Fantasy Football Standard Deviation Report: Rakings for Week 4

Let’s face it. We all make mistakes when it comes to fantasy football. Anything can happened as we have seen this past week with the upset of the Bills over the Vikings. However, we can correct ourselves and forget about the chalk now, and go with what works; Standard Deviation.

This is an exciting time of year because it is about the time when I start considering this unique stat among others for evaluating my rankings on a weekly basis with better accuracy and less guesswork, based on 3 weeks of data in the NFL.

Here it is:



Wide Receiver

Fantasy Football Week 4 Standard Deviation RankingsThe DraftDashboard, showing addistional WR’s with the highest Ave Points Per Game Shown. Separate the ones who don’t have good SD, CV, and that may not have enough Targets and/or Snaps per game. Click on the picture to get a free 30 Day Trial.

Tight End

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