Fantasy Hockey Cheat Sheets: For DFS Fanduel 1/25/18

This will be the most precise, calculated, fantasy hockey cheat sheet that you will find, just to let you know what you are to expect.

Here it is, then I will give you some pointers on how to build out your fantasy hockey cheat sheet, using this feature of the site while there is no fantasy football going on. No, but Hockey is, I will explain more in the fantasy hockey cheat sheet updated version of the video below. Preparation goes into this, so use the graph and follow along on large slates for larger slates that are being played on Fanduel:

If you can align some of these players on nightly basis in Hockey, you will win most of the nights you put cash on these game. And, ALWAYS, ALWAYS check the over/under vegas lines, as they are accurate for team stack use.

Here is the Video to Explain more about this list or look to a previous Post.

Check in the last line of the graph below for my #1 Recommended Fantasy Tool for any sport. If your big into DFS sports in general, as talked about this is the best option for you to keep track of your players, matchups, and even check teams lines, and over/unders on a daily basis all in one place.

The Fantasy Hockey Cheat Sheet

3 thoughts on “Fantasy Hockey Cheat Sheets: For DFS Fanduel 1/25/18”

  1. Hi there,
    I have been seeing sports websites but this one is unique i its kind in terms of information ans especially in the fantasy part.
    Great way of thinking and giving insight into the other dimension of sport that have been rarely seen or discussed this way.
    Thank you again for the great info.

  2. I honestly never knew there even was a fantasy hockey league. I am intrigued for sure! You gave some great tips! What would you recommend strategy wise on which position to pick first in the draft? I may look into trying this next year. We are hockey fans in our house, Go Lightning!

    1. Wow Cool Nicole, its s great sport to watch as well once you learn how to watch and keep up with the puck, especially the exciting finshes in overtime that happen.

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