Home Based Sports Business Opportunities: 4 Options

When it comes to decide on a home based sports business opportunity, there a number of proven ways to go about earning money? without having the overhead cost of a traditional business.

Also, if your passionate about sports, these are ways to get slow rising cash flow, so that you can be in profit, as proven and tested before by the writer except for the #1 Sports business. They are not placed in any order of best, rather placed starting with most difficulty level.

Some of these strategies are a bit easier for beginners, depending on your skill set.

Here they are with a summary of recommendation at the end of this article.

Home Based Sports Businesses

1️⃣ Start a fantasy sports site:

Level of experience/skill needed: Expert

I had considered setting up a site to provide a fully functioning site similar to the big names, DraftKings and FanDuel. You can check Clickbank.com and check their marketplace. 

This would be highly risky based on an initial investment of around 5k for site, software, hosting, and other services in investing in and maintaining the potential legal battles and management of capital flowing in and out for marking and promotion. You won’t be profitable by simply advertising on your Facebook page.

2️⃣ Start a Fantasy sports consultation business

Level of experience/skill needed: intermediate

Simply by making a web site similar to what you see here, you can be successful in starting your own fantasy site with your custom url, hosting, logos, and your own unique content.

If you feel confident about giving fantasy sports advice, set it up and work at for a couple years straight as you will have to let your site age and get some authoritative results in the search engines like google. For getting Home based sports business opportunities started within this route, if you are highly skilled in fantasy sports don’t hesitate to visit WealthyAffiliate on how to get started in this rewardable niche.

3️⃣ Social Media App

Level of experience/skill needed: Beginner

What might you ask is this App and how can it make you money? ?

Well, it is the FireFan App ?

The FireFan App ? is a great friend/social user experience. As a product, the application is definitely improved from its initial launch ? from over 1 year ago. It has been one of the most downloaded apps in 2016/17.

How can you make money with this app?

As in my previous article, it’s explained there in comparison to fantasy sports apps.

However it’s a completely different gaming model.

The payments are based off of token purchases, played tokens, and game/league invites.

This is a proven way to get referral commissions from my experience.

For more on the outline of the affiliate program and a free report on marketing the FireFan ? opportunity starting visit nlightenment.info

Here are some examples of the gameplay you can also test/demo. You can click on the actual image to go to the App for downlaod and playing the game of the week:

Sports based business opportunities

Home based opportunity

4️⃣ Just Play DFS

Level of Experience/Skill needed: Intermediate

While this way does not entail running an actual business, it does require skilled capital management in addition to fantasy sports expertise.

You can however get started with very little, if not $zero. Slow bankroll gains are recommended instead of taking risks for million dollar gains. Home based sports business opportunitiesYes, this is recommended even in DFS. With the right tool such as DraftDasboard, this can be used to manage your rosters’ constructions ?.

Overall, these option from beginner to expert bring rewards of monetary value to anyone serious, yet patient about the process of a home based sports business. 

In Conclusion: Lets’ face it: Any Home based business opportunity will bring out the best in you, based on any difficulty level, assuring yourself, with ultimate completion of implementation and follow through, the successful setup of turning your passion into a thriving business. 


7 thoughts on “Home Based Sports Business Opportunities: 4 Options”

  1. As sports is so incredibly popular not only here in the U.S., but in many countries abroad, many people looking to make money online view football, baseball, basketball, soccer, hockey, tennis, golf and etc. as a viable way to make money.

    The 4 opportunities that you listed, going from expert to easy as far as skill/experience level needed are all legit methods in which to earn money. Naturally, the harder two – creating your own fantasy sports league and second running a legit sports consulting business have the potential to bring in more income to an enterprising individual.

    I have always believed that Apps, especially those installed in Smart Phones/mobile devices truly do not bring in a lot of steady income for an individual. Certainly, not equivalent to what a person could earn in a job making $20 or more per hour. Participating in fantasy draft leagues could have its advantages if a person knew what he/she is doing when drafting a team.

    With some sports such as American-styled football which by its inherent design is violent, a person participating in these type of fantasy leagues would also have to consider the element of luck: Pro players on their team not getting injured each week during the season because if that were to happen, the participant would not be getting a lot of points. Just ask all of the fantasy draft participants who had G.B. Packers’ qb Aaron Rogers on their teams last week. Rogers went down with a broken collarbone, probably done for the rest of the NFL season.

    Really, with have to thank the Internet for the continued growth in interest of the general public regarding sports.


    1. excellent points of interest to bring out here. Injuries as part of the game. Good to have multiple incomes at least in place

  2. This is actually a great idea for a home based business. I could see where I could get pretty passionate, especially with football. I don’t think that I could utilize it for fantasy football, but maybe a different avenue. I am wondering what the Just Play DFS is? I know what the term is, I am just wondering how I could utilize this for a home based business. Any thoughts or will you have additional information on these options in future posts? This is very interesting to me!

    1. Yes well of course daily fantasy sports has the element of gambling. However there can’t be consistent money made if you’re not taking to higher risks. You see because you can go for 50/50 contest which have a high probability of winning. If you do not risk over certain percentage of your bankroll you’ll be fine

  3. Easy site to navigate.
    On your about my site page, you said “…. have used in the internet in making extra ..” all your readers will see this; so making sure it’s the best you can offer in this page is key; “in” does not belong there. I don’t have the sharpest eyes but I find the fonts too small is some areas.
    I do not do gambling so it is not in my capacity to comment on the quality of the content but the quantity I find satisfactory.
    your social media widgets could line up better.
    Please put this in the right context. I am relatively new to the subject.. Congrats on good work.

  4. Haha, I have actually thought about making an app for a game because I’ve had so many creative ideas but it does seem quite hard to put together if you don’t know what your doing. I love how you have provided the difficulty rating. I would definitely stick with getting referral commissions to start with rather than making a big investment if you haven’t got the skills

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