How to get ready for a Fantasy Football Draft in 2018

When you are preparing for your fantasy football draft for 2018 you can make the process very easy by doing just 3 simple steps.

Step 1

First, find out what type of league you are playing in and how many teams will be in your league. Most leagues will be standard scoring unless the site has settings on and the commissioner has set up custom league scoring. In most cases this is not modified.

Also you must find your league setting for wherever you play and determine whether it is setup as PPR or Non-PPR. PPR stands for Point or 1/2 point per reception. You can default your scoring to PPR if it is a 1/2 point PPR. This way, you will be sure to take into accurate consideration the receptions your players will obtain.

How to get ready for a Fantasy Football Draft in 2018

2nd Step

You will then want to go to for the Site, amount of players you have in your league, and the scoring types mentioned above. This will give you a spreadsheet to go by on draft day. This is really the best place to go compared to other places which may have you confused and charge you a significant amount as well.

3rd Step

Check in with as many reliable and detailed injury reports as possible. Get dialed in with podcasts such as espn’s fantasy football show, which get most detailed compared with others for expert physician tips. The Pick6 Podcast from CBS had a recent interview with a Dr. as well to help keep on top of and get a better understanding of what various types of injuries mean to the prospects of a player having a successful fantasy football season. Once you have the higher risk injuries assessed as much as possible, you can even eliminate those risks altogether. Or if you take one in late rounds that is fine as well.

Its a Season Long Strategy

Remember, in weekly fantasy football you only have to beat 1 opponent. So that means you are not going up against your whole league all at once. Just take it one game at a time and stop worrying about the whole season during a draft. Eliminate risks and take players who have shown to be consistent values all season long. A low standard deviation will help with this as I will help give numbers as the season goes on, giving you valuable insights as to players you could look at picking up during the season so you can beat your opponent and win the next week. See one of my 2017 articles, Beating the standard deviation, As I will get more into detail with this topic this season in coming weeks.



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