How To: Fantasy Basketball Beginners Guide: Matchups

When you are entering the DFS or season long game of fantasy sports, you can get the HOW TO: Fantasy Basketball guide here.

What Not to Worry About in Fantasy Basketball:

First off, you don’t have to watch all of the games nightly. That would actually be somewhat counter-productive. While it always good to know the latest news and updates in the NBA, watching 5-10 games a night, How to Fantasy Basketball As with any DFS Sport, you can spend a lot of time analyzing and actually coming up with different ways to prioritize WHO you get into your lineups on a daily basis.

Use Numbers

So the time needs to be spend analyzing actual numbers that make sense. Any player in any given sport, has what is commonly referred to as defensive rankings in fantasy.

Defensive Rankings in Fantasy Basketball

In fantasy basketball there are rankings such as shown in this example below.  As you can probably see, there are rankings for these players in terms of opponents defensive rankings against overall defense and versus thehow to fantasy basketball beginners guide particular position that the player normally plays. Blake Griffin for example shows a very good matchup vs. the N.O. Pelicans who rank 26th in the NBA in fantasy points allowed and 25th versus the Power Forward Position. The larger version of the photo can be found at the bottom of the article.

These are obviously good matchup numbers for the night, he would be favored over most other PF’s for the night. You can also click on the image to find out the tool being used, at a reduced price discount for fantasy ballers to quickly evaluate these matchups. This is a reliable. Other Videos may be found in prior articles on these subject. This is the simplest way to get in the game of NBA DFS Sports so that you can start using numbers, in matchups to your advantage. Take the opportunity to make money for yourself using the low cost # 1 recommended tool for DFS Fantasy Sports.

how to fantasy basketball beginners guide

2 thoughts on “How To: Fantasy Basketball Beginners Guide: Matchups”

  1. I had to look this up and find that Daily fantasy sports (DFS) are a subset of fantasy sport games. Am I correct that you have to put together your own team from a kind of inventory list of players? I take it that if you do it well then you will wine what? Can you explain to me how this exactly works? Is there any money involved? Thanks.

    1. Yes, Jerry fantasy sports is pretty simple really. It is based on the art of prediction using players performances in the real game scenario, choosing based off of a salary or draft. 

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