NFL Free Agency Tracker 2019: Biggest Impact on Jets

With the NFL Draft approaching fast, I am now reviewing free agency moves by teams that are picking high in the draft, so in this nfl free agency tracker series we will examine the impact of the Jets signed free agents. This post is geared toward fantasy football.

Biggest impact player: Le’Veon Bell

Bell is set to make a positive impact on the jets in his first season with the club as he should be the biggest offensive splash move other then Odell Beckam to the Browns. I like the chances that Bell brings the the table of the Jets making a playoff run. His true fantasy impact remains to be seen as to whether he can ever be trusted again as a first round standard or PPR pick.

His receiving skills set him apart from perhaps any other running back in nfl history as his smooth motion before the snap and patience running after the catch instantly upgrades any team’s fantasy offense as long as he get quickly into football shape. If so, he’ll make an immediate impact and bring dividends to a fantasy offense as a possible steal.

NFL Free Agency Tracker

As you can see per this depth chart projection, there are many threats of various positions for the 2nd year QB, Sam Darnold. The 2 things that would concern me would be the lack of depth at WR and the weakness of the right side of the offensive line.

Here’s what Bell can do for the Jets offense.

Here there are two plays to keep in mind for the Jets. One if the little room he needs to get BIG chunks of yards in the running play. Also, the pressure to be taken off of Darnold in the underneath receiver that quickly turns into a runner after the catch, reliving him of the pressure that can quickly engolg him. Film can be found on any nfl player at

2nd Impact: Jamison Crowder

As all Jets fans seem desperate for a winner, (yes they do get crazy), we’ll find another new slot receiver ready to try and take his game to the potential we saw 2 years ago as a fantasy option, perhaps off your bench. While Bell exels in the slot at times as well, Crowder, when healthy can be the primary target there.

Any other thoughts on these or other free agency signings?

Fantasy Values:

For Bell, he is a 2nd round pick in a 10-12 team league due to the healthy amount of running backs there are to choose from in 2019. Crowder’s value will be very low do to his continued durability concerns, not lasting 16 games in any season. Could simply be a waiver wire pick up.

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