Fantasy Football Tips: Search For Value

When looking at fantasy football tips, you will always be looking for best value, in any format of a league, you need to be focused on taking players that will perfom beyond what their expectations were the previous year or ADP currently is. My list has changed a lot from last years, ADP projected.Fantasy Football Tips: Value based picks

If you can project to surpass your competition in projecting points, thats it, you win, and thats the bottom line in winning, sine anyone can take a expert cheat sheet or come up with their own, and the influence of the top picked guys will always be gone by the 1,2,3rd rounds and beyond. Let’s go over some pivotal points that set up many people to win their leagues last year(s).

Tip #1 Go against the grain on certain players.

Ex. #1 Le’Veon Bell: He was taken many times at bargain in drafts considering his 3 game suspension, and still finished as one of the very best. Imagine him playing 16 games this year?

Ex. #2 Tom Brady: The deciding player, of whose value surpassed most other QB’s again, as all you had to do was draft someone like Kirk Cousin or Derek Carr, although those guys are going to go higher this year.

Ex. # 3 a negative one, but the RB in Miami last year was actually supposed to be Arian Foster. No where to be found now, and so Ajayi was a great pickup at he right time when the opportunity came about. Take a lesson regarding older RB’s. Especially ones who were always hurt. Taking a younger RB can always pay off in rounds 3-15.

Tip #2 General Lineup Building Strategy:

This tip has to do with in season, or daily lineups building. Keep in mind the nature of the teams you are working with as defined by a  team sport. In baseball, many fantasy guys look for stacks. Stacks in football need only be a QB/WR or QB/TE threat to score together. I will have to use Stacking as my next post tipic, including when to employ the strategy itself. Always use the recent game scoring log available at DraftDashboard to make sure they are performing up to their given price tag. When entering into a season for weeks 1-2, you have to go with your gut, as well as the previous years fantasy scored stats to understand their value, along with team Free Agent and coaching changes, which change the dynamic of the team itself. A switch from a passing to a running balanced team hurts some players and helps others.

Tip #3 Hot/Cold along with Vs Matchups

If there really is such a thing as hot/cold, we do know they happen. Count you ever count on the same trend to continue the same way. No. What you can do is look at the opportunity a player has and see how easy it could be to potentially get more points than what their average PPG, or Points Per Game is going to be. This can be helped of course, by the Defensive rankings from last year, Free Agent Pickups, Coaching changes, and injuries, along with Pre-season findings, if you want to say the pre games matter at all. In evaluating individual talents I believe it does. In team defense, I believe it does not.

Tip # 4 to wrap it up for 2017

While Zeke Ellliott may seem to be one to align with what is now going on in terms of projections such as Bell or Brady, it seems uncertain first of all, whether Elliot will serve all games of the 6 game suspension, at least trying to bring it down to 4 games. So it looks to be at least one more game then these guys mentioned. This would literally be the only guy I would say to reach for in the 2nd round. A lot of people are backing off now until the 3rd round, and this could be a mistake, not taking him whenever you had the chance. A lot of value will obviously still be there, taking McFadenn later on.

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  1. While I am a huge football fan i have never play in a fantasy football league.
    I have just read your article “Fantasy Football Tips: Search For Value” and found it full of great tips!

    I want to share it with friends, but not with the ones i will be competing against LOL

    i have add you to my favorites so i can return and pick up more great intel!


  2. I liked learning about fantasy football. I watch a lot of NFL, and around here been asked several times to come to a fantasy party several pple have every week. I never wanted to go, wasn’t at all interested. But this sounds kinda fun and busy at same time. I learned a few things here might surprise everyone…. Thanks

  3. Hello. I had to read a few times before I fully understood where the topic is about. 
    It is interesting to read about your suggestions and views on your fantasy football tips. Try to engage a bit more and elaborate on some of the aspects to make it easier for your readers to get attached.
    Hope this helps.

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