NFL Draft Coverage: Top Prospect Research Sites

When attempting to research the top prospects in the nfl draft, there’s a lot of info and places to go for nfl draft coverage and research.

Let’s say you want to get ready for the top RB prospects for this year and hit on the right guys to make a run with your fantasy team for 2018. I

NFL Mock Draft: Fantasy sports draft

recommend the lower tier RB strategy as I have developed and used the strategy successfully in leagues including daily leagues and season long leagues. Here is an outline of the RB Strategy here.

Let’s start here with a top 10:

  1. provides an easy to find place for in depth coverage prospect by prospect, of the nfl draft. This includes relevant youtube videos, articles, podcasts, and rankings. The only downside is that, many times you could try and look for a draftable prospect never to find him on the site. Some guys are added later, and there are a lot of prospects there that have no chance of getting drafted. Many will only have a couple tryouts on teams.

2. Youtube

Youtube of course has many videos stored for free use. Some good recommended channels specifically would be guys like Matt Waldman and Vock Lombardi, as you can search their names or use a general prospect name search. 

3. The NFL App

The app has many features including watching the draft such as on Roku or your tablet or phone device.


Walterfootball has professional coverage in print format, not including videos that you can always pull up for quick reads and most current updates on any prospect in the NFL.

5. Combine Stats and Pro day Stats

This is the last and least of the important factors in gauging a players value at any position, as their physical attributes are measured and proven on the time clock, or measurement stick. This is found on The pro day results can be found on here

All of this is a lot of analysis but if your like me, and like to do your own research, since no expert really knows all of the factors heading into the draft. The Unknowns such as Johnny (Football) Maneiel and many countless others, the only thing you can truly count on %100 is unpredictability.

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