How To Find the Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Matchups for 2018

If you are looking for some of the best post all-star and best daily fantasy baseball matchups for the 2nd half of the 2018 season, this article will NOT focus on a common misconception.

What is the most common misconception for finding the best matchups? 

Using the best optimizer or projections from certain sites or tools.

Where to focus your Time?

Instead of focusing on some of the really great tools for finding the best matchups in this daily sport, or some consider, a profitable business, you will need to focus on the PROCESS of evaluation, rather than trusting in the right magic tool or projection system, along with and optimizer.

In order to maximize your winning percentage, let’s say on a smaller slate, of just one head to head lineup where you are only playing against 1 other player you would be best to research all of the following information.

When you have the tools such as above, you save yourself a TON of time in research. This way you can spend your time perfecting your own process for making relevant fantasy sports decisions, being well informed.

Since a lot of the data is more stabelized, it makes it easier to go according to the numbers, however, the sharks, or what the professional fantasy players are known as, can take advantage of many newbies or inexperienced people in contests this way as well. Therefore one needs all he or she can get when it comes to analytics and any edge they may obtain.

To get more on the tools, including the Domination Station, which allows you to adjust and set multiple lineups on a more advanced level take a look at my Best Fantasy Football Tools for 2018 Post.

This video basically breaks down how elaborate the tools and projections breakdown systems can be as you can find more like it on

While I am not as experienced in fantasy baseball as in fantasy football, (that’s why this site has been focused on football), I will be working on perfecting my own process for 2018.

Best Daily Fantasy Baseball Matchups 2018

Instead of relying on 2017 methods used, as I have talked about in previous article, so I have decided to do more testing myself before sharing any one specific method, but promising however in a future article after the season restarts just the all-star break, since I have used different methods in the past, but as part of the learning process the, interestingly the things that worked last year for success has not carried over well this year, therefore not sharing them here, at least not in this article.

What I will Show on my Next Fantasy Football Post

In my next article I will get more specifically into fantasy football draft results, which is a very large topic, however, you can see my specific results of how I draft on a Yahoo paid fantasy league later this week.

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  1. I have never been into gambling much until recently when I started making some money while placing bets on soccer. I watch baseball and I want to check out the betting on that also. This is great information on the process of evaluation. I am looking forward to reading your future articles to better get an idea of the fantasy baseball world. Thank you.

    1. thanks Jose however I apologize I have not put up any fantasy baseball or any other content this week in fantasy

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