Football on the Internet Live Stream: 3 Options for Live Games

How can you live stream football games on the internet, tablet, or smart phone?

Football on the Internet: Live Stream Advice

Streaming live games online can be pretty complicated..

You can do or try a number of things, but let’s first define what is live streaming just for clarification:

What is Live Streaming Football Games?

live streaming football games is a way to watch games from any device that allow an internet browser, many times for free, or with a small subscription fee.

A live, life Perspective

We are living in the times of streaming from mobile devices.

Let’s face it, live events are difficult to get to and not preferred by the masses. So what has been the next best option for decades?

So while of course we may very well prefer to watch football games live, we may also prefer to watch them recorded so that we can come back to it when we have time. Since life gets in the way of our favorite past times, with work, religion, family, and other responsibilities, we can no longer get to live, unless we are in a position to watch while we work, or dabble in other activities.

So, the old TV is no longer useful for our favorite team/sport if our channel service, for example Cable does not carry options for you to be able to do so, as advertised by Direct TV, out of your market area.

By the way recorded american football games can be found through the nfl network  by paying a much lower monthy fee, depending on what package you want.

So where do we turn next to Stream??

Option # 1: Hiding your IP Address

Well, you could try to obtain an IP address over your internet streaming device using a monthly paid subscription, which may only be around $10 a month, I honestly tried this, but it did not work for me. Seemed to be a bit too technical. But if can manage to get your IP address over the Europe, the NFL network supposedly will give it to you for free and live stream.

Option # 2: Buy a Instant Internet

This is a Gimmick type device, that basically if you can pick this up on Amazon, and see if it will bring you any live internet streaming. Honestly I tried it and it was a dud from my experience.

football on the internet: live stream

Option # 3: Look for Live Streaming advertising sites, (European)

How to live stream football games for free

This option is easy, free, and non-technical to stream from your device with internet. Here’s where you can find: FootballGameApp

Actually the site takes you to a live in game app and competitive community where you can chat about the game. But inside the chat is where I will reveal the site url where you can watch for free in live HD:

Here’s a quick overview of how to get in there.

That’s pretty much it. Which is the best option for you?

Just by opting into the email list you can get live free streaming HD games in football or most any other sport. Just follow along in the community.

Thanks for reading and watching.

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4 thoughts on “Football on the Internet Live Stream: 3 Options for Live Games”

  1. Hi Andrew,

    For a fact NFL football is absolutely huge here in the U.S. With cable channels and Direct TV now costing so much, people trying to feed their addiction to the sport have begun to look at other means to watch the football without paying high costs monthly coming in each bill.

    I know that personally, as a few months earlier I had switched over to Direct TV last season from cable, I could watch any out-of-market game I wanted for free as part of that company’s promotion for new subscribers.

    This year they wanted me to fork over close to $300 in order to receive this same package. I told them, out of the question no! I can only think that other people made the same decision as they entered their second year being subscribers of Direct TV.

    You listed some very unique ways allowing a person to watch NFL games as an option without it costing them an arm and a leg. The only problem that I have in watching games streaming on a computer or mobile device is that compared to the size of my hi-def television screen it simply is not the same experience for me watching a game on a 22 inch computer monitor or 4 inch Smart phone screen.

    Other people may disagree, with their need to watch NFL games by any means necessary. The info that you provided in this article will help those people. Having watched football now for almost 50 years, I no longer become overly excited, being the fan, (or fanatic) compared to people who live, drink and eat the sport.


    1. hey Jeff, love the insight u provide as a hall of fame football watcher. Watching for that long u have seen some special players for sure and teams. But did u know with a Apple TV or similar device u can stream the game from your device to your tv? Yes if should look good that way

  2. Hi Andrew,
    I have a friend who is a commentator on the football streaming games, and the truth is impressive a number of people that attracts this activity.
    As you decide by downloading the application to your device is the best option, you can watch for free in live HD in football or any other sport. Excellent for me!

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