’s only 5’10”. He nfl mock draft fantasy footballdoes not look like it nor play like it. I have heard a comparison to Odell Beckam Jr. but in my opinion Steve Smith could be a better comparison, which is not too shabby my friends, enhancing his fantasy value. 
  5. Hayden Hurst TE, South Carolina. Hurst is the only TE as some scouts say, worthy of a first round pick. He is a bit older than the pack, entering his rookie year at 25 years, but that should not matter. He is a do it all type athlete, that can be molded into what a lot of teams need, meeting the demand. 
  6. Derrius Guice, RB, LSU. When you look at Guice, he provides everything you need in an NFL back. Not perfect but effective in blocking as well. He will be a NFL starter day one, perhaps like Kareem Hunt, as long as he is drafted to the right team. If he sneaks up in drafts like Hunt did, he could start to be taken as early as mid first round in standard or PPR. 
  7. DJ Moore, WR, Maryland. Making room on my list for a potential bust, I would say there is a %50/50 chance of it. Is the reward high enough for the 2nd best position player in the big ten? Well it has not worked so well for guys like Tavon Auston and Fred Ross so far. Who knows? 

NFL Mock Draft Overall Outlook and Trades Impact.

That will do it for now, with some strategy to keep in mind, think of it this way. QB is in usual high demand, with other positions having a huge drop off not seen in previous years. It will make for some tough decisions, as trades have already been made just like previous years. Early enough for teams to take their signal caller and bench them for a year, before having him become the player the project years down the road you could say. 

Everything depends on the NYG as they decide whether to entertain a trade for the 2nd pick, probably being a QB needy team or take one of these optimal players such as their needed DE to build up the defense again, leaving a QB on the table for a team like Denver with the 5th pick. We could see a few more trades in the top 5 alone before its all said and done. 


4 thoughts on “NFL Mock Draft: Impactful Fantasy Football Plays”

  1. Very informative. I have never indulged in the fantasy football world, but you article makes it seem very interesting. I think what gets my attention is the strategy needed to build a good team.

    I liked the way you discuss specific individuals and how they may improve a team. Even the fact that a rookie QB is not necessarily a good choice was interesting.

    I am sure that anyone reading this article will be a little more knowledgeable and a little better able to make a wise decision if they are in fact developing their own team.

    1. Thanks for the contribution Frank. That’s the way a seasoned pro of fantasy football will certainly approach the draft, and if you find a gem like Watson, great!

  2. As far as fantasy football production from rookies, I think you hit the nail on the head. Barkley could be a beast in the NFL. The WR group is another position that often times doesn’t have great production as rookies, sometimes it take these guys a year to figure it out. That said, Calvin Ridley and Christian Kirk could come in right away and have good seasons. I am a Cardinals fan and they need WR help bad. Hoping they draft Kirk or Ridley. Problem is, they need a QB too 🙂

    Very informative post here, it’s good to start thinking about next season already. Thanks for sharing this.

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