Fantasy Football Week 1 Projections 2018; Start with these 7 Stud Players

From my research for this week in fantasy football for week 1 of the 2018 season, so far I can say that its best with only a few exceptions to go with some stud players in trying to catch some wins this week.

While rookies and 2nd year unproven commodities will have their day, I don’t think it will be this week.

Here are the fist tier, which includes 7 players that should be your captains heading into week one in Cash, tournament and season long football leagues.

Fantasy Football Week 1 Projections: 7 Must Plays
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Its about time to get it started. There is a ton of research to do but no one really knows. To win you have to stay consistent in your process all year long. I have a sure strategy that worked all last year, in making sure, whether the competition is stiff or light, with new people coming into the game, this article will help you stay on top, winning over %50 of your games.See my Standard Deviation Article. This way as long as you beat your head to head opponent, one week at a time, you stay in the mix for the playoffs and championship.

Build some of your lineups around these players if your can, starting with the Brad/Gonk stack. Then try for the Thomas/Brees combo. When you go from there, you will see easy ways of building hundreds of lineups if you like using the draftdashboard. This is an easy to use model, which helps you not only in basic research, but also to sort your priority list such as this one, and sort with whatever you can afford to work with in your DraftKings, Fanduel, or other places to play throughout the 2018 year.


6 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Week 1 Projections 2018; Start with these 7 Stud Players”

  1. Hey there. I am real fan of Fanatasy Footbal.
    I checked your recommendations and I would have to pick Tom Brady. I know, Tom Brady right? I think he is still the best out there and I will build my lineup around him. By the way, do you recommend having Richard Sherman in your team?

    I really liked him as a player and would like to have that guy on my team. Also, did you ever participate in some Fantasy Footbal Tournament?

    Best regards,

    1. Yes, Strahinja, I have participated in tournaments but nothing actually live if you mean in an event. Would love to some day. I would never tell you not to build your team around a proven player like that. Have at it!

  2. thanks for sharing, 

    If someone wanted to start getting into fan duel how would they go about doing so? I guess I have never really looked into it. I have played fantasy football before and really enjoy it, but want it to be more competitive. If you could give me more info that would be awesome.

    Thanks for sharing this again,


  3. Hey Andy, great post. You know, I was into creating my own fantasy football team on Draftkings but I couldn’t keep up with the algorithm so I dropped out but I think it is a great way to get your hands on some money. Do you do that at present or is it something that you’re experimenting with? I think the great think about doing something like that is that you learn how to get your hands on the good players so you can win, but I think it can be a little misleading too sometimes but it is a good way to also get acquainted with gambling via professional sports.

    1. You are Corect R.J., this may not exactly be for the casual player, but the comparisons are valuable, as I will have to update my algorithm a bit. weekly.

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