NBA DFS Cash Game Rankings Advanced for 1/30/19

Today, we will improve on our nba cash cash game rankings, taking out a few higher risk players and trying to fit in players with a higher floor and ceiling. We will take a more advanced approach for today, 1/30/19 as this is an early look with updates, and adjustments marked here around 30 minutes before the 7:30pm tipoff on a 8 game slate, giving us plenty of options.

Plan ahead for NBA DFS Cash

Yesterday, I explained the simple methods here for generating cash using this model for cash game plays. Remember to confirm starting lineups before games, as you can use the roto grinders page here to get a clear picture of that. Just be aware you may get conflicting information out there on twitter media. Also, I will more than likely use the late breaking news, as there is a lot of lineups changes per projected ones you might see, using those for tournaments instead of cash. These would be fine for 100+ player contests.

#1 Focus for 1/30/19

UPdate as of 6:29pm: 

Jokic should get a nice bump in usage, (+7.1) as long as Gary Harris is out. 

Focus on value as the #1 parameter, as all stats matter, however, being advanced about it, we also want to avoid chalk in some cases. You can look to gauge chalk, and avoid the mistakes that others will make by checking in on the ownership projections. Here is the DFS Army Domination station and what that looks like here before submitting your slate.

NBA DFS Cash Game Rankings
This screen will take you to the optimizer

As always on my posts you can get the Optimizer by simply clicking on the screen shot above. Here you will be to sort through the highest projections of the day as shown in my video, after scrolling down a bit.

In Advanced Strategy Summary:

Its not really all that advanced. Follow the basic elimination process from yesterday and today, and focus on the values in the simulations, and keep up to date on real news and lineups NBA teams put out there.

Here is the breakdown in order:

  1. Look at the minutes and usage such as show above on my chart.
  2. Look at how much value the player can create and FP per Min.
  3. Get the Vegas Over Under and Implied Team Total
  4. Pace up or Pace down game? Total Pace?
  5. Consistency, based on how often the player reaches X score and/or value
  6. Deployment: In the starting lineup today?


Make sure you have watched the video to the end to see the simulation model in work.

12 thoughts on “NBA DFS Cash Game Rankings Advanced for 1/30/19”

  1. Great laydown of the process to run through in preparation for 30 Jan 2019. You have clear guidance that will help a lot of us maximize our chance at excelling and grabbing bragging rights for at least a day (tomorrow is another day and opportunity).

    I looked through the optimizer data and also viewed the video (it was only 2 seconds long, not sure if this is an issue in your side or mine). I feel ready for the action, and will make a few more tweaks as I watch for an update and anything else that may affect my position. 

    Good post and very useful, thanks a lot. It always helps to be armed with the best information and guidance!

  2. Thank you for the informative post, as promised i have already subscribed to your newsfeed now and i will be getting alert messages on new posts and the procedures, as for today’s line up, I personally find it quite challenging as I am also waiting for the breaking news to getore information about it, I have really learnt alot from the screenshot on this post it’s very simple and clear to understand, I really appreciate for coming across the post, I am really looking forward to learn more from your posts, thank you for the information.

    From Joy.

  3. This is informative enough, I just which that you can put up something for football lovers too, so we don’t get left out of fantasy world. I took a look at the screenshot and it is self explanatory.For some reasons, the YouTube video is not playing here, could it be from my end? I’d like to view it.

  4. Thanks for this article, it is coming at the right time. NBA cash bet can be frustrating, I lost my hard earned money in a couple of times. 

    But I am determined never to give up because there are people that are making some cool cash on nba cash bet. I strongly believe that the strategies summarized in this post is just what I need to recover my losses and start making money. Thank you so much. 

  5. How do I plan ahead for this game. NBA,  DFS cash. I really need to understand the rules of the game properly so that people who are not familiar with the game can understand the game properly. In the NBA DFS game, is it such a game that one could play to make money??

    1. Yes Kenechi, to understand the basics look back on my previous articles or do a search for “beginner dfs” right on my site. Thanks

  6. Wow! You really know your stuff when it comes to nba cash game rankings!  I’m a real beginner at this so I want to make sure I fully understand it before throwing some hard earned cash at it. Do you have a blog post more for beginners? I listened to your video but  I think I need to learn the basic cash game lingo.

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