How to use the Daily Fantasy Hockey Cheat Sheet from CBS

CBS sports has a betting and daily fantasy site called where there is a cheat sheet for your convenience. There you can use the sheet which should be free, to get your potential player pool for the night set up. I would like to take the opportunity, if you are reading through this to coach you on how to make real money using these same peripheral stats and grading system I use over my shoulder. Also if you are reading this article, there is some solid interest in daily nhl fantasy hockey or fantasy sport in general.
Here is a video on how I lay this out.


1. Start with the minutes, then get into the fantasy points scored fairly recently, going as far back as 10 games is fine.
2. Get your deployment right with for 1st thru 4th line along with PowerPlay not leaving out completely those 3rd and 4th lines, since some teams show similar minutes played in distribution per LWL’s line combinations screen.
3. Look for consistent stud players with upside as needed depending on the type of contest.
4. Check value rating on as many sites as you can.
Daily Fantasy Hockey Cheat Sheet

Daily Fantasy Hockey Cheat Sheet
The Sportsline site also has tournament handicapper lineups for all 4 major sports.
5. Check vegas and expert sports book lines.
6. Advanced stats such as line stacking correlation, usage percentage, blocked shots projections, and other phiripherals.
7. Not mentioned but listen to podcasts and visit sites such as for any new articles.
8. Matchups or DvP of the players opponent, who that Goalie is along with this stats, and recent performances, and the overall team performance of the defense.
As you can see, this is a different process then any other sport as you need more than just the FD fantasy points per game to make informed decisions on whether the player is actually playing up to his production or not. The underlying peripheral stats with layers such as minutes and deployment help you decide which players are safe to spend cash on, and which players to determine for on tournaments.


Pricing of course is optional. I showed you ways to get the value plays for free, and you can spend as much as you want depending on how deep you want to go into the game for better results. Just remember to track every player you watch and every strategy you focus on employing when needing to record your actions however you do so. Also you can get stats from fantasy or FOX for things such as power play team percentage. All things considered, start small with your playing dollars, and the more you think of it as an investment business, the better.

Any Questions or Suggestions for future help?

You can ask away in the comments section. If you are not as familiar with the NHL game as you would like, perhaps I can write an article and make a video on explaining some of the advanced stats to look for when creating lineups. Feel free to share on social media as well, if you found something like this helpful.


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  1. although iam not a fun of hockey and i might not every rules that goes on with the game  ilove the idea for  fantasy hockey for novice like me so they can all they need to learn be   abit better  on the game they might not be possible if site like this one are not available  so lets start the fun  of learning  cheat sheet hockey

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