NBA Draftkings and Fanduel Picks for Tonight 1/4/2021

We are continuing on in mid-season form now including NBA Basketball in our basket of fantasy sports.

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Schedule with game notes

Oklahoma City @ Miami   214.5u -9 Mia. Looks for low scoring big man defensive opportunity. 
Cleveland @ Orlando 217.5u -5.5 Orl. Game script here will prioritize big men.

NEW YORK @ Atlanta 222.5u -6.5 Atl. Probably the 2nd best opportunity for gpp high scoring and fairly close game.

Boston @ Toronto 218.5u -4 Tor. A low scoring but tighter game for a game without the best big men compared to other matchups. Not looking to play anyone here in a slow paced game.

Dallas @ Houston 228u -4 Hou. Not a bad matchup to take game script with however the superstars taking the majority of salary if you can afford them.

Detroit @ Milwaukee 224u -16 Mil. In a blowout game script, also a game to pass on on the total unless a value piece opens up.

Indiana @ New Orleans 217u -1.5 N.O. A tight scoring affair, we are looking for value in this matchup due to injuries for Indiana and great plays from at least 1 of their starters despite the slow paced game.

Sacramento @ Golden State 233u -2.5 Sac. Interestingly the only game that features a road favorite, with the resurgent Stef Curry at the helm of the offense in the highest paced game.

My Picks for Tonight (Cash Games) on DK

Cash games, in case your not familiar, are games in which around %50 of contests hit the payout. It could also be considered as a 33%, which makes rake free contests so important for cash games, as it provides more for your investment in.

Here are my picks based on data, as injuries will come out later, just keep up with the content above to stay on top of things, especially from 6:30-7pm tipoff on a regular night.

Pending for 7:30 Lock time.

Clint Capela dipped down to $5200 on DK, as he was a value steal. With his price now at $610 he appears to be getting back up to his Doube Double average cruising to 5.5X+ value.
Stef Curry As mentioned above is the lowest of the stud players to afford his price as it has not adjusted yet on yet, just be careful he does not sit out on a back to back night.
Richaun Holmes This is the guy to play in the Kings front court as I like the decent matchup in a higher paced game for a consistent athletic guy like this.

Value plays coming later in the day.

4 thoughts on “NBA Draftkings and Fanduel Picks for Tonight 1/4/2021”

  1. Wait what?! You’re telling me you can make money from fantasy football?? Okay, I’m sure to some of you reading my comment this may seem like common knowledge but I don’t know much about football, much less fantasy football, so this simple fact from his article really a big shocker for me. Don’t laugh at me please 

    1. Ok, Misael, its not hard to learn really once you start getting the rules in place and the information in front of you that you need and thats what we do. 

  2. Fantasy basketball is a great way to be involved in pro games when we mere mortals can’t physically keep up on the court!  It’s fun, competitive and can score the winners a few bucks  The thing I like the most is seeing who is going to come in ahead…it’s usually not who you think.

    Thank you for sharing this free ebook so that anyone can get started on their own fantasy basketball “career”!

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