Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: Week 5

When actually rankings the best fantasy football players for the 5th Week of the season, we now have some data to work with. Fanduel is used here

Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: Week 5

Here”s how this post will Rank: According to real analytic numbers:

For more explanation on these numbers and what they exactly mean, you may look to the Keys to Consistency from last year, or opt-into the Free report, delivered to your email inbox for your convenience.

Cash Lineups to Consider: Fanduel

Landry may have a good game, and is safe in PPR. So is Cobb. In Fanduel they are reasonably priced $6.6k for either guy. Cobb has a higher SD, and CV because he missed 1 game, bringing down his consistency numbers.

We have some really consistent backs that are getting the touches and perform level from week to week, with Fournette being the #1 cash game option this week.

Tournament Plays to Consider:

Here’s where it gets more tricky:

As you can now see in GP’s high SD’s and CV’s are important to have, not only to save cash for relief in your lineups, but also so that your #1 and #2 options such as TYH and Diggs will give you a chance to win by accumulating the high points for a low cost. Of course you will have money to spend as in the Cash projections as well, so here’s where you spend the cash in Tourney games:

Gurley is actually the best play there is right now in any fantasy football format. His upside as well as his consistency is tremendous, better then anyone I have ever seen since I have been keeping track of these advanced statistics. At 27.4 Points Per Game on Fanduel, obviously he may continue to be the best value on the board.

Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: Week 5

Here is a Video on the Fanduel or Draftkings nfl lineup analyzer:

As you can see, you can the lineups here are easy to set:

For DraftKings I have more recommendations for Flex Options:

Here we can see the numbers show these to be good options in GPP’s especially with as high of ceiling with low cost that these guys bring.

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Weekly Rankings: Week 5”

  1. Love it. I have recently been sucked into playing fantasy football here lately. So I’ve been on top of my game as best I could. I find myself researching like crazy. Playing fantasy sports is like studying for a test. I will be sure to put this information to good use. Thanks keep up the good work.

  2. Love the list and I plan on using it. One question, why no Cowboys on that list? LOL Can you tell I am a Cowboys fan, however, with their record at 2 – 2 right now, I am a little less than happy with them and about ready to jump ship and pick a different team! They play Green Bay today and I have a feeling they are going to be 2 – 3. So frustrating, but gonna get my picks in now 🙂

    1. Wow MM. I’ll call you shortly with mats mom. That’s a great question does Bryant and Prescott a good but not the best matchup of the week thank you

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