New York Mets Opening Day Position breakdowns

C: James McCann: 

Saw increases in last year’s small sample size in everything from walks to ISO. Notably his advanced wOBA and OPS numbers showed evidence to sustain, not losing any value at the position whatsoever.

1B: Pete Alonso: 

Alonso will have to find way to get around those pitches that were not thrown in the middle of the strike zone to get back to 2019 form IF he ever can. He still holds power hitter value.

2B: Jeff McNeil:

McNeil is a multi position solid batting average guy, especially when hitting up in the order. He displayed power in 2019 as well, so maybe that will of better use as the next couple guys get moved up in order.

3B: JD Davis:

Davis showed definite flashes of upside and improvement, even thought not consistent over the short season. I would expect his ISO and SLG will go back up to 2019 levels as his hard contact at %45 shows he has it.

SS: Fransicso Lindor: 

With a down year for Lindor it will be interesting to see if he leads off, with a bounce back making this lineup much more potentially potent bring a ton of value as one of the best players overall and underrated at that.

LF: Dominic Smith: 

Can play all over the field and gets you great hitting, though not an elite because of lack of talent in terms of speed, you’ll get your monies worth when drafting this young talent. Just think if he could improve and really just revert back to the 0.43 BB/K rate he had in 2019 with the same number of ABs as 2020, he’ll be one of the finest hitters in baseball.

CF: Michael Conforto:

He bring it in really every category of stats as an above average hitter, making him one of the best on the team overall even though probably not leading the Mets in any particular area.

RF: Brandon Nimmo:

While Nimmo is not relied on in the outfield making him expendable if a better player came along, at the bottom of this order, given his bounce back to a wOBA of +.380 that he had in 2018 was a nice job with his best .280 BA even though he failed to get to %35 hard contact.

Bench value: J. Villar: Good on base stealer. He however doesn’t seem like a espn projected DH hitter. Kevin Pillar can really get hot off the bench hitting 20+ homers in a season, and getting a hit every game he plays. Jose Martinez is a guy who can hit vs. lefty or righty, not need for platoon on this unique loaded roster.

SP1:  JaCob DeGrom

I believe we know what we are getting with DeGrom as one of the best flame throwers in the game, worth a #1 overall pick in some formats. Velecity has only gone up. 21.6% is the best swinging strike rate due to the slider mix.

SP2: Carlos Carrasco

He actually scares me as a #2 real life SP and makes me only think of risk when starting in fantasy. Definitely not a daily play. Giving him credit of source for his 2020 short season, his fastball effectiveness is lower.

SP3: Marcus Stroman

Once again we know what we are getting, as an important piece to the high groundball rotation keeping it in the park but having limited SO upside.

SP4: David Peterson

Its nice that Peterson led the team in wins as he has tools to use I would say with enough upside to overtake one of the guys above by season’s end with a 90’s FB, maybe he can bring that up more.

SP5/RP: Mike Montgomery 2008 Draft CA’s pick 6 2020 notes

Not much to report on Mike other the he’s moving up in the rotation for #2 fill in spot in a points league. Giving up pleny of runs in ST. Target against in DFS. 1.78 HR/9 last yr.

For 2021: He looks to replace hurt guys and fill in whenver/wherever needed in Bullpen as well. Interesting add in leagues for the RP designation.

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