Fantasy Football Sleeper Report: TE’s

In this article I will explain why this may be a pivotal year for Te’s for 2017 Fantasy Football Sleepers. Consider this a Free Report for these this Key Position.

Taking a bit of Strategy in first, I plan to stay away from high profile TE’s that not only will have a hard time consistently producing because of their offensive situation but will struggle to keep healthy. Keep away from trying to do what everyone else will do, since in order to finish #1 out of 10 or 12 team leagues, you will have to separate yourself in your evaluation of taking a players, or players at this position to solidify your late round options, and increase your chances of picking up as much value as possible. Some risk always involved to win. Here are the guys I was mentioning everyone else is going for:

Fantasy Football Sleeper Report: TE
Thought I would share this Championship Ring I found

Gronk, Jordan Reed, and Travis Kelce, along with Greg Olsen

So here are some guys that have as good a chance as any to produce up to around the same level, given the drop offs happen due to injury.

#1 TE Sleeper: Eric Ebron

This guy is actually NOT drafted at this time in some formats. I really can’t believe this: It shows that people are underestimating his ability. He was one of the best in the red zone for one stretch of the 2nd half of the season, comparable to Gronk. Watch out because he IS in the right given situation with Stafford and Co.

#2 TE Sleeper: Jack Doyle

Doyle will also benefit greatly from a Solid Fantasy QB, who may surprise, reaching elite status again, and Doyle is in position to profit as the main TE there now.

#3 TE Sleeper: Coby Fleener

Fleener is one who could definitely benefit from really good QB play as well. While not as solid as the prior 2, in terms of the offensive changes, maybe more run play action will open up the TE passing offense, like it once was with J. Graham

#4 TE Sleeper: Hunter Henry

Henry is a good position as well, but only thing is he has to share time. When Gates came back, he was not as well used but this year, he should show more consistency and if Gates has any downfall, or injury Henry has proven to be a good pickup.

#5 TE Sleeper: Vernon Davis

Davis shows some nice flashes, and as I eluded to above, Davis has  a TE ahead of him that is often injured. Davis still has that ability that he has had with SF to light up, creating TD opportunities. Obviously Davis does not need to be drafted. Pick him up if needed as a FA.

Fantasy Football Sleeper Report
Thought this was THE Best Example of a Trophy I could find

Also worth mentioning here is Jimmy Graham, while not necassarily considered a sleeper by everyone, but his ADP is not showing his real value probably because of his injury last year.

Also, Zack Ertz, whom I did not necassarily like, but he has really good rapport with Carson Wentz, which means his ADP should also be highere than what it is right now.

6 thoughts on “Fantasy Football Sleeper Report: TE’s”

  1. I’m a big fantasy football guy and I’m glad that football is finally back. I know that the TE position is definitely an important position because these guys that are on your list can get you TDs when needed the most. They can get you good goal line TDs and that can give you at least a solid 6 points. I like how Hunter Henry were slept on by a lot of people and yes I agree he can be useful when Gates doesn’t play. That will be something for me to keep in mind when I have my draft in about a week. Great post on key TEs Andrew!

  2. really interesting article my husband loves fantasy sports great insight though. I love the visual aspects in the page keeps people engaged and wanting more. Not anything I would change about the website, love to see more work from you will tell my husband to check this out for sure keep up the good work.

  3. Andy,

    I am a big fantasy football fan, so this was a very interesting post. I think you may have left a solid sleeper off your list in Kyle Rudolph, he had a good year last year and will have a stable QB1 situation this year, just something to think about.

    That being said, I really do like seeing other people’s rankings to see if I agree or how they measure against other’s. Keep up the good work!



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