Getting back to Fantasy Football 2019

So if your planning on getting back to playing the most popular sports game online or offline in the world, let’s help set the tone for fantasy football in 2019. Although I cannot confirm this statement as a fact, i would say its definitely the most popular fantasy sports game played in america.

As a 20+ year veteran of fantasy football, and even longer interest in football itself, I start really preparing now. You may have been busy in other things of course throughout your day, working, feeding your children, spending time with them, and with your spouse, taking care of your home, as well as vacationing, and even occasionally having a couple beers from your favorite vendor or brewery when you get spare time.

However when its time to get back to the business of fantasy football, we take priority and pride to the the extend of which we feel necessary in balance of our lives to take the time for preparing to win.

NFL teams are taking part in spring drills voluntary or in voluntary, or just holding out for more.

I don’t want to bore you with those details, at least not yet, but however reflect on what it takes to get back to fantasy football after what may seem to be a long off-season.

Getting back to Fantasy Football

Many people may be looking for season long or fantasy football draft advice at this point in the post draft process and start of mini camps.

However, as you may well know, that over the course of time, these draft picks and players, whether they are actually team draft picks or draft picks that you make before the season starts for your own fantasy team, that basically these picks do not pan out like you thought they would. In other words, you he’s not who you thought he was. 

This will happen every year to guys or gals who have hopes and dreams of obtaining the fantasy football world’s most prized possession. A fantasy trophy. More than any possible cash played for , its the experience, and free feeling of being the best guy or gal in the game. That’s it!

Anyone who see and recognizes talent can bear up under these challenges. Getting back to fantasy football includes getting back to your basic strategies that may have gotten you there in years past, or re-tweaking the ideas and methods that you had for drafting.

One Great Example of preparing your draft strategy.

Time and time again, or every year, we see a few quarterbacks going high in the draft, including the first 2 rounds of a 10 or 12 team draft. While this may be due to necessity, it is not necessary in a standard 1 QB league whether PPR (Point per reception) or Standard (0 points per reception) league. The quarterback, even though you may not be getting the superstar of the decade, Patrick Mahomes, is well worth the wait or weight in gold value.

Another Great Example

This example would be used for those who take on the daily league experience whether that be the popular fanduel or draftkings ect..

fantasy football 2019 super bowl

When entering these contests a lot of people try to get cash by entering %50/50 and or double ups to try to get yourself consistently in cash as well as have money for tournaments that pays for itself. Similar in a way to lineups in most other sports such as baseball and hockey, the stacked scenario works as long as the team you are stacking scores enough points to go around. While this does not always happen, for example the super bowl being one of the lowest scoring of all time, which no one anticipated to happen shows that there are definite exceptions. Being football savvy however, can get you off of certain games and at least get diversity in this sense. I will make this a focal point of our scoring philosophies in all types of fantasy football for 2019. Get game pass to be able to go back and review any games in the nfl from 2018. For more on how to game stack in football review my post, how to game stack 2018.

Given a player has the opportunity to consistently put of big fantasy numbers will help you be ready for fantasy football in 2019.

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  1. I think this time of year you should focus more on strategy as opposed to actual players. I start looking at players in the beginning of June, take a break, and begin my real scout mid July right before everyone reports to camp. There is still too many moving parts to make plans for certain players.

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