How to Win a Draftkings nba lineup Showdown Captain GPP

Here’s the result for your Draftkings nba lineup Showdown Captain for GPP.

Draftkings nba lineup ShowdownHere I started out with a great recommendation from one of our guys over at Hoop-Ball. As was suggested on our Podcast,  Myles suggested to go with M. Morris for the captain spot to fit in enough guys in the lineup. As I did not realize before really playing a few captain contests, the Points not only go 1.5 X but the salary also does. So even though Morris was 69.3% owned, his captain designation was much smaller, even though I’m not sure how to get that ownership percentage. I then heard the latest news around the 1pm hour to confirm that K. Leonard was not going to suit up. I then realized that I needed to stack the Clippers based on this news. I went with the 4 guys who I projected along with some help, that these Clips would be the highest scoring perhaps. Then I just plugged in value with R. Barret to finish off the lineup. Worked well as out of the only 10 MME’s that entered into Quarter Jukebox, I was tied for 1st out of 7,134. Seems a bit oversimplified right? Well remember most of the other lineups won nothing.

However this is the way to gain ground for bankroll, using cash games as well, as long as you are able to get a daily handle on those. When your ready to increase your Captain mode, its very easy to increase that quarter to $1 on beyond. Here is a video breakdown of how to go about projecting the slate.

Want to know how to create cash lineups by seeing the highest owned players for the night? Visit DraftDashboard with their latest Cash Lineup Projection Model, using ownership. If your a tournament guy, go ahead and click on GPP, once you have the players selected you want to play and press the optimize button. Simple as shown below.

Cash or GP lineups

They even have Showdown Captain mode as well for Cash and GPP. I have used the optimizer for cash and gotten good success there as well. Stay tuned as later this week, I’ll go more into creating cash lineups, or I may give you more GPP advice using these methods. Go ahead and comment below if you have something you would like to see or get more help on. Thanks for stopping today.

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