Looking for Free Live Football Games?

Are there any ways of getting free live football games through the internet?

Not many really. You can get games online through the NFL site but theay are not live. Anything else is really not legal and unreliable unless NBC or Yahoo for example has a free promotion. So where else can you go?

Sports Apps

Well, Apps can get you access to lots of games through DirecTV. If you have a friend who will let you borrow their login, you have the answer, otherwise you will just be following along in certain sports apps.

How about a different alternative here to be demoed for free live football games…


Let’s give you an alternative option that we will demo for you here that you can check out right with the link below if you’d like to see how this is demonstrated in live action.

Click Here to View the Video Demo Version of the App Itself!!

Be sure to some back here after viewing for since the company does not allow the video to be placed on a Independent affiliate’s site.


Additionally as an Affliliate for a limited time, if interested, click here

watch live nfl games online

How Can You Get This App For Live Game Play?

This Sports Football Gaming app is by invitation only. You may contact me personally through my “About My Site” Page Above.

Also it is not available until October.

This is a huge Launch! and will be much bigger based on shear volume of the masses who are interested in live app gaming in all sports. Watching games online or through apps will never be the same experience again.

To Receive a Player Invite Look To the Right >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The the television networks not budging on their nfl packages, locking you into contracts for years and paying high fees after the first year.

So though its not actually broadcasting on a game app, as is the purpose of this app, its surely the next best thing.

Overview of Free Live Football/Sporst App

Free Live Football Games

Fantasy apps give some in game stats but not actual in game such as the ones shown above in demo mode.

This is not Fantasy sports but it does have some enhancements of elements of fantasy sports.

You can see that getting a kickoff return TD on a call can get you BIG Tokens and BIG bragging rights.

Your never out of the loop when it comes to live gameplay action. If you are an inspiring coach or a predictor the outcomes of the fundamentals of the game, this game app will enhance your experience in other sports as well:





Rugby and..

Cricket??? huh

Well maybe not, but it has a lot of fans in other countries internationally.

And much more you never knew you might have been interested in.

So come join us in playing. You may even see some people you know, if not before long you’ll be inviting people to play through facebook and other social sites.

So while we are all hoping for the day when the streaming or game apps will give us such coverage without belonging to a specific higher priced network or phone service, in the meantime, catch all the action you can with the United Sports App experience.

Please feel free to leave honest opinions of the App and Game Look.

Game On!



36 thoughts on “Looking for Free Live Football Games?”

  1. Andrew,
    Good promo for that new App coming out in time for this year’s NFL season. With the incredible popularity of football in the U.S, it goes without saying that there would interest in this App.

    I actually switched from cable to Direct TV at my house and will receive their football package for free this season. Looking forward to watching any game that I want on my wide screen HD television.

    As far as fantasy football after what happened last year legally with those two sites – Draft King and FanDuel and court decisions ruling them illegal in a bunch of states I believe that daily/weekly fantasy leagues were really hurt. People are more into the season-long fantasy leagues as those appear to be more fair for all participants.


    1. I appreciate those thoughts because yes DFS is limited to certain states and the season long friendly grudge matches is what fantasy football/sports is about. The season long dedication.

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Interesting concept for free live football games. Seems easy enough to join.

    I love having up to date info on the major sports categories like football, basketball and baseball.

    I like the idea of getting friend to download app and getting paid for it. Sounds like a win win situation. Do you have this ad on your website and if so do you get a lot of hits?

    Thanks for sharing your article. Well done!


    1. Yes the ad for the Affiliate opportunity is also to the right of the page, displaying the app as seen in the post towards the right. Thank You Hits are coming with help from Wealthy Affiliate!

  3. Thanks for sharing this top quality article with us, it is very good football lover, but I am a huge fan of soccer .
    I liked the demo version.

    I would follow this website and expecting that I would get some info about Soccer/Basket ball or Cricket in future.
    Would love to see more games in future……

  4. This is an interesting concept although I am not sure exactly what the concept is yet. But of course as you stated the app is not yet finished and ready for rollout.
    This topic is right up my alley and though it may not be gambling on specific outcomes I am interested anytime you can make a profit on a contest you can follow along by watching.

    I would suggest doing some proof reading on your content. Several spelling errors and always capitalize the team names.

    1. While it does not replace actually watching live games, and you are right, it is not gambling, but you can only really make a profit from it unless you are an affiliate. Otherwise you play to earn tokens used for bragging rights, and prizes on specific contests that the company offers. Stay tuned with the concept and launch.

  5. Andrew,
    I have watched live football on my Directv in the past. It is a little above my price range for this year. I am glad that you have given me an alternative to live games.
    Will look for an update on this app as it gets closer to the review date, too bad it was not available for the preseason and opening of the NFL opening week. I like the idea of other types of sports that are availible.

  6. Hi Andy,
    Great, it sounds difficult that large TV companies allow one app like this will be available. The same as I’m looking for free football games, but anything is possible.
    Imagine being able to watch any game from the comfort of your cellphone, it will be fabulous. Thank you for sharing this option.
    After the trial, do you think it’ll have any cost?

  7. This is going to be really awesome. I love sport and this app is a great way to keep you connected and entertained every minute of the game, and it is all live. I can already see all the guys going crazy competing with each other when its game time.

    Thanks for sharing

  8. Where, can I download the free football demo games, I don’t if its incorporated somewhere, but I can’t see the place. Please kindly let me know hoe to go about with this as I’m very much interested in the football game. The problem is that I can’t see where to click so that I can download a free demo.



  9. Very interesting, I I’m interested in joining these fantasy football programs. I never knew about this software, but your review I explains it in an honest way which makes me want to get access to it. The pictures were helpful in giving a visual and the content was easily understandable and broken up. Thank you for this excellent review.

  10. Thanks for the info! My brother and I are avid football fan but his job requires him to travel a lot and so he misses a lot of games when the Bears are playing. I will let him know about this so that he can watch them from his phone or his laptop.

  11. I am personally not a sports fan myself but my family sure is! I can definitely recommend this article to them, however you gave a great overview on your free live football sports app so I can definitely trust sharing this with the family! Your very informative with the information you’ve given.

  12. Oh how thoughtful of you. My so would love this He is a football fanatic. I will do the referral.
    I will make sure refer him to your page so he can get the information first hand.
    You have stated that the apps would not be ready before October. That was very good of you as you have prevented your readers in thinking all was ready. Doing this, your reader will be having a good experience. I am certain that they will wait because of your courtesy.
    Thanks for the information.

  13. I’m a great fan of Volley ball and Netball, But as I was going through your publications, I couldn’t see where to download these games from, for this reason, I quickly thought of writing you to see if you can advise me on how to go about it or even may be you will be able to provide me with other resources where I can download the application for the above two games.

    I wait wait for your answer.


  14. I find the design of the website to be pretty interesting. I like the borders around the page it gives the website a more unique feel, because i have not seen that on many websites. The layout is quite easy to navigate. I can see you are replying to comments and staying engaged with your users, which is probably the best way to keep users coming back to the website. The only thing i could recommend is maybe add more color to your website. Maybe to the titles or a larger banner. Keep on going with your website!

  15. Man i just want to say that you have hit the jack pot, i mean this is so great, i am sure that your fans will welcome this. You have a very unique website. It is well detailed and well put together, I can see that a lot of work and effort went into building your website. Great job and keep up the good work all the best to you and have a good day.

  16. Great information on fantasy football. I am very happy that I came across your website.

    I had no idea that there where so many people interested in this pass time. Similar to playing a video game I guess.

    Also I have a better fundamental knowledge of fantasy sports apps.

    Thanks again for your review.

  17. Hey Andrew,

    I personally think that this is a decent idea, especially for when you are on the run without much free time. But what makes it better of course is that you can actually get paid for getting your friends to register under you.

    Keep up the hard work,


  18. There certainly seems to be a buzz about the rollout of this app. I thought it was a good idea to add a video link to the creative director explaining the app (although even after watching I am still confused)

    I enjoy Fantasy sports = loved creating college football lineups and guess the courts took that away. I believe the industry is in a little bit of trouble so if this app can breathe some life into it I am all for it.

  19. Hi there Andrew,

    When I read football I though that game where you use your foot and a ball! Still cool to see that it is included with the sports app.

    Does this app work with Iphone? and, VIP question here, have premiership football?

    Thank you kindly in advance.


  20. I am into fantasy football a bit so I enjoyed looking at your site. I think that you could add some kind of an interesting picture in the header, without removing your black and white logo. This would get people to stop and look. As well, I suggest that you check carefully for typos. I think it should read. ” A site dedicated “to” season long….. . As well, it will read better to have 10% rather than on the first page. Check through the site for this kind of thing. I did not look at the whole thing that closely. I really like the site.

  21. This is a great post and right on time. I am looking for some free football game action. I love this and will be sure to share the post with some buddies of mine. We are NFL fanatics and will be till we grow old lol.

    I will share on my Facebook page and bookmark your site. How often do you post?

  22. Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for sharing this opportunity to watch live sports via internet rather than on TV. In my opinion the real advantage of apps are that you can access them everywhere you are. So you don’t have to have access to a TV. I’m not really into Football, but I really like soccer.

    Do you know which competitions are to be followed?


  23. Your site is helpful and informative. I am an avid fantasy football player and usually use fanduel. However, I am open to other platforms and clicked what you had to offer ad wise also. We should help each other out and agree to click on eachothers ads and legitimately review them. This would help me raise money for awareness of opiate and heroin addiction which is what my niche site is at dub, dub, dub dot HEROININME dot com. By clicking my ads I can cover the costs of this site to help reach a lot more people hurting. In the meantime, I am willing to help with your ads on your site and click and review them also. Thanks HEROININME dot com.
    Again your site was great to look at, well organized and I learned more about fantasy football and additional services you advertised.

  24. This is great! Last year my father was trying to stream his games onto his television through some website, i’m not sure which one but well, it didn’t work. Will have to keep this in mind and let him know! So many people will be wanting an invite. Good work!

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