How to Determine Player Value in Fantasy Basketball

When looking to determine player value in fantasy basketball, you must consider a number of factors that lead to an efficient analysis of the games’ most consistent and value based players.

How can you determine this?

NBA 5X and up

As a popular way of doing this, you can measure the amount of value that a player bring to the table for his particular price on the slate of the night or day. You can find this info on many paid versions of the sites such as rotogrinders.

As I personally looked into the LineupHQ spreadsheet that hey have over at roto, first thing I noticed was that they have many parts that don’t give the info you want to see because of the required upgrade to the premium version.

While I was looking through this spreadsheet, there are generally a few helpful stats/rankings there you can use to gather info in preparation for your games. However, I could not find the Value plays projections,

Wait Hold UP!

I did find it free! however it was not exactly what I needed to project the player, according to an accurate projection of what he player should score today per the salary on the particular site I am looking to play on today, such as Draftkings or Fanduel. It showed up on rotogrinders under the PT/$/K column, which you had to scroll to the right of the screen to find. What was the solution? I went over to DraftDashboard and got the info I needed. Here’s what it looks like on the most right side of the screen:

player value fantasy basketball

Click on the Picture to get the latest version of the Draftdashboard today.

You may also opt into my free report at the top right hand of the screen to get the algorithm for free, which you calculate yourself to find consisitent value option daily fantasy plays for any fantasy sport.

There are many sites to check for these other sports such as rotogrinders and I cover some of those in my most recent article and will cover more for the next sports season coming up.

Baseball is coming up soon, so don’t miss out on the profitable plays that we regularly experience as a result of using these systems and methods, which will be covered in greater details in the days prior to the March 31st opening day slate. We also help cover and will update the NFL draft, projecting fantasy value for 2018 for the NFL.

I also have a Video here that gives you a better idea of how I determine NBA and NHL lineups and will leave you with these tips today:



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