NBA Daily Lineups: Using an NBA Lineup Optimizer

In this article we will dive deeper into strategy on how to win in nba daily fantasy with advice on how to understand how to go about your process for finding daily nba players.   

Where to find to confirm nba starting lineups.
You can find your nba daily lineups in your rotogrinders page per my video below.
I also show you where to get advice on the daily as the best or most reliable source for getting updates and up to speed on the latest nba news which include the daily nba lineup shakeups as many players sit out or are injured on the night.
So while you can check a general optimizer, with varying results on your nba dfs contests, you will have to make manual adjustments on the fly leading up to minutes before tipoff to get optimal results. This perhaps happens at times in football as the actives and in actives are announced 45- to one hour before a kickoff but nba lineups are not so clear before the tipoff, making it more difficult to give your self the most practical chance to win IF others have more information then you leading up the tip offs.
The DFS Army news and slack chat will give you real time updates once you are a member.
Remember as well, that on fanduel there is one player that is dropped, which was not done in prior year, but is not implemented on the site. Some nights there is simply no way to change it up as teams may not make any announcement before the lock of the slate there.
Draftkings should allow you to change your lineups with later starting games, allowing you to grab someone else at a different start time as long as you remember to check your dfs lineups.
Here is an example of a sheet used on to get your player values set up.

X Value Propositions

One very basic way to using the lineup Optimizer on sites like DFSARmy is to use the X or times value that you get out of a certain player, it works like this according to the sheet below:

This can be found and referenced inside the DFSArmy Blog as well:

nba lineup optimizer

Using the projected value rating based on the player’s salary and their projected points by the system, this is what it looks like on a recent slate time with the actual up to date values on cash and GPP options.

NBA Daily Lineups
I decided I wanted to look up the value on both contest types in the higher mid range salaries so I highlighted those yellow for you. Here is basically shows that Kemba Walker is most likely to hit 5 X value. However remember, as show about, a player in the 10-11k range is only expected to get 5-5.24 X return on value, so if you pay up you will get more projected points, its just that your rate of return will be lower.
I hope this helps in understanding Daily NBA and setting lineups using the optimizer. For best preparation in using the Domination Station Optimizer got to DS Optimizer Tutorial.

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