MLB Daily Fantasy Sports: Baseball Beginners Guide

When you are looking for some wins in MLB Daily Fantasy Baseball, and have not really experienced any consistent winning, you might need the beginners guide. Reason is, its not a simple sport to try and configure projections, and build lineups due to the complexity of the variance with batters.

Overview of Fantasy Sports for Beginners

I will get into fantasy football for beginners in the next article for your own reference, having that up in a few days, if not already after having viewed this article and/or videos. We will however focus on season long in football, since baseball season long is not having as much interest for people who would like to get into the game starting today.

If you would also like to check out my article 5 Ways To Profit From DFS MLB Vist this Page Also I will use Fanduel as the basis for the conversation


Pitchers are easy to at least establish as low variance players. This means that pitchers are a valuable fantasy baseball asset in any type of league whether daily or otherwise. Batters have a ton of variance, and any batter can be on or off the Studs list daily. For more explanation on the Studs along with balancing your sleepers and what to watch for in MLB Guidance, watch this video.

As you continue along in setting your lineups, always remember to consider a few important, actually VERY IMPORTANT factors because I could give you a lot of analytics and fire you some numbers, but that won’t be comfortable nor effective for you, unless you really do love the numbers side of baseball. While is can be very interesting, the numbers you need are in the Tool Here 


When we are speaking of batters, we are talking high variance. To understand Variance numbers and technical sides as well as fundamental sides to fantasy sports you can download the free report here. Since batters are high variance, we want to be sure we are grabbing a couple of possible studs for our lineups and filling out the rest of the lineups with good value plays, as you only need 4 out of 9 players to perform really well. The other 5 can take the 3 or even 0 points as long as the Pitcher and 3 batters give you a home run each and/or good perriphials, which are the BB, 1B,2B, and HBP stats that add up. 

In other sports it is simpler, but if you can master these scenarios night to night or day to day, you can make every week turn out to be profitable since that won’t happen every day as long as your are realistic in your expectations. 

Enjoy the Games friends. 



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