NFL Cash Game Rankings for 2020 Playoffs based on Ownership Projections

This video will give you the key to accessing ownership projections for cash games in the 2020 playoffs. More updates will come but for now see how it works earlier then other projection optimizers to get a feel for how you can start looking for players earlier in the week you prefer to play based on value.

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For a basic breakdown of cash vs. GPP DFS plays or lineups, you may want to visit my article Cash vs GPP here.

As of friday morning here are some things to note for the saturday slate:

1/11/19 Slate of NFL Games Update:

  • Adam Humphries will miss this divisional round of playoffs. This keeps the trio of AJ Brown, Corey Davis and Tajae Sharpe solidly in play.
  • Mark Ingram look like he may be able to go on saturday, as we’ll have to wait to confirm after a limited practice thursday. Gus Edwards could see more carries then we originally thought. Don’t forget about Justice Hill as well if he’s actually out.
  • Mark Andrews has had the questionable tag but I have no doubt this is his best opportunity to shed that tag by the end of the week. He has the best opportunity to score possibly then any other receiver on this slate.
  • The 49ers are getting back 2 defensive players in Dee Ford and Kwon Alexander this week. They will definitely help that front 7.
  • Adam Thielen is not going to be %100 but will play. He was a big part of their offense last week and in many tournament winning lineups.

Cash game plays for Saturday: using Draftkings or DK salaries. Also consider on FantasyDraft or FD2

  1. Lamar Jackson. Don’t mess around with anyone else really in cash or hybrids. Only in GPP’s take shots at other quarterbacks, and I would even venture to say leave that possibility open only for scripts where there is a blowout and he sits down or…….. he gets hurt.
  2. George Kittle. Kittle is a wrecking ball that will get his share preferrably over others as teams need to bring out and utilize their best players.
  3. 49ers Defense. Defense wins championships and with returning starting players, its going to be tough for sure for the Vikes to just run their plan. Alot of people will want to play Cook and probably Diggs on this slate, and I would limit my exposure in this scenario to other guys if enabling using 1 player vs. the defense you are using.
  4. Mark Andrews. The concern for Andrews has always been his snap percentage, due to his injuries and just rolling other TE’s in the game. I don’t believe Andrews will need to come out as much here.
  5. Ravens Defense. You could go in this direction for your defense freeing up Cook as a good stud option spend up RB. I would probably do that in single entry or Mass Multi entry tournaments.
  6. Deebo Samuel. You of course need a WR slot to fill on this small slate. No need to go here perhaps on the 2 day slate. priced down compared to AJ Brown vs the good defense, so here its matchup and priced based on DK
  7. Stef Diggs. Contrary to what many feel, in regard to Diggs getting the rock, as he’s complained about it, they’ll need to go here with Thielen set up as a decoy and other receivers getting involved. They are going to favor the pass despite the league low 169.2 passing yards per game allowed, its actually a decent fantasy matchup for their WR’s. Take a good look at him on FD2/DK.
  8. Dalvin Cook. Cook is in play I would say as long as you don’t play the 49 Defense. Using the rb in either the run, pass or both indicates that you control the game. Once control is given up to the defense, the defense blitzes and gets to the quarterback, only using 3rd down backs, of which Cook can also handle.


I will leave it at that as you will have at least 2 spots open I would suggest for players that are more likely to score a TD then others or have high yardage upside. Thats how I’ll play my cash and hybrid games. These players shown on DraftDashboard are showing the most consistent fantasy players for this 2 game slate.

Sunday Slate notes for 1/12

  • Duane Brown will try to play at left tackle. The will immensely help Wilson’s blind side, and neutralize the Packers fierce rush.
  • Will Fuller is playing. This opens up the offense for Houston, although I don’t recall him being much of a factor the last time these teams met as they methodically moved down the field, ate up clock and kept the ball away from Mahomes.
  • No concerns for the Packer. They are rested.
  • Seahawks offense line with major concerns as they 3 guys that may not seriously play at all. The Seahawks will have to take to the ground to have a chance to win this game. If they lose control here, its lights out vs. this pass rush.
  • Darren Fells should play but not %100 yet. This gives more targets perhaps still to him still since
  • Jordan Akins is also questionable for this game. They should utilize the pass game to WR’s more in this game.
  • Chris Jones, an interior DL for the Cheifs is very questionable to suit up. This is a big loss for Cheifs and advantage for the Texans offense overall. He is rated one of the best in league at this position.

Cash game plays for Saturday: using Draftkings or DK salaries. Also consider on FantasyDraft or FD2

  1. Patrick Mahomes I have concern about this pick because of the revived Texans defense with JJ Watt leading them.
  2. Travis Kelce. Kelce should also be a lock among TE’s since we cannot rely on the saving from Texans TE’s. Love to get that scenario when I can.
  3. Deshuan Watson. No problem going to Watson instead of Mahomes.
  4. Damien Williams. Seems tough to go here, however he has the most value as the primary ball carrier. I don’t believe they are relying in McCoy.
  5. Packers Defense. It does not look good for Seattle honestly.
  6. DeAndre Hopkins, Devonte Adams, or Tyreek Hill. If you can get 2 out of 3 into your lineup with saving go for it. I this order of preference.

Hope all goes welll as you’ll need to play smart and sharp keeping up to date on any changes from here.

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