NBA Daily Fantasy Advise 101: Getting your BankRoll Right

I will go over in this article, the not so exciting part of NBA Daily Fantasy Advice. However take this advice to the Bank! You will be profitable if your start with this approach.

I you have played any kind of fantasy sports including season long football, you at least have the basics of how scoring is measured and set up. Daily fantasy sports works different of course, in that your players are salary managed according to the cap allotted to you in the contest you entered.

NBA Daily Fantasy Ladder System

You can view the article I base my work off here: The DFS Ladder System, as I will simplify this approach and offer my real world experience to show you the best advice there is to offer to manage banroll.

What you can do ensure you have enough bank roll management is to primarily separate the 2 type of contests, with hybrids included. This will simply mean that your tournaments of over 100 players will be worked very differently on most selective slates. Many times you can use these contests as hedge against your cash and hybrids failing as well. Here is the screen shot of the ladder system:

NBA Daily Fantasy Advise 101
Click on photo to get the sheet in the DFS Army Resources.

What is Cash and GPP?

Keep in mind that the sliding amount that you want to invest will give %20 to GPP exclusively. As you become more skilled and experienced in the GPP game I can recommend upping that amount. I have experienced average returns doubling my money in small investment tournaments and placing first place overall in a certain sport contest, particularly NHL.

Cash is anything referenced that gives you at least a %20 chance of winning positive cash. Many times winning more then double your money depending on the contest. I personally avoid the Head to Head simply because you don’t really know if you are playing against an expert unless you are able to enter a beginner contest, lessoning your competition. I prefer to enter the %50/50’s and Double ups as a basis of more than half entry point, providing myself decent cash flow for the day.

The idea is to more than double your exposure to winnable contests consistently, so that your bank roll never drops too dramatically. Will you have days where you still lose it all. Yes you will. Hopefully you have not invested though, more than %5 of your total allocated funds, I recommend.

The Hybrids by the way are anything from triple up to 100 man 20 player payout to be about exact. So you can combine the dfs strategies as you would like from both ways of formulating your lineups.

Summary of Cash/GPP

Here is a quick summary of the Cash/GPP question per the DFSArmy Blog:

  • GPP = Guaranteed Prize Pool, or the big contests with top-heavy payout structures were 25 or fewer % win, and the real money is at the top 5 spots. (Pro Tip: These are like playing lottery tickets. Even with 150 LUs entered your odds of winning a top 5 spot in a 15,000+ entrant contest are miniscule.
  • CASH = any contest that pays 40% or better of the entrants.

Hedge Yourself

Lastly, how do you hedge yourself from total loss. Well there are enough lineups you will make from the methods I will show you in my next article but basically you will have all of your lineups different by at least 2 players so that the same players are not hurting your every lineup in NBA.

Now that you hopefully understand the difference between the contest types and structures related to your spending account, I will get into the basics of the foundation of your NBA lineups including the nba lineup optimizer theory in the next article.

6 thoughts on “NBA Daily Fantasy Advise 101: Getting your BankRoll Right”

  1. american football is very different from the rest of the world football having said that it important to know the tricks the rules and weakness of each sport that is why i love following these blogs for they will help me in understading the rules and only when you understand that  you can say you have the full knowledge of the game 

  2. Fantasy football looks really confusing! I have never played, I just don’t get it!  You will have to show me the basics so that I can begin to understand the rules, the payouts etc.  Where did you learn all this stuff? Have you been playing for a long time? 

    I guess it is putting bets onto your team to win the tournament and then getting the bankroll right so that you get the maximum payout for your win!  Sounds tricky, I hope you keep winning the NBA fantasy league and make some good coin in the process. Good luck.

    1. Thanks for stopping in Kris, there is much to learn for you. For the very basics of what fantasy football or basketball is, as it varies in how its played from sport to sport and site format you could do a google search for your questions.

  3. Great post! I think that for some people fantasy sports are just a game but for others, it is a lot more serious. This article would apply to both of those groups because nobody wants to run out of funds because of poor planning. Looking through this advice seems to be no different than managing your real finances, right?

    You have to minimize your losses but still, take risks in order to make money. I think it is actually quite interesting that you have to manage funds like a real club manager. Thanks for this insight into the world of fantasy sports.

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