NBA DraftKings Picks for Friday January 25th 2019

If you are looking for NBA DraftKings Picks for today, January 25th you have come to the exact right place.

I will personally give you a pool of baseline picks so you can fit them into your lineups, allowing for injury updates and players’ lineup news as the day and night goes on, so you can make adjustments on the fly.

Here is the value chart to keep in mind today for Draftkings as its hard to reach these values, but keep open to looking for them.

NBA DraftKings Picks for Friday January 25th 2019

Here are the plays per team.

Miami Heat

Josh Richardson: Richardson is the guy over Justin Winslow tonight, versus the Cavs, being in the bottom half of the league in overall defense.

Hassan Whiteside: Whiteside is a great bargain if you don’t want to mess with a center at rock bottom price and just settle for the lower 6k price on draftkings. Stack him with Richardson in tournaments or 100 players contests tonight.

Orlando Magic

I you notice, I am not giving you superstars to place in your lineups. If you can pay up for a James Harden or Blake Griffin, or Giannis Antetokounmpogo right ahead comfortably. That will work with some key low cost entries you can find on’s Breaking News Section.

I like the Magic as a team vs. the Wizards, of whom are going on the road on a back to back, previously losing to the Warriors, as the Magic can take advantage of the 25th ranked defense.

Aaron Gordon: Gordons’ overall game is good and the matchup vs. Jeff Green gives him another advantage.

Nucola Vucevic: Vucevic is another optional upgrade to the position if you can afford him. You may go elseware with the salary, but the individual matchup is also very good vs. the Wizards starting center, Thomas Bryant.


In what looks to me to be a high pace game., this should have very good matchups on both sides.

Jamal Murray: With Murray running the point with no one else taking significant time, his 33 PPG is good for his lower 7k salary range.

Paul Milsap: Look for Milsap to get points in the paint. Use for tournament or 100 man contests, as the consistency is lacking.

Gary Harris: Harris would seem to be the next benefactor in this matchup. As with Milsap, use Harris as well for the 100 man/GPP contests.

Deveon Booker: While this is not the preferred side of the matchup playing on the back to back, Booker’s value and usage on this team is very high and worth the around 7.5k tonight.

Kevin Oubre: As a nice value play tonight as well freeing up money for the other positions.

Here’s my video of the day cut for you, as a value based overview:


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