Fantasy Football Strategy for the %10

Finishing in the top %10 percentile of fantasy sports is not easy. that means that you would be winning on average every ten team league in all of your buddies fantasy contests combined. We will however help you get close.

Update as of 8/27/18 for fantasy football strategy. See my latest article, Daily fantasy football advice for an overall rundown on how to crush it with the most support, tools, and training available on the internet, focused on answering all of your questions, and improving your chances of winning big every day.

The Following is older information still useful to the average joe.

To make this page a bit simple, I am focusing on the main 10 team leagues that go season long that you usually play with friends. So that equates to first place out of ten. More details of these strategies are coming as I want them to be proven and tested week by week. One game or match at a time.

The first game of course mainly brings in projected values of players before any real games are played. This means off-season, training camp, pre-season, and of course last season..

daily fantasy football strategy

If you listen to espn’s Matthew Berry, perhaps on his podcast you will understand first, that there are a million different scenarios that happen with every different player, and its pretty interesting from the the June 28th “Fantasy Football Facts for 2016” as he goes deep into many of the important statistics that need mentioning to start out from last years’ stats.

More updates coming as the off-season and training camp progresses.

Update for: 8/23/16

Dez Bryant:

Scares many by obtaining a concussion in practice. This scares many fantasy owners such as myself, thinking of what t first round pick on him will really bring in returns this year. Many people are not worried or concerned but some are. I am one of the ones that are worried. I will move him down my rankings a few spots.


Ezekiel Elliot:

With hamstring concerns as well as off the field issues this is a scary proposition as a first rounder, probably even more so than Bryant. Remember all of the off the field stuff  Bryant had coming off this first couple seasons before he was a legitimate fantasy perspective player?


Strategy: I like this strategy I’ll give here because in logical order you must move some up your board to have some move down. Where one benefits the other slides down.

So, I believe here I will put a bit more trust in someone that is poised to take a consistent approach to his game, but once he takes the field again. Yes, Le’Veon Bell is likely to miss the first few games, but with the drafting of DeAngelo Williams as his temporary replacement, this is not a bad strategy. It seems very sure that Williams is the backup with no one else getting attention there, and it seems sure that Bell is in good standing with Roger Goodell as the suspension has been reduced and things worked out regarding POT smoking in December of 14′

If you can get Bell in the late first round its a very good scenario. Williams is available in standard leagues as early as the 7th round which is a great place to pick him up after you have picked up all of your starters in skilled positions. Even the 6th round before a QB would be a fine spot to pick up only 3 games with a solid backup handcuff.

Le’Veon Bell
Le’Veon Bell

Update for: 8/29/16


After a week 3 dress rehearsal, it seems pretty much set, the players that are to be kept benched, as those guys status follow through to the week 4 of being kept out of the game unless they really need some playing time to get up to speed with the offense like for players joining new teams.


A word of caution on RBs in this updated post:

Old RB’s….

Generally you need to stay away.

A declining RB will generally not go well in to the 30’s of their career. I know there are exceptions and I will love to come back to this post at the end of the year and realize how this will look with all of the old RB’s out there, but age is catching up to a lot of them.

Check out the examples of fast declines:

  1. Reggie Bush: Same age as Adrian Peterson and Matt Forte.

Bush fell hard after the 2013 season and could never pick it back up. Now he is fighting for a spot on Buffalo, which has many options there. Will one or both of these guys fall so hard?


2. Another guy at that Age: Maurice Jones-Drew

Jones-Drew’s last season was 2014. Once again, same age as above. All Born in 1985. Injuries really speed up the process in this case and of Bush.


3. The 1986ers: Jamaal Charles and Arion Foster

are both in this group and when you add on injuries this looks like a bleak group to pick from.


4. 2 More guys already on definite decline: Jonothan Stewart and Frank Gore.

remember to lower all of these guys on your draft boards.