Fantasy Football Week 7: Who to Start

As for fantasy football week 7, a lot of you face some truly tough decisions on who to start in any format.

I will go ahead and take this week in terms of matchups per these Week 7 Games:

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fantasy football week 7 who to startVikings vs Browns in London

This game should be veiwable on

The Browns look like they have way too many injuries to overcome, as I don’t care how good they are against the run. The Vikings should be able to wear the browns down and after that overtime loss, the Browns will be feeling it.

  1. Vikes D. Yes one of the best in the game, with one of the best secondaries, which is a nightmare for the Browns QB core.
  2. Latavius Murray: A solid showing of his skills last week puts him in position as the #1 option to close out this game in the 2nd half.
  3. K. Rudolph: One of the better consistent options at TE this year, he is due for another TD.

Chargers @ Patriots

As a game that rely on veteran QB play, this will be a close, quality matchup.

  1. Chargers Defense: Yes, it may be a surprise the Chargers may take over this game and get a win with all of their pressure up front on Brady.
  2. Tom Brady: Yes, even though, he may get some pressure, he can overcome and tilt this game, going deep or dinking off to his RB’s, whatever works.
  3. Phillip Rivers: I have him highly regarded in this game, based on matchup, of which Matt Ryan could not take advantage of last week. However, may exploit them with his TE options, even getting A. Gates involved again.
  4. Keenan Allen: As solid WR option as a stud player, he gets plenty of targets. Third in the league.

Bears @ Saints

Here, I look to expect the Saints to be very good at home, and bring the Bears one dimensional attack down to earth.

  1. Mark Ingram: Still being the #1 RB in N.O., he’s a good this play this week as well, although don’t expect him to get 20 carries, in a pass offense.
  2. Michael Thomas: Leads the team in targets with 9 per, and puts up consistent fantasy numbers.
  3. Saints D: The opportunistic D, has been good at applying pressure, of which I really like to put in priority when it comes to Fantasy Defenses.

Panthers @ Buccs

These 2 teams have struggled, and the QB’s need to play well.

  1. K. Benjamin/D. Funchess: Either guy can get you points here, with B. Grimes expected to be out, whichever guy that is, is anyone’s guess. Benjamin is more healthy than Funchess.
  2. Christian McCaffrey: Hes’ good, and has appeared to taken over targets that would have went to the TE, who is missing.
  3. DeShaun Jackson: This of course, is always more of a tournament play, but you could always go with Mike Evans. Jackson should get a really good #2 wideout matchup.

Colts @ Bengals

Another highly favored team, the Bengals, are looking to get more offense in the 2nd half this time. Don’t know who to take for the Colts.

  1. Bengals D: The defense could take over this game based on the matchup, which is easy vs. Brissett. They also get after the QB, with blitzes.
  2. Randy Bullock: Yes, a kicker, should be able to get a few attempts vs. this Colts D, whenever they do stall out.
  3. Joe Mixon: Mixon appears ready for a breakout. His touches have went up, and they need him to deliver.

Raiders @ Bills

  1. Mike Crabtree: I am really interested in Crabtree for the matchup, vs. a hurt Bills secondary.
  2. Bills D: The Bills lead the league in turnover ratio, and that should paly into the weakness of the Raiders offense.
  3. S. Hauschka: Another Kicker. If the Bills control this game as they should, using Shady to run the ball along with T. Taylor, the kicker should get his share. Don’t like any of the Bills Receivers.

49ers @ Eagles

Another blowout as this expects to be, there is great value on the winning side.

  1. Carson Wentz: Wentz has surprised me by getting better about every week. He should take advantage of this matchup.
  2. Zack Ertz: Ertz has been the highest scoring TE in fantasy this year, and there is no reason for that to change against a struggling 94ers D.
  3. Nelson Algolor: This speedy type WR, encourages use by Wentz when going deep, and having success at this gameplan.

Falcon @ Jets

The Falcons also highly favored should be able to get back on track.

  1. Julio Jones: Should be more involved in the redzone, giving him a chance. The Jets have allowed plenty of big plays, including the Dolphins who were just blown out Thur. night. Great matchup for all Falcons WR’s
  2. Matt Ryan: Ryan should finally get his big game this season for reasons stated above.

Texans @ Seahawks

  1. Russell Wilson: Wilson should take over this game and show the rookie how its done for Texas.
  2. Doug Baldwin: Another Solid WR option, as Baldwin hold down the #1 target option on the team still.
  3. Jimmy Graham: Look for him in the redZOne, as his targets have been up.

Cowboys @ Redskins

Will the Redskins be able to defend the screen game? That of course, won’t happen every week.

  1. Zeke Elliott: There is no way you could pass on this offensive line with Zeke behind it.
  2. Dak Prescott: Has a good matchup this week as well, even though Washington’s #1 corner is back to help keep Dez Bryant in check.
  3. Kirk Cousins: Not a hard pick, but who will he throw to this week. That is tough to say, so I am not worried about taking any WR’s here.

Steelers @ Lions

Big matchups here, as the Steelers have their big 3 for the Lions good fantasy defense to deal with.

  1. Lev’on Bell: Even if not getting the carries, his targets help pick up for the lack of help provided for Brown.
  2. Antonio Brown: Always one of the best, as the Lions will scheme to keep him in check somewhat.
  3. Marvin Jones: With no other real help at WR, he should get the targets from Stafford, not projecting to have a huge game vs. a good Steeler Defense.

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