Latest NFL Free Agency News: CJ Andreson Signs with Lions

The Lions signed CJ Anderson per to shore up the RB spot as it would appear that this move would replace LaGarret Blount.

The backfield now consisting of the third wheel specialist with Kerryon Johnson as a primary runner, Theo Riddick as a pass catcher/3rd down back, and now CJ Anderson as a bull in short yardage/goal line and run the clock out situations. This may be interchangable at times between roles. Here’s the latest depth chart found at

Lions depth chart signed CJ Anderson latest free agent signings

What is the Outlook for Anderson and the Lions backfield for 2019?

Well the feel we got as fantasy owners in 2018 was that K. Johnson should have been the main workhorse style back, even though this now seems like an extinct species in football. Now, however I would expect early on and often for things to pretty much stay the same with the splitting of backfield duties.

What is the Bests Mindset for Fantasy Owners for 2019?

After all, the first determined choice of the lions to obtain Malcom Brown was thwarted by the Rams re-signing him and rejecting Brown the 3rd string or 2nd string replacement for Todd Gurley.

Bearing this in mind the plans will not change for the main workload in Detroit. I would project a similar season for the workload in the NFC north team’s sharing of carries system.

Keep in mind however, that injuries play a big part, so prepare to have the Lions use Anderson as soon as a injury prone running back such as Johnson goes down, providing great value in any kind of fantasy football ownership scenario.

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5 thoughts on “Latest NFL Free Agency News: CJ Andreson Signs with Lions”

  1. I play fantasy sports on places like Fanduel and DraftKings, but I be honest I can’t remember anything about individual players. I just resort to the average scores and the info tabs on each one. Could very well be why I’m not rich yet. But, I have gotten lucky a time or two. 

    However, I did use Todd Gurley quite often. When you said replacement, do you mean he’s not playing this coming season or did he just change teams?

    1. Hi Sara, he is no longer on the Rams, but is now with the Lions, so I’m sure that answers your questions for today. Thanks for stopping by. Hope your fantasy season goes much better this year..

  2. NFLnews about CJ Anderson signing for the Lions to possible replace LaGarret Blount. CJ being a wonderful addition to add steel and strength to the team. 

    This is also a great news for fantasy owners. To reinforce their team with the addition of CJ. For more about NFL you can look up this website.

  3. The Lions just signed cj  Anderson  to shore up the Rd apot wow.thats so interesting so this move maybe to replace lagarret Blount means that Theo Riddick will be a pass catcher and 3 down back, and now CJ Anderson as a bull in short yardage/goal line and run the clock out situations.thats nice

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