NFL Combine Leading to NFL Draft Ready Players

As a result of the 2017 NFL Combine, we have draft ready players!

Let’s do this analysis a bit different based on the information we have. This will go into the best players based on Combine performance only. No biased review will be done. Only what was seen on the practice field the last several days.

NFL Combine Leads to NFL Draft in the nfl offseason Schedule

Yes of course, the film matters and is %80 of evaluation, making the Combine results very insignificant to a large extent, but I believe this may be a solid fit to feel out which players have the bodies, and physical, and well as talent attributes NFL teams are looking for in the 2017 NFL Draft.

nfl combine drills

Since I just finished up reviewing the replay of the combine again this weekend, here we go with a review of the top performers on offense, since defense has little to do with Fantasy Football.

Here we start with the OLinemen.

The best guy overall here athletically may be COLLINS, AVIANTE from Texas Christian. He had the 2nd fastest 40 time, the best split time, as well as by far the best bench press with 34 reps. Athletic Offensive Tackles such as Collins are very likely to make it in the NFL.

Another guy that would impress to me, is ELUEMUNOR, JERMAINE from Texas A&M, who has good lateral movement, as a Big Gliding type guy, with Rugby style experience and room for much improvement.

One more very athletic guy is BOLLES, GARETT from Utah who has some of the best including vertical, broad jump, 3 cone, and as expected was one of the best in cone drills.

RBs nfl draft ready players

Here are some of the true NFL Ready ones:

With one of the top verticals and the top 3-coner in the combine among RB’s, MCCAFFREY, CHRISTIAN out of Stanford also is the smoothest hand catching, and routes running, along with cutting RB probably in the draft overall, which is surprising to me with all of the talent stacked at the position this year.

The next guy worth watching is FOURNETTE, LEONARD as pro, obviously he has beast type potential, with other decent to good skills such as receiving out of the backfield and blocking.

The third and perhaps even best football player of the RB bunch is COOK, DALVIN, showing really good ball skills, as well as overall good combine number, pretty much reminding me of the precious Fla. St. RB for the Falcons.

There are plenty of great options at the position but the guy I don’t want to take anything away from is PERINE, SAMAJE, who put up great numbers, showing off to be the strongest in bench reps of the bunch and already having a really good pro day, in addition to his combine drills.


For this group I will go ahead and safely rank in order of combine performance:

HOWARD, O’TERRIUS: This TE is a at worst, a late 1st round pick and probably the best body and combine performace, at his size of 6-6 and 251lbs is impressive.

Evan Engram had quite an athletic performance showing at this combine with the fastest 40 along with pretty good jumping and cone skills as a hybrid type TE/WR

Also, the 3rd was actually a tough choice but I have to go with the guy for the model of the position with the highest vertical, Jonnu Smith form FIU, at 6-3, has decent height and amazing 38″ vert. for the position.

Well, let’s go ahead and add one more, David Njoku as a really good pro fit, only 1/2 away on the vert. to Smith.


With John Ross really on the big time radar, you cannot argue with the effect of pure speed of this game, bolting him into the definite first round, if not 1st half of that first round, if thats what a team wants.

With the 2nd best 40 time, I really believe Curtis Samuel is a play maker whether thats at wideout, slot or running back. He is just a playmaker, boosting that draft stock as a potential first rounder, late in the round.

Also Chris Goodwin from Peen state really fit himself into his prototypical 6-1, 209 lb frame with one of the best 40s and.. Tied for best bench press, which fascinates me personally for the WR position for some reason. Those are potential HOF abilities, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves or course, as a late 1st round, or 2nd round sleeper.


Now for the Quarterback, leaders of teams, with the best looking one appearing to be according to workouts is Deshaun Watson. Great deep balls, and good control on his shorter routes. I am really less concerned with the actual numbers as much as I am with the workouts, in showing how accurate and strong they are throwing the ball.

Also Mithell Trubiskey, looks like a really strong armed, and accurate QB for the most part, tyring to also take on a leadership role like Watson.

And of course, the guy supposed to be having the most upside, DeShone Kizer, was without surprise one of the best performers, although not being the originally expected top QB of the bunch, but more like 3rd behind these guys at this point, based on the combine performance.

Keep in mind all of these overall rankings will change as we get closer to the draft as we will come up with a more accurate estimation of the actual draft and where they will fall with a little extra help from film studies.




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  1. I really liked this article. Great in depth look at the upcoming talent to come up in the upcoming draft. I agree with a lot of what you said, especially about christian mccaffery. Fournette I believe is the best overall back in this draft class but mccaffery is not to far behind him

    1. Great, with a lot of options in FA, and draft, it all looks very interesting this year for most teams to make some extra moves due to injuries at RB

  2. I love the site. Very easy to read. I love all the large text and headings. Definitely a great niche. The NFL is always trending. I’d like to see your top photo a little smaller and centered. Otherwise outstanding stuff!

    This gives me courage about a baseball niche that I’ve been considering. Keep up the good work!

    1. Thats very encouraging to me as well. I would like, rather love to see you get that started, theres a nice market for it right now belive it.

  3. Hello

    Well written article with tons of great information for the football fans, this interests me even though I do not keep up with the draft and who is the best college players in the draft coming into the NFL .

    I really do not understand how fantasy football works, maybe you can write an article explaining this in simple terms for people who are not up on this?

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