NFL Draft Order, Fantasy Mock Draft Dream Scenario for Each Team

For each team what I want to do is take the player in this mock draft that will instantly impact their (or your) fantasy team, depending on if you use these players and teams in your fantasy football draft. Here is the draft order along with the pick for each team.

The pick is in for each team, with the goal of becoming better in fantasy for 2019. Forget the Super Bowl. We want to win our fantasy football championship! If you’ll notice QB’s not selected high, as they should not be in fantasy drafts either.

Fantasy Mock Draft in Order of Current picks

  1. Arizona Cardinals: WRN’Keal Harry; A more rare than raw talent.
  2. San Francisco 49ers: WR DK Metcalf; Also a combine freak. Good fit here.
  3. New York Jets: WR Hakeem Butler; Any team could use this massive body!
  4. Oakland Raiders: RB Josh Jacobs; Its time for a next feature RB
  5. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: WR: Deebo Samuel; Can fill Slot WR Need
  6. New York Giants: TE TJ Hockenson; Imagine Eli’s weapons with TJ!
  7. Jacksonville Jaguars: TE: Noah Fant; Its a run for TE’s, needy position
  8. Detroit Lions: TE Irv Smith; Great fit for Stafford, his Gronk
  9. Buffalo Bills: TE J. Sternberger;All first round worthy TE’s gone.
  10. Denver Broncos: QB: Kyler Murray; At least I made him a top 10 pick!
  11. Cincinnati Bengals: OT Jawaan Taylor; Fills position of need for their roster.
  12. Green Bay Packers: Edge Nick Bosa; Give them the best Defender for DST
  13. Miami Dolphins: QB Dwayne Haskins; They get their QB here
  14. Atlanta Falcons: RB Darrell Henderson; This is there fantasy need for sure
  15. Washington Redskins: WR Kelvin Harmon; A hole in the WR corps calls here
  16. Carolina Panthers: DT Quinnen Williams Best player in the draft?
  17. New York Giants from Cleveland Browns: Daniel Jones: They need the QB!
  18. Minnesota Vikings: CB Greedy Williams: Build on a strength.
  19. Tennessee Titans: LB Devin White: What an Athlete at any position!
  20. Pittsburgh Steelers: OT Jonah Williams: This guy would really help them out.
  21. Seattle Seahawks: Edge Brian Burns; Tough call here for best available.
  22. Baltimore Ravens: WR Parris Campbell; This is the best option to help QB
  23. Houston Texans: RB Miles Sanders; Any relation to Barry?
  24. Oakland Raiders from Chicago Bears: Edge Josh Allen; Replace K. Mack?
  25. Philadelphia Eagles: DT Ed Oliver; With no needs take best overall.
  26. Indianapolis Colts: WR JJ Arcega-Whiteside; Good pick for Luck
  27. Oakland Raiders from Dallas Cowbys: WR AJ Brown: for a splash pick.
  28. Los Angeles Chargers: WR Marquise Brown; Exactly what they need
  29. Seattle Seahawks from Chiefs: WR Stanley Morgan Jr. Could be future X WR
  30. Green Bay Packers from New Orleans Saints: RB Damien Harris; RB help
  31. Los Angeles Rams: RB Rodney Anderson; Great for the power RB help
  32. New England Patriots: DT Clelin Ferrell; For once they don’t get their guy

2 thoughts on “NFL Draft Order, Fantasy Mock Draft Dream Scenario for Each Team”

  1. I’ve never been so inconsistent on anyone in this draft as I had been on D.K. Metcalf. I love the guy’s side and gamechanging ability, but the injuries are major red flags. The fact he has NFL bloodlines also makes me like his upside, but again, my mind keeps going back to the injuries.

    From a quarterback standpoint my number one has been Daniel Jones. I love his pocket presence and accuracy, even if his arm strength is considered so-so. Haskins has the most potential of the QB prospects, but the lack of experience scares me. Kyler Murray may’ve been a gamechanger in college, but poor study habits and his blowing off a charity appearance yesterday raises the alarm. I’m trying like crazy to like Drew Lock, and there is a lot to like about him, but his inconsistency has shown. 

    I can’t wait to sit down and view the draft tonight. As a Browns fan, my team isn’t picking in the first unless Dorsey pulls off a trade, which can be highly likely.

    1. Yes as a Browns fan I feel as a bit something being missing but having no dropping. However it’s great to have all the players that we have in this talent pool to put it all together!

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