NBA DFS Today Optimal GPP Lineups 1/23/20 101

Today I want to focus on the 101 and advanced help that can win you a tournament today on 1/23/20. It actually starts with the optimal comparison so you can achieve sub-optimal results. Here is an explanation.

Here is a summary of what that 10:30pm captain slate will look like:

NBA dfs today 1-23

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NBA dfs today 1-23-22 Optimal lineup

Update as of 9:00pm.

I decided to give advice for which players to go overweight on according to what I can estimate optimizers will go for, thereby estimating ownership, which I confirmed is not readily available for showdown slates. Here’s the players you want to go %50 or more on when going for mass multi entry and see how it goes. These guys should be much lower then %40 owned overall, giving you high differentiation for this slate. I think we’re going to get a lot of different captains tonight so feel free to also mix them up. I would recommend Lillard, Ariza, and Whiteside in that order.







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  1. I was so intrigued when I read MBA  but at the same time, couldn’t really understand the information. Could you please elaborate? I’m not so good with comprehending visual content. I would love to get to know more about sports. I believe its like speaking a different language. What do you think?

  2. Thanks a lot for sharing with us such an amazing article about NBA DFS Today Optimal GPP Lineups 1/23/20 101.

    Although I live in Europe where American football is not so popular, I am a big fan. I searched all day for an article about NBA DFS Today Optimal GPP Lineups, but this is the best I have found.

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    1. Glad to deliver here for you today! thats exciting. This should work really well for tonight as I’ll have results early in the morning for you. 

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