NBA Draftkings Fantasy Draft Picks for Tonight 12/25/19

Do you want to know where to go to get nba fantasy picks tonight and daily? If happen to be looking to get serious about daily nba basketball starting tonight, 12/25/119, here’s what I’ll do to make you a much better player today and all season long. If you play the season long grind and places like yahoo and espn, you’ll want to go here as well for your NBA educational knowledge bright and early and throughout the day as news feeds and more podcasts come out for season long players as well.

Where to Go for NBA Fantasy Picks Daily

I will plug you right in to 5 DFS and many Fantasy Basketball Experts in general for daily podcasts, news updates, and more all for free. Here’s where you go for the Forum, with links to the Podcast to start your day daily, yes thats every day including Saturday and Sunday in case you had the question come up. You can also catch us on our twitter handles here and find the NBA Daily Fantasy Dudes Hoop Ball crew here: @DrewJGallagher¬†More Wealth of knowledge resources here:

NBA fantasy picks tonight

On the forum referenced above I am providing daily Podcast notes, and other great important Stat feeds for the best ways to optimize your play on the daily.

My Picks for Tonight (Cash Games)

Cash games, in case your not familiar, are games in which around %50 of contests hit the payout. It could also be considered as a 33%, which makes rake free contests so important for cash games, as it provides more for your investment in. The margins and overlay are much more in your favor when playing in the Fantasy Draft format.

Here are my picks based on data, as injuries will come out later, just keep up with the content above to stay on top of things, especially from 6:30-7pm tipoff on a regular night.

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Teams on Back to Back Today

Pelicans and Hawks, Hawks of whom were blown out bad last night.

8 Players to Start with Tonight on Fantasy Draft and Draftkings on 12/25/19 Christmas Day Lineup:

You can lock these guys in today as potential core plays in all lineups on both sites as you mix and matchup.

Record so far this week: 1-1 using these recommended plays. Today we will give it a go on Draftkings instead of Fantasy Draft so we can get a key value play in today being the best of the slate for the 8pm time start slot.

Main Slate on Draftkings

Fred VanVleet 5.34 Points per $Dollar

I won’t lead you wrong with this building block for today. Plug in confidently.

D’Angelo Russell 5.34 Points per $Dollar

Russell is going to be the main scorer, so even if you did not do anything else, he will score.

Russell Westbrook 5.19 Points per $Dollar

Westbrook provides you the savings you need over Harden so that you can avoid the scrubs.

Joel Embiid 5.22+ Points per $Dollar

The price is right for Embiid so you can easily fire him up with this cash construction.

Khris Middleton 5.28 Points per $Dollar

With Bledsoe out, he has been the 2nd leading scorer. Reliable.

LBJ 5.23 Points per $Dollar

Its going to be a bit different then playing K. Leonard for the saving, but feel free to stay with Leonard if you cannot fit him in.

Serge Ibaka 5.29 Points per $Dollar

A fine play with the injuries in the front court to play over J. Tatum

Montrezl Harrell 4.18 Points per $Dollar

Harrell is a very low priced guy with solid production off the bench as a value play you will need.

Enjoy the Great Content and have fun today and every day!