How to Win in DFS Football: $800K Sat NFL Playoff Special ($200K to 1st)

When breaking down how to win a tournament on one of the 2 major DFS sites, fanduel or draftkings, there are definitely strategies to keep in mind for how to win in dfs football in tournament play.

This video will show you some fundamental strategies when it comes to breaking down a DFS Footbball Tournament Lineup that finishes in the top percentile.

Summary of the Breakdown:

  1. Make sure you are not spending up for Quarterback or DST. You will need the salary for other positions.
  2. Decide upon your stacking strategy. Run it back with 2 receivers from the same team with the quarterback, or one receiver with a receiver from the opposing team in a high over/under game of the week.
  3. Find low owned players using the DFS army projected ownership percentage and the cheat sheet plays put out weekly for GP or Hybrid.

You find a complete breakdown of more factors at the Shark Autopsy, brought out weekly on the blog roll there. You can get set up with the DFS Army here

This coming article will next cover how to finish in the top 0.001 % of tournament plays in the NHL for Hockey Enthusiasts or those willing to learn the ice. Really excited to look forward to bringing this next article to you for the Fanduel GP. Leave any related comments below, especially if you have place high in any recent tournaments on fanduel or draftkings.

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